There’s a new app in town and the FOMO is real. By now you’ve likely heard of the invite-only social media platform, Clubhouse. The exclusive app has been catching the attention of celebrities, business professionals, and everyday citizens alike. So, what is the clubhouse app anyway? 

Simply put, Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app. The app lets you meet up with like-minded individuals to engage in conversations about specific topics. Topics can range from politics to your favorite reality tv show, and pretty much anything in between.

If you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation, the app’s possibilities are seemingly endless.

Similar to the Houseparty app, Clubhouse provides virtual “rooms” that app users can enter and exit as they please. Once you’re in a room you can then start to engage in conversation. Alternatively, you can take the wallflower approach and simply listen in. 

Since the app is audio-only, there’s never any pressure to look a certain way either. Whew! 

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Who is using it?

Celebrities like Oprah, Jared Letto, and even Drake have been spotted using Clubhouse, so you never really know what or who you will discover on the app. Even inspiring business professionals like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and Tom Ferry are on Clubhouse.

With so much attention and an air of exclusivity floating around the app, the potential for growth is outstanding. Which leaves us wondering, how can Clubhouse be used to benefit real estate agents?

Before we answer that, let’s first dive into how the app works.

How do I use the Clubhouse app?

To use the clubhouse app you’ll first need to receive an invite from a currently active user. Now, you can sign up on your own, but just remember, signing up will only get you on the app’s waiting list, where there’s no telling how long it will take to be approved. 

However, once you get that exclusive invite the app is pretty simple to use. Like any social media platform, you’ll want to start by adding a profile picture and a quick bio. Then, on the main feed, or the “hallway” you’ll find different “rooms” covering a variety of topics. From here, you can choose to join an existing room, or start your own room with your own discussion topic.

You will also see five icons at the top of your hallway feed. These icons let you find accounts to follow, invite friends to the app, look at upcoming events, see your notifications, and access your profile. 

When looking for accounts to follow on Clubhouse you can search either by name or by topic. This is perfect if you want to, for example, follow experts in marketing but don’t have anyone in mind. You can simply type “marketing” into the search bar and anyone whose bio mentions marketing will show up.

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Is the Clubhouse app useful for business owners?

In short, yes. Whether you’re running your own real estate business or are the owner of a quaint coffee shop, Clubhouse opens all kinds of doors for expanding your business. At its minimum, Clubhouse gives you a platform to connect with your clients and customers on a deeper level than most social media apps today. And since the app is relatively new, we still don’t fully know the reach businesses will have when using it.

For example, you could use Clubhouse like a podcast where you can literally talk to your listeners, in real-time. On the other hand, you might gain the most out of the app simply by listening in on other rooms and learning from industry experts. There’s a wealth of information being shared on Clubhouse that auditory learners can benefit greatly from.

Clubhouse originally was intended to have an entertainment focus. But already that focus has evolved to include topics like social media marketing and other business-minded content. 

So what does this mean for real estate professionals? Well, new agents can hop into rooms for educational purposes, start rooms where they can bounce ideas off other agents, and so much more. 

Connecting with your clients on a personal level is integral to a successful real estate career and Clubhouse makes these connections even easier to make in a lockdown world.

Since large gatherings are on hold for the foreseeable future, Clubhouse acts as the next best thing to the traditional business seminar.