A real estate agent’s job is never done – it is the constant game of cat and mouse to find new clients and keep the pipeline full, all while juggling transactions from beginning to end and keeping up the training and professional development. Marketing to find qualified leads sometimes feels like throwing pasta at a wall to see what sticks; it can be difficult to track its effectiveness. To help you hone your focus and find what works best for you, we’ve compiled a list of new and traditional real estate marketing ideas to get listings under your name. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Here Are 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get Listings – You’re Welcome!

  1. Community-Minded Leadership 

A unique format, community-minded leadership allows you to find what you have in common with the businesses and residents in your community. This gives you the ability to network with your community and to give back without the expectation of getting anything in return. 

How to Get Leads With Community-Minded Leadership:

  • Create and Share Free Online Content: By sharing your expertise with community members, you will earn their trust and respect. Residents will begin to think of you as an expert in your field. This content may include:
    • Regular webinars
    • Monthly community newsletters
    • Relevant blog posts
  • Interview Local Business Leaders: You have some pretty amazing business owners in your community who can be a valuable resource. Some of the following will have a built-in rapport with residents in your community:
    • Hairdressers
    • Massage therapists
    • Landscapers
  • Social Media Is Your Friend: While social media can be time-consuming (we’ve all been sucked down that rabbit hole!), budgeting time on your various platforms is essential to staying on top of the relationships you are building. Social media posting will do the following:
    • Help you engage with a variety of community members
    • Highlight your success stories in order to connect with potential clients
    • Improve your SEO since residents will be more apt to subscribe to your content

The only time community-minded leadership might not be the right fit for you as a marketing strategy is if you don’t enjoy going into your community and getting to know people. But if what you’ve read above is making you itch to get started, check out Parkbench, the #1 community-based real estate marketing platform. 

Parkbench helps you build those strong relationships in your community by partnering with you (they partner with only 1 agent per area) and providing a platform where you can feature the content described above. A community that you’ve connected with will trust you and send referrals your way. 

  1. Lead Generation 

Lead gen is the process of using online tools to receive information with the purpose of expanding your business. Here are some examples of lead gen:

  • Gated Content: Only available to users once they fill out a form, your gated content may be in the form of an e-book, a guide or an online tool.
  • Value-packed Newsletter: Creating a monthly or biweekly newsletter encourages users to stay in touch with your brand. Some forms of newsletters include blog posts, special offers or upcoming events.
  • Host an Event: By hosting online and offline events, you are able to appeal to many in your target market. Events may include workshops, conferences, or webinars.

While lead gen is a popular marketing strategy, ultimately it takes a lot of time and money to do it so effectively that you see a large increase in new clients.  

If you’re already trying lead gen and it’s working for you, that’s great! But it’s important to be aware of the investment successful lead generation requires. 

  1. Print Ads 

Widely used in sales and marketing, print ads can come in a variety of formats. Print ads can help you establish positive relationships with community members by keeping you top of mind, as can sponsorship opportunities at local events. Advertising at local events is also a cost-efficient way to spread the word that you are awesome.

The problem with print advertising? Local magazine and newspaper ads, like lead gen, can be pricey and you risk making a big investment without reaching your target market. 

  1. Door Knocking 

The old-fashioned, but arguably effective, knocking on doors gets your name out. Door knocking can be an effective way to connect with local community members because it puts your face and charm right on their doorstep. 

Door knocking works best for the most extroverted and thick-skinned of agents. 

  1. Cold Calling

Arguably one of the most bold and nerve-wracking ways to reach out to your community, like lead gen, if it’s working for you – kudos. There are ways to bring more traditional marketing and outreach strategies, like cold calling and door knocking, into the 21st century to work in combination with strategies that get you in front of your target audience online and in person. 

Online lead generation, print ads, door knocking, and cold calling can be successful…for the right type of agent. If that’s you, then double down on those efforts. 

But, if you’re looking to stand out amongst the competition, get more connected with your community, and build a business strictly on relationships and referrals then you should check out the guide.

Become A Community Leader in Just 10 Weeks.