Parkbench is dedicated to helping real estate professionals connect with their community and people within it.

So how how do people find out about your Parkbench neighborhood platform when you become Local Leaders with us?

The answer to this question is what we will address in this article. 

But first, let me just reiterate, there is no company out there that is offering the same opportunity we are offering. At Parkbench, we provide a relationship and referral-based marketing system for agents who target a specific geographic area. We are NOT an advertising or online lead generation company like the rest of the pack – Nextdoor, Zillow,, etc. Rather, we focus on genuine relationships, which is the building block of lasting real estate success. 

While traffic, SEO, and brand impressions are what matter the most when buying advertising solutions, what matters most for relationship building creating tools is how many relationships you build, the quality of them and how much value you add to those relationships. 

Every great realtor knows, relationships are how you generate clients and referrals and the main piece that contributes to the success of your business. 

So that being said, the main reason why real estate agents are interested in becoming the sponsor and ambassador for their local parkbench platform is the drive to start more conversations, add more value, build more relationships, and solidify their brand as the local market expert and the go-to local realtor.

Therefore, as good as our SEO is and while we know that people visiting the platform builds over time, we don’t sell realtors SEO, advertising or lead generation – we are a grass roots, back to basics, relationship-based company.

So now that we got that out of the way…

There are four primary ways by which customers and other businesses can find out about your Parkbench local website

  • Social media (local businesses promoting it)
  • Google and other search engines
  • Direct
  • Backlinks 

All of these methods are ORGANIC and therefore they are all sustainable. While some realtors get “sold” on buying traffic and playing SEO tricks, it is throwing money down a drain in the long run. It might work for a month, but it will stop working because Google changes their algorithm all the time. So, we focus on organic growth which is slower but more sustainable. Our realtors prefer organic, sustainable growth to some flash in the pan spike in traffic that shows a big number in the analytics and makes you feel good for a moment. These are called “Vanity Metrics” because they make you feel good, but there is no result beside that.

Social Media

The bulk of the interviews done by our Parkbench local leaders end up on being shared on social media. That is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get locals engaging with your local parkbench platform. When you do the interviews, the interviewee will share them on social media. And then your friends, fans, and followers will re-share it. 

Here at Parkbench, our coaches give scripts and templates to make this process seamless so you do not have to worry about it. We have seen as man as 2500 residents share an interview with tens of thousands of LOCAL brand impressions on social media because of our system. When is the last time a video or picture with you in it was shared with your neighbors that many times?

Google and other Search Engines

Fun fact: Google reports that the average buyer and seller makes 14 searches on Google, of which, only TWO are related to real estate. The rest of the search queries are all related to the neighborhood, and other local things, and rest assured, we are going to help you show up for many of those local searches. And, you don’t have to do anything more than the interviews with the people you want to get to know.

While you will be posting your interviews to your platform, we will be posting hundreds of local news articles, events, and deals to it. The information will be added regularly, in addition to a business and school directory for the local businesses in your community. The businesses will, in turn, build out their profiles and add more content. Then, homeowners will also routinely add their reviews and post them on the platform as well as claim local deals. 

All this contents helps you show up when people are searching for all sorts of local businesses and activities over time in your area. 

People Will Go Directly To Your Local Parkbench Platform

Social Media and Search engines account for two-thirds of people going to each local platform, so they are a huge part of our strategy. As long as you do the interviews, you can be certain this will happen for you as well. However, there are still other ways to generate attention to each Parkbench neighborhood platform of our realtors. And the next way on the list is simply people going directly to it. 

This is made possible because of the business owners simple promoting their profile to their customers to write reviews and get deals! For example, people could just type in or handle), as they do on Facebook and Youtube to go directly to the businesses profile where residents can claim deals and see daily specials of their favorite businesses.

Backlinks (other people posting the URL to your platform on their website)

Backlinks work as the fourth way through which people will find out about your Parkbench Neighborhood Platform. As more people and businesses find out about the platform, we see them share the links to local news, local events, local deals, and the interviews you do on other websites because they want to share a local resource with their visitors.

You will notice that you do not have to do all the work because our coaches will be working with you all the way. All of the methods that have been explained are organic, which is the best for the long term and consistency. At Parkbench, we do the majority of the content creation, and you leverage the business owners and homeowners who will gladly share your platform with their customers.

Final Words 

Having your Parkbench neighborhood platform will certainly bring you a ton of local followers, but the reason to sponsor your area. The most important thing is your ability to use Parkbench and our Local Leader prospecting system to grow your DOI, nurture your database, add value to people and business owners, and build your brand as a community leader. If this makes sense to you, book a demo here.