Are you looking for a great real estate podcast to keep you motivated, educated and informed? Real estate podcasts, especially the ones focused on marketing and business ideas, are extremely effective educational content.

The industry continues to grow at a steady rate, drawing interest from an audience of largely 25-54yr olds. Monthly podcast listening has shown steady growth since 2008.

Monthly Podcast Listening chart

Now there’s a ton of podcasts for agents, brokers, investors and prospective homeowners, but how do you choose a real estate podcast that suits your interests?

You don’t need to be a technology expert to plug in and listen. If you have wifi and a pair of headphones, you’re ready! Tablet, desktop, laptop or smartphone – podcasts can be listened to from a wide range of devices. In fact, after listening to a few, you might consider creating a podcast of your own.

Finding a podcast isn’t hard, but if you’re new to real estate you might be overwhelmed by the choices. We scoured the internet, taking into consideration popularity, content and production quality, to help you find the most useful real estate podcast for your business.

Check out our recommendations for 25 of the leading podcasts. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments at the end of this post!

(NOTE: Ranking in this list does not reflect quality or popularity.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

1.Tom Ferry Podcast

Host: Tom Ferry

Topics: Marketing & Business podcast for real estate agents

Tom Ferry is hands-down one of the top real estate podcast experts in the business. Frequently in demand as a keynote speaker, he’s not only a best-selling author but widely considered the #1 real estate educator. Since 2015, Tom’s show has been growing, showing realtors the best solutions for marketing their business to 21st prospects. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can’t afford to ignore Tom’s savvy marketing insights.

2. Bare Naked Agent

Host: Pat Hiban

Topics: Residential properties, sales, and marketing for agents

NY Times bestselling author Pat Hiban hosts this podcast, providing the real estate community with a Q&A format to delve into the complexities of real estate. He specializes in sales and marketing tips for agents. His other show, Real Estate Rockers, frequently interviews top performers in real estate.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

 3. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless

Host: Joe Fairless

Topics: commercial properties, agents, business

Do you want the best commercial real estate investing advice ever? Of course, you do. So do all of Joe Fairless’ fans, who tune into his blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos daily. He’s on Facebook live regularly and keeps it very down-to-earth with guest speakers and loads of helpful information from guests he interviews. Ideal for investors, agents, and entrepreneurs, Joe’s blog is also a very good resource for commercial real estate agents. 

4. BiggerPocketsReal Estate  Podcast

Host: Brandon Turner, Joshua Dorkin

Topics: Real estate investment podcast for homeowners, brokers, entrepreneurs, and investors

Entrepreneur, web designer, and former real estate agent Joshua Dorkin joined forces with Brandon, a seasoned real estate investor, to create a digital resource for people like them. Their real estate podcast features advice and tips on the fundamentals of real estate investment.

5. Cashflow Diary

Host: J. Massey

Topics: Commercial Real estate investment podcast for anyone

Master facilitator for the Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 games, J Massey covers just about anything you want to know about prospecting, closing, buying, selling, flipping, wholesaling, and more.

6. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Host: Kevin Ward

Topics: Residential real estate podcast for agents

Sales, marketing, and business advice are the focus of Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk, one of the best podcasts out there. Unassuming yet very confident, Kevin delivers insightful tips on strategy, scripts, time management and other critical aspects of an agent’s role.

7. GaryVee Audio Experience

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

Topics: Marketing, Brand-building, Influencer Interviews

This podcast, although not solely specific to real estate covers dominating your market in any industry. Featuring agents like Ryan Serhant, Luis Ortiz, Fredrik Eklund and Tom Panos, this Real Estate Podcast is filled with how-tos, Q and As and advice for you to take your business to the next level. You can find him on any social media platform but be sure to check him out on his YouTube show #AskGaryVee.

8. Today with Jared James

Host: Jared James

Topics: How to list and sell more listings, open house tips for engagement, real estate marketing

If you’re looking for practical tips to help real estate agents sell more, Jared James Today has an awesome podcast! A popular and engaging speaker, his energy is infectious and he tells you the real deal.  Jared is both a coach and a mentor. He’s a busy man but fairly easy to find. His presence online includes YouTube training videos, podcasts, Mastermind summits, and speaking engagements across the US. 

9. The Kevin and Fred Show: (Formerly Next Level Agents Podcast)

Hosts: Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver

Topics: Business Tips and Interviews with the best in the Real Estate industry

Holding an Apple Podcasts Review Rating of 4.9 stars based on 100+ reviews says enough about this podcast. Kevin and Fred release episodes of various lengths. You’ll find in-depth interviews that are 45-60 minutes long to regular 10 to 20-minute industry update shows that you can listen to on your way to your next appointment. Filled with tips and tricks on how you can take your business to the next level.

10. Vancouver Real Estate (Canadian)

Hosts: Adam and Matt Scalena

Topic: In-depth analysis of the Vancouver Real Estate Market

The Vancouver real estate market is attractive to foreign investors seeking to diversify or expand their portfolio. If you need insight into the Vancouver real estate housing trends for your offshore clients, Vancouver Real Estate is a great starting point.

11. CashFlow Guys Podcast

Host: Tyler Sheff

Topics: Real estate investment

Sheff’s varied career includes experience in the military, contracting, and property flipping. While searching for a way to improve his own cash flow, Tyler developed expertise in financial investment, which led to the launch of his CashFlow podcast for real estate.

Listen to tips and techniques shared by leading real estate professionals on Tyler Sheff’s weekly podcast. If you want to fast-track your investment portfolio, this podcast will help you do more with what you already have, and become more resourceful.

12. The Massive Agent Podcast

Host: Dustin Brohm

Topics: Everything Real Estate

This is a true real estate marketing podcast designed for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Officers. Listeners get actionable lead generation tips and strategies to bring in more leads and sell more homes. Dustin covers social media platforms and ads, blogging, buying leads, virtual tours – you name it, he covers it.

13. Keeping It Real

Host: Jeff Manson

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Business & Technology for real estate

Practical tips for real estate agents on booking consultations, prospecting, listing presentations and so much more, are all part of the conversations on Keeping It Real, founded by Jeff Manson.

Jeff used his considerable experience in real estate to design his own optimized website and CRM tools that generate thousands of leads for his team. Now he shares his experience and insights with others, engaging successful agents in conversations that offer solutions and results. If you’re a tech-savvy agent, Jeff’s company Real Geeks offers a suite of powerful SEO and SEM tools for reaching more prospects online.

14. Duct Tape Marketing

Host: John Jantsch

Topics: Marketing and Business for entrepreneurs

The author of Duct Tape Marketing and a leading small business expert, John Jantsch helps entrepreneurs tackle the fundamentals of 21st century offline marketing, offering insights into consumer behavior and trends. If you’re not tech-savvy or dislike social media, John demystifies social media marketing and shows agents how traditional marketing can still be effective.

John’s experience working with small business owners from a wide range of industries is easily applicable to real estate agents and brokers. If you haven’t read his book, it’s been translated into over 15 languages, so grab a copy and find out why John is so popular with entrepreneurs.

15. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Host: Julie and Tim Harris

Topics: Sales, marketing, business and technology for residential real estate

Award-winning coaches Julie and Tim Harris podcast daily to help new real estate agents do more than ‘fake it till you make it’. You’ll hear coaching advice, industry news, and interviews from leading experts, economists, top producers, and authors.

16. Keeping it Real Podcast

Host: D. J. Paris

Topics: Real Estate sales, marketing and business

This podcast is exclusive to interviews with the top 1% Producing Real Estate Agents and Brokers. In each episode, Real Estate experts share their secrets on how they have built their businesses. Tune in for everything Real Estate related to Sales and marketing.

17. The REITE Club Podcast – Real Estate Investing in Canada

Host: Sarah Larbi and Alfonso Salemi

Topics: Real Estate Investing Strategies

Digging into the strategies and tactics of those who have invested in real estate successfully, this podcast is filled with interviews of guest speakers who know their stuff. You’ll learn actionable marketing and growth concepts from those who have actually done it! So that you can take their tips and tricks and immediately apply them to grow your real estate investing business.

18. Super Agents Live

Host: Toby Salgado

Topics: Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales tips for residential real estate

Sales and persuasion expert Toby Salgado brings his ‘in your face, can do’ attitude to his popular podcast series. His interviews with real estate’s top producers will inspire you and fast track your career growth.

19. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Host: Michael Stelzner

Topics: Social media for entrepreneurs and business owners

Want to get better at social media marketing? Social Media Examiner founder, Michael Stelzner, helps businesses and entrepreneurs improve their social media engagement and marketing with practical tips and advice. His focus isn’t specifically on real estate, but his insights and strategies are still applicable. He really excels at engaging his audience with their comments and feedback.

20. Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Host: Dan Lane

Topics: Rental properties, real estate investment, passive income for landlords and investors

We didn’t forget you, rental property agents! Dan Lane interviews landlords and rental property agents for the latest industry insights, trends, and tips. Check out the podcast here.

21. The Agents of Change

Host: Rich Brooks

Topics: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Rich Brooks shows business owners and entrepreneurs on how to boost their online visibility using proven SEO best practices and strategies. 

22. Rev Real Estate School

Host: Martin Montgomery

Topics: Real estate business, marketing tips, social media

Here you can find actionable tips, tricks and advice that will help your real estate career grow and thrive. Michael unpacks how to reach 50 deals a year through marketing, social media strategy, lead generation techniques and working your database. Michael’s podcast is a perfect fit for new and veteran agents alike.

23. GSD Mode

Host: Joshua Smith

Topics: Lead generation, sales, marketing and technology for real estate

No one keeps it more real than Joshua Smith in the real estate podcast world. Hip-hop beats and tattoos make Joshua pretty unique among agents and brokers, but his knowledge and expertise that really impresses. New agents will appreciate his direct, informal coaching style.

24. The Margaritas and Video Marketing Show

Host: George Cuevas

Topics: Marketing and business for real estate agents

Agent Redefined founder George Cuevas published an ebook and website that has helped thousands of real estate agents with valuable marketing advice. His love of real estate and marketing is palpable and sincere. He’s worn many hats: real estate agent, speaker videographer, photographer, and teacher, making him very relatable.

And it’s probably the only real estate podcast where they drink margaritas on-air and educate you!

25. The Danny Morel Show

Host: Danny Morel

Topics: Sales tips for residential real estate

With over 15 years of real estate experience, Intero founder Danny Morel is a successful author, broker, investor and speaker who knows what it takes to generate leads and close deals. If you want to sell 150 homes in a year as Danny did, he’ll show you how to go from novice to pro each week.

So what real estate podcast are you listening to? Leave us a comment below.