In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 22% of listing agents polled said that they saw a 5% increase in the dollar value they received from buyers. Because of the benefits that staging a home has to offer, it has been a priority for real estate agents, realtors, and property owners for a long time now. But over time, most of them have moved to virtual home staging, making the industry grow by leaps and bounds.

Do you need to understand why people who are selling properties choose virtual staging over traditional staging? Read on.

No Heavy Lifting in a virtual environment

Traditional home staging includes the hassle of moving heavy furniture into the house or hiring movers to do the same. Imagine the level of frustration when moving furniture into an apartment in a high-rise building. With virtual staging, none of this is necessary. You can talk to the virtual home staging company you have chosen about the kind of furniture or online interior design you prefer, and they would prepare the pictures precisely like you want for listing.


To buy or even rent furniture for your listing, you can’t get away without paying thousands of dollars. And that’s not the only cost you incur; additional costs of photoshoots, hiring movers, consulting interior designers, etc. take away from your commission. Therefore, the most cost-effective solution is virtual staging, where you can directly get staged photographs of the property and list them immediately. It’s the best way to optimize your commission.

House Security

Vacant apartments are the prime target of most burglars. Some even go online to check the listings and mark their targets. Considering this threat, it is absolutely unsafe to install expensive furniture just for listing. With virtual furniture staging, you can eliminate this risk since there would be no physical furniture to steal.

Better Return on Investment

In Real Estate, virtual home staging is a lot cheaper than traditional physical staging. You just have to find the right virtual staging services, pay a few dollars per photograph, and use them for listing. Moreover, you can get some extra work done (such as fixing the flaky paint or broken doorknobs), in the pictures without paying any additional cost. It would ensure that your potential buyers focus on the calibre of the property rather than minor issues that can be easily fixed. As a result, you will be able to sell your property quickly and optimize your profits.

Customizable for Your Digital Audience

Depending on the area in which you are selling and the audience that you’re targeting for your listing, you can customize virtual staging. Since virtual staging is done digitally, you can change everything from loose furniture to the entire décor theme within a matter of 2 to 3 days without having to actually buy or rent new furniture. And when you showcase exactly what your audiences want, you sure can sell the property faster.

Easy Facelift

It isn’t necessary that every property listed on the market has to be ready to move in. Most buyers renovate their homes after buying them. But what’s important is to help them visualize that the property you’re showing has the potential to become their dream home. And this is where the virtual staging solutions come in handy. You can give your property an instant facelift with online interior décor enhancement – for example, changing paint colors, adding more greens in the backyard, and making other small yet significant changes. This would certainly increase the chances of you selling it faster.