To move the world, we must first move ourselves” – Socrates. I love that quote because of what it implies. This is significant and summarizes how Parkbench Local Leaders are changing the world one community at a time. Across North America, you’ll find in this article, examples of the impact Parkbench Local Leaders are having in their communities, without even leaving their homes.

How are Parkbench Local Leaders impacting their communities? 

Parkbench local leaders are helping connect their communities by stepping up and becoming a Community Leader. Thousands of realtors who have partnered with Parkbench in their neighborhood or zipcodes are being seen as more than a realtor, but a Local Leader®.


In over 10,000 communities and growing daily, Parkbench Local Leaders are doing something their competition is not by adding value to the people and businesses in their community.

They are spending a couple of hours a week interviewing and showcasing local business owners, homeowners, teachers, firefighters, police officers, local community group leaders, and so many others, on their Parkbench local platform.

The local professionals are so grateful to be featured and are enthusiastically sharing these interviews with their friends and followers on their social media platforms.

Everybody is winning; residents are finding awesome services, local businesses are gaining new customers, and Parkbench Local Leaders are growing their database of people who know like and trust them.

These interviews are being conducted in person or virtually over Zoom.

Lets now take a trip across North America and get to know a few Parkbench realtors and the local professionals they have interviewed!

Our first stop, Ala Moana- Kaka’ako, Honolulu, USA – Aloha!

Meet Renee Kam and Catherine Chong, our Local Leaders for Ala Moana- Kaka’ako, Honolulu. Check out their local Parkbench platform to see what’s going on locally and get to know some of the cool businesses they have interviewed from home!

Chatherine Chong and Renee Kam Interview Image

While you are there you can also get to know Jerome Easter, Dearonne Bethea, and Julian Simmons, owners of Anytime Fitness Kaka’ako, in Ala Moana- Kaka’ako. This interview has been shared over 180 times on Facebook in less than a month. 

Next we go to, North Center, Chicago, USA

Meet Adam McDowell, our local leader in Chicago. He has already interviewed over 50 local business owners and community members. Adam is successfully using his Parkbench platform to shine a light on those businesses that touch lives – among other things. In the interview below, he interviewed Jessica Leving, founder of The Center for Siblings of People with Disabilities.

Adam McDowell interview image

This video has been shared over 140 times on Facebook so far! Adam has so many interesting interviews on his platform, with many being businesses that improve livelihoods in the community. Check out Adams Local Parkbench platform to see all his awesome interviews.

Next we go to Aspen, Colorado, USA

Here you can meet Jodi Puder, our local leader in Aspen Colorado, as she uses her platform to draw attention to the small businesses within her community. This way, the residents are aware of these local businesses and are more willing to visit them. Check out her interview with Fry, the owner of Endless Pawsibilities in Aspen. 

This video has accumulated over 140 shares on Facebook. Not just publicity, but relevant publicity to the target demographic. You can see the rest of her interviews here on her Parkbench Neighborhood platform. 

Let’s keep going all the way to West Chester, Ohio, USA

Here, The Lynn Schwarber Team are our local leaders in West Chester, Ohio. They do documentary-style interviews that are very interesting to watch. They employ a method of interviewing that is entertaining and get homeowners interested in the businesses they interview. In the video below, they interviewed Venita Allen, the owner of lahVdah makeup shop. 

lahVdah makeup shop image

This interview has garnered over 939 shares! And has brought immense publicity to the local business. You can visit the The Lynn Schwarber Team Parkbench Local plarform here to see more of their awesome interviews.  

Next stop, Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA

Blaine Richie is our local leader in Parkersburg, West Virginia. In the interview below, he interviews Greg Brewster of Strong Tower Fitness, Parkesburg. See how he encourages the local homeowners to patronize this fitness center. You can watch more interviews on his local platform

Blaine Ritchie Interview

Moving on to, Ionia, Michigan, USA

Our real estate agent in Ionia, Lisa Coe, interviews Scott White, owner of White’s RV Rentals in Ionia. This is an interesting one for lovers of travel. This particular video has been shared over 296 times. Her interviews are unique in the sense that she tries to incorporate an element of family. Check out her local Parkbench platform to see more inspiring interviews. 

Lisa Coe Interview

Last stop is all the way in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

One of the core values of the bulk of our realtors is their desire to help their community. Ken Hrubeniuk and Kerry Frissell are our local leaders in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada. The interview below is with the owner of Regain and Prosper Rehabilitation Center, Arne Anderson. It has garnered over 208 shares and counting. You can watch more of their interviews on their Parkbench local platform

You want to know how impactful these interviews are and how grateful these businesses are for our Parkbench Local Leader Initiative? Below are just some of the responses that business owners are giving when offered to be interviewed by our Local Leaders…

Final Words

Parkbench Local Leaders have interviewed and highlighted over 200,000 local professionals to date, and are on a mission to get to 1,000,000 in 2020. Are you a Realtor in north America? Do you want to advantage of this unique opportunity by claiming your neighborhood?

As you can see, the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative works in every community in North America, and we are looking to find one relator in every area to turn into the Community Leader. You can check to see if your neighborhood is still available, and claim it.