One of your (many) tasks as a real estate agent is to fill your pipeline. In order to continue to reach potential buyers, your strategies need to feel fresh and up-to-date. 87% of home buyers purchase their homes through a real estate agent. With so many people using agents, you may be wondering how to market real estate listings and your business in a way that sets you apart from the crowd while also being sustainable, for your business and for you, personally. 

If you have ever done a personality quiz in a magazine you already know there are a variety of ways to divvy up personality types (don’t we all want to know what our toast preferences say about who we are as friends?). 

But in case you’re not a big magazine quiz fan here are some of the main personality types you might find at work in real estate and an indication of what type of marketing usually works best for each type. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

How to Market Real Estate According to Your Personality Type

  1. Creator: Creators have many unique and interesting ideas, but may need support to help implement them. Using automated tools can help to get monotonous tasks done quickly, to save brain power for the big stuff. 
  2. Star: Stars shine in front of groups of people, and should use their strengths to appeal to prospective buyers. Stars can embrace tools that get their face out there, such as Facebook Live or YouTube.
  3. Networker: Networkers like to connect with people and find solutions to solve their problems. Social media is a Networker’s best friend.  
  4. Dealmaker: Dealmakers always have an iron in the fire and can close several deals on the same day. Staying organized is essential, so an online CRM will help to keep all those deals straight. 
  5. Trader: If a framework exists, traders are great at getting work done. Using tools that focus on conversion rate can help traders get qualified leads.
  6. Accumulator: Accumulators pay close attention to market trends, competitors and online performance. Using tools that can make that job easier will help accumulators to make real connections with all that data.  
  7. Analyzer: Analyzers do just that: analyze. Highlighting one piece of information in social media posts will allow potential buyers to interact is a good strategy.
  8. Mechanic: Mechanics are the fixers among us. They are able to alter and change their systems so they work best. Using online tools like scheduled emails will help to streamline their processes.

As a real estate agent, where do you fall on this list? Don’t worry, you might be a combination of a few different types. 

When you better understand your personality type(s) at work, you can adopt strategies that work best for you to help you attract more leads and fill your pipeline. 

Referral-Generating Strategies Help Form Connections

While there are so many marketing strategies out there, one strategy, no matter your personality type, helps you achieve the same shared goal of filling your pipeline. 

The strategy that can work for everyone is a referral-generating real estate marketing strategy. A referral-generating system gives you the tools you need to form connections in your community. With these strategies you take a community-minded approach to your marketing and lead generation so that you are serving your community instead of risking coming across as serving only yourself. 

Here’s how it works: by interviewing and promoting local businesses, participating in community events you can establish yourself as an expert in your community as well as an expert in real estate. Business owners are great sources of referrals because they hear about people considering the homebuying or selling process early on. 

Referral-generating marketing strategies are powered by a community-minded approach to real estate. Check out the Crack the Code system to learn more about the community-minded approach.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

While referral-generating strategies can work for everyone, they are especially a best fit for personality types, like:

The Networker Personality: As a real estate agent, you’re already a networking ace. However, your networking should not be limited to those in your profession. You will benefit even more from making strong community connections to people outside of your profession in your neighbourhood because you have the chance to increase referral opportunities when you give back to those around you. Don’t forget to embrace online forms of networking as well as the traditional ones.

The Star: Being a Star personality means you’re comfortable getting out there and meeting new people. Perhaps best suited for referral-generating strategies, Stars should have no trouble getting in touch with local businesses, interviewing owners and influencers, and promoting the people and businesses that make the community unique. 

The Creator: Highly creative people are always able to find a way to power their process and make something that is amazing. Creative people are extremely resourceful and will find a way to meet with clients regardless of their schedule. Creators can succeed using a referral-based platform because it presents an opportunity for collaboration and it’s an outside the box idea. 

Perhaps the one disadvantage to a referral-generating approach is that it can take a long time to build up enough referrals to run your business off of them. Companies like Parkbench, a real estate lead and referral-generating platform, are designed to solve that problem. By using Parkbench’s platform, you learn how to create community connections right away. You also get more referrals sooner because you learn a more efficient and effective way to build meaningful  mutually beneficial relationships with business owners and local influencers in your community. It only takes 20 minutes to see a demo of Parkbench if you want to see how it could work for you.

But personality types aside…

A Referral-Based Platform is Right for You If You…

  • Like meeting new people
  • Like trying new things
  • Are ready to invest in something new
  • Like to support your community
  • Hate online leads
  • Want to give back to your community

What Else Can Community-Minded Real Estate Marketing Do? 

Regardless of your personality type, a community-minded approach to real estate marketing will help you stand out from the competition in the neighbourhoods you’re targeting. Even better, referral based marketing will save you money on costly alternatives like online lead generation which may or may not bring you good fit customers, meanwhile platforms like Parkbench have a guaranteed ROI.