Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your business’s toolbox. It has become an expected media resource for prospective real estate clients. 

Video is a versatile and profitable way to promote your business, increase visibility, and get your listings in front of more people. 

But coming up with ideas for videos, especially in the absence of a video marketing budget, can be tough. How about videos that profile the neighborhood you buy and sell in though? That’s easily done with an iPhone and little equipment. 

In this article you’ll see more real estate video marketing ideas you can do on any budget. But before we get started, in case you’re not fully convinced that video is critical, here are some reminders of why video is so important in 2020.

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Why Should You Use Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing can bring some impressive benefits to your business. 

  1. Video marketing shows great ROI: 83% of businesses see a strong return on investment when using videos. Although you can purchase some pretty fancy equipment, it is not necessary to make a good video. 
  2. Video marketing builds trust: Trust is essential as you build the bond with buyers and sellers. Video content is likely to engage and ignite emotions. By presenting homes in a conversational format, you will make potential clients feel like you are speaking right to them. In fact, 57% of consumers say that videos give them more confidence. 
  3. Google loves video marketing: Did you know that Google owns YouTube? This has drastically increased the impact that videos have on your search engine rank. You are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video on your website.
  4. Mobile users love videos: 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphone. Using real estate marketing videos can appeal to potential clients who have a stronger personal connection to the content on their phones. 
  5. Video marketing can be shared: We love sharing things on social media that make us laugh or feel good. 76% of smartphone users would share a branded video if they were entertained by it. By connecting with your community through video, your reach expands.

How You Can Use Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Stand Out

Of course the market is not only saturated with real estate agents, it’s also saturated with video. So you still have to find a way to stand out. Keep current and remember the following when creating new videos

  • Be Proud of Your Inventory and Your Neighborhood: When making videos, do your prep work ahead of time. Show buyers the amazing potential of, not just a home, but their prospective new neighborhood.
  • You Are Your Brand: In order to truly connect with your audience, make sure that you feature yourself, too. Potential clients want to know who you are and what you stand for. This can also work to feature the local brands in your neighbourhood so buyers know what kind of amenities are available in the community they are moving into.
  • Client Testimonials Are Gold: Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating at 89%. Clients are much more likely to use a real estate agent who has positive reviews. It’s not hard or expensive to use your smartphone to do an interview with a recent client or to show them walking into their new home.

Turn the Lens Toward Your Community In Your Video Marketing Strategy

Take a turn showcasing the amazing features of your community to truly set yourself apart from all of the competition, also using video marketing. Because, let’s face it: you aren’t just selling a home – you are selling the whole neighborhood to prospective buyers. By embracing all of the aspects of your community, you will position yourself as an expert in your industry and neighborhood.  

Of course, because getting started can be the hardest part, companies like Parkbench, a real estate lead and referral-generating platform, have pre-built systems that will help you succeed just by following their coaching platform to showcase your community. 

Take a community minded approach to your real estate business and get in touch with these 10 people in your community, in the next 10 weeks (and create great video content with the results, too).