has been transforming real estate agents into Community Leaders since 2013 and is now proud to be the leading solution for real estate agents looking to connect with their communities during this global pandemic.

Parkbench provides a platform for real estate agents across North America to build their brand as the Community Leader and grow their sphere of influence while giving back to their community, from home. 

There are 2 parts to Parkbench that make it so special and unique.  

The first part is a hyper-local neighborhood website that showcases the local events, deals, recent news, and real estate listings which one agent per area gets exclusive right to.

The second part is a unique prospecting system that helps agents connect with their community in a genuine way by adding value.

When an agent signs up for Parkbench and becomes a Local Leader® for a neighborhood, they are able to easily connect with the local business owners, professionals, teachers, and homeowners in their community and build a genuine relationship with them.

While we are practicing social distancing, Parkbench Local Leaders® are still able to connect with anybody in their community from home, by reaching out and asking them if they want to be interviewed and featured on their Parkbench neighborhood website, and 99% of people are saying YES!

These interviews are being conducted during Covid-19 over Zoom and agents are saying it’s just as effective as in person and they are excited to meet everyone in person when its safe to.

The business owners get to post their deals and promotions on the local website for free because of the real estate agent. Giving the community a central place to see everything going on in their local area, including the businesses that are operating during Covid 19. 

Residents across North America at home are enjoying watching the interviews between the community and the real estate agent and seeing what makes each person and business in their neighborhood special. 

Parkbench Local Leaders® are giving without expecting anything in return while growing their database by hundreds of people who know, like, and trust them as well as being seen by thousands of their neighbors as the Community Leader.  

“Parkbench gives me the opportunity to come from contribution and support my community. I’m grateful for the referrals that come from featuring community members and small businesses on the website – Jane Castillo, REALTOR® AT KELLER WILLIAMS – L.A. HARBOR

Since Parkbench doesn’t sell online lead generation or advertising, this relationship and referral based platform is a breath of fresh air for real estate agents and brokers.

Parkbench is on a mission to help 10,000 real estate agents across North America become the most recognized agent in their community in 2021. 

At the end of the day, real estate relies heavily on one thing, and that’s connections. The more people you connect with and add value to, the more successful you will be. It becomes a win-win situation when you help people and earn clients because of it.

Grant Findlay-Shirras, Co-Founder

Real estate agents who partner with Parkbench will be helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses all across North America share their stories online and gain more customers during the time they need help most.

To-date Parkbench Local Leaders® have helped over 200,000+ small businesses gain more exposure in their communities. 

Over the past seven years, Parkbench has worked with thousands of real estate agents to help them become the go-to agent in their local area by giving them the power to connect with anyone in their neighborhood.

The reason why Parkbench real estate agents are standing out is because they are adding more value to their community than their competition and people are taking notice. 

COVID-19 will be something people will remember for the rest of their lives. While agents are stuck inside, and looking for ways to prospect and stay top of mind, Parkbench Local Leaders® are connecting with people in their community every day in a genuine way and will be remembered as the real estate agents who helped their community during these hard times.

If this way of building your business resonates with you and you are a friendly community-minded agent, book a call with Parkbench to see if your community still needs a Local Leader® and join the Parkbench Family today.