Your real estate business website needs to be discovered organically by prospects in your local area. You, as a real estate professional need to create a steady stream of high-value content pieces that the local residents benefit from. Creating generic content that other agents are often using on their website is not effective these days.

So, the question is: what are some topics that should be included in the content marketing strategy for your real estate business?

We already covered an article on 6 content marketing ideas for your real estate business. Today we are going to dig deep in 4 unique types and how these content strategies will help grow your real estate business

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

1. Feature Local School Profiles On Your Real Estate Website

The vast majority of prospective homebuyers are families with children. For a 20 year span, one of the most important factors to a parent in the home buying process is the quality of surrounding schools. As a real estate agent, you should create profiles on all of the schools that are in your local area. These profiles are valuable assets to share with current clients but they will also help you locate new prospects.

What should you include in these school profiles?

  • The number and location of schools in the area
  • The after-school activities available including sports and daycare
  • Awards or other recognition pieces on the schools or the school board
  • A few teacher profiles. Home buyers want to get a sense of who might be teaching their child in the future.

Creating school profiles is also an opportunity for you to become further involved in your community. While creating the profiles, see if there is any way to help out by volunteering your time. Schools are always looking for successful professionals to chime in on career days.

Oakville Public School rankings SUSI homes

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Here is a quick blueprint of how to generate real estate leads from school-related content:

  • Create list posts for schools in your area (e.g. top 5 secondary schools, 3 Best Catholic schools)
  • Create a dedicated school profile page for each of the schools in your area and link them back from the list posts
  • Share and boost the list posts on your social channels to generate traffic
  • Boost your “best schools” posts to homeowners in other zip codes and who have kids. Add behavioral targeting “likely to move” on top of these demographics to get higher quality leads from Facebook.

2. Share Case Studies Of Recent Clients (Just Sold, First Time Buyers)

Did you just sell a home over asking? Did you help a buyer secure a house among stiff competition(multiple-offers)?

Create a PDF case study and share it with your prospects.

Here is a quick funnel to generate leads using your own case study:

  • Create a PDF case study for some of your recent clients. You can use one case study but then it has to be a descriptive one.
  • Create a landing page asking buyers and sellers to download the PDF and drive traffic to it
  • These are high-quality leads who know how you helped other clients in your local area
67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

3. Interview & Feature Local Business Owners On Your Real Estate Website

This style of content is one of the easiest to capture as local business owners are always searching for additional ways to market their products and services. The reason why an interview with a local entrepreneur is so powerful is that they will share it with their network.

This is an opportunity to not only talk about real estate but also to touch on community points of interest. If you are struggling to come up with conversation points, frame the interview as a learning session.

For example, what could a local mortgage broker teach your audience about investing? Perhaps the partner of a law firm can provide insights on the costs involved with transferring a property.

The business owners in your community have a lot to share. You can be the one to give them a voice.

4. Create Community Overview Videos

As a potential home buyer, it’s difficult to understand what it’s like to live in a neighborhood before moving there. Many real estate agents have created community guides, which are incredibly valuable. However, if you have the ability to make a video, it will be the go-to piece of content.

If you are unsure of what areas and topics to cover in a community overview video, give our article on community guides a quick read. A professional quality video is your best bet, but a self-shot video is sufficient if you don’t have access to quality camera equipment.

When it comes to content, many agents get hung up on trying to make everything perfect. Ten mediocre videos are better than delaying the process of releasing a single professional video.

Tips On Generating Real Estate Leads From Community Videos

  • Add a clear call to action in the beginning and end of the video
  • Host the video on a featured landing page promoting viewers to take a particular action
  • Share the video on your Facebook Page & boost the post