Intro: In this blueprint, we will share a proven formula that will generate new referrals and clients from your open houses. If you do not have an active listing you can still use this system to grow your sphere of influence and get a steady source of clients.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Step 1: Things You Need

An Active Listing – First and foremost you need to find an active listing scheduled for an open house. In case you do not have your own listing, you can approach other agents in your brokerage. Often, agents request help with their open houses if they have multiple showings on the weekend. Take advantage of that. Go for listings in popular areas where the market is active. Use your MLS data to figure out a few target areas for this whole system to work. Keep an ongoing list of all open houses in that area for the next 15 days.

Facebook Page & Facebook Ads Account – You need a Facebook page where you will post the actual listing and promote it to homeowners in your target area using Facebook Ads.

A dedicated landing page to confirm bookings – You need a dedicated landing for the property. Your IDX listing page on your website will do just fine. Make sure that the landing page has an RSVP button and a form to submit more information in case someone is interested.

Step 2: Promoting Your Open Houses To The Perfect Target Audience

This step is the key to be successful with your open house marketing. You need to make sure that your open house ads are being shown in front of the perfect audience.

Facebook likely to move targeting

Please follow the steps to create the perfect audience targeting for your real estate:

  • Create a Facebook campaign and select link clicks as the campaign objective.
  • Make sure that you narrow the location targeting to the area where the house is located. If your listing is in a small community town or rural area, target the entire town.
  • Now under detailed targeting, target first-time homebuyers, likely to move (behavior targeting)

That’s it. Now use an image of the property with details for the open house in the ad. Make sure that it links back to your property landing page.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Step 3: Retargeting All Visitors To Your Open House Landing Page

Go to your Facebook Ads account and create a custom audience of everyone who visits your open house landing page.

Once you have the audience ready launch a separate campaign targeting this audience. Your campaign objective should be set to “brand awareness” so that everyone who visits your landing page keeps seeing the open house ad.

The main goal for this dedicated Facebook retargeting campaign for your open house is to improve your show-up rate.

Note: Do not do any location targeting for the retargeting ads since it will only show in front of people who visit your open house landing page in the first place.

Step 4: Nurture Your Incoming List With Drip Emails

The final piece of the puzzle is to nurture all of your incoming open house leads. Connect your CRM with your lead form and make sure that they are added to a separate list.

Once you start growing your list make sure that you send them a few value emails to start the nurture. Always, avoid a straight sales pitch at the beginning of the drip campaign.

Here is an example drip series for new open house leads:

  • Confirming the open house appointment
  • General article about the real estate market in your target area
  • Article about what to look for when visiting an open house
  • Post open house questions
  • Soft Sales email
  • Add to weekly value newsletter

If you follow the blueprint listed above, you will start generating new clients from your open house marketing. Your goal should be to target 1 open house per week and scale it from there.

The best part about promoting open houses is that you get to grow your database and sphere of influence which is key in growing your real estate business.