Here are a few of the benefits you gain by becoming a Local Leader

Become the Digital Mayor of your community 

By claiming your area and following our ingenious plan, you become more than just a realtor – you become a Local Leader. You begin to represent more than just your business. You significantly increase your sphere of influence and become one of the most influential figures in your community.

This is particularly vital at this time when humanity needs leaders more than ever. Small businesses are struggling and fighting for life. Offering them a free and targeted platform to reach their customers will be more than a big favor.

In the not too distant future, the influence and relevance you accumulate as a result of this initiative will reflect on your income statement. Very often, people get money without any real influence. This opportunity allows you to garner both money and influence.

Who knows, you may just become the mayor in reality with the influence and reach you gain from this initiative. Fingers crossed!

Become the most trusted agent in your area

Trust is everything. It’s crucial for any type of human relationship, including business relationships. It is the trust that inspires brand loyalty. In our experience in the real estate industry, people will stick to a realtor they trust, rather than a realtor that offers them seemingly better deals.

Become the realtor your neighbors think of first

Guess who comes to mind when a homeowner or business owner wants to buy a new property? That realtor they know, like, trust, and have a relationship with. And that would be you if you become a part of this movement.

Get exclusivity to your area

When you claim your neighborhood, you become the only realtor who can use our marketing system. With this kind of weapon in your arsenal, you can be sure to outsell your toughest competition in the not too distant future.

Note: We don’t accept everyone because we have a money-back guarantee.


At this point I want to take a break to emphasize something; 2020 will forever be remembered as the year when coronavirus brought the world to a halt. We will never forget this year no matter how hard we try. Consequently, we will never forget those people who helped us through this period too. The Local Leader Initiative is your one true chance to do something outrageously kind that will forever endear you and your business to your community.

To put it mildly, we are in challenging times. It’s difficult to predict exactly where the real estate market – or the world of business in general – is heading. But one thing is for sure, things will not continue as they were in the past. This coronavirus pandemic is going to change the world like the Spanish Flu of 1918. The question is, how is that going to affect your business? Because I assure you that those who stood up during this pandemic will be more influential and prosperous in its aftermath.

Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is the Future of Real Estate Prospecting

People are sick and tired of hearing the sales pitch of cheesy real estate agents. They understand that the agents don’t care about them, they just want their pockets full. Consequently, there’s been a kickback as sales pitches have less and less effect on closing deals.

But guess what is on the rise? Direct marketing techniques and referral-based marketing. It is a known fact that most people are going to be your client because someone they know, like, and trust refers you to them.

Since the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is a relationship and referral-based marketing system, it is the future of real estate marketing and prospecting. Claim your area today, and become the most valuable member of your community.

It could just be now or never for you!

85% of agents who find out about this opportunity, buy out their community on the spot! What this means is that you may learn that your neighborhood has been claimed by another realtor just days or weeks after you first read this article. I think I’ve already emphasized the significant advantage this will be for your competition.


At every point in time in the history of humanity, the ability to recognize and seize opportunities has always been the difference between the long-term successes and the rest of the pack. At Parkbench, we believe the sky is big enough for us all, you just have to find a way to claim your portion. That is exactly what this opportunity represents. Contact us now to speak to a representative.