Are you properly leveraging your social media profiles?

Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook can all be powerful marketing tools. Alternately, if used improperly, they can quickly become dangerous time-wasters.

How can you get the most out of social media for your real estate career? By following the right influencers, you can gain access to a continuous supply of market updates, new content ideas, and motivation.

Instead of following thousands of mediocre accounts, we recommend that you concentrate on the best in the business. Here are the 20 real estate influencers that you should be following in 2022:

#1) Dottie Herman

dottie herman real estate influencer

Dottie is the CEO of one of the largest real estate company in the United States. Dottie has her own real estate show and is always in tune with the trends that are affecting both the local and global real estate markets. She brings style, class, and extraordinary leadership to the table. Dottie should be the first person you follow after reading this article.

#2) Chad Carroll

chad carroll

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING MIAMI — Season:1 — Pictured: Chad Carroll — (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)

Chad is another “Million Dollar Listing” star. His home turf is Miami and his feed is full of homes that will make your jaw drop. Follow him for your daily dose of real estate goal setting.

#3) Fredrik Eklund

fredrik eklund

If you want to grow your follower count, Fredrik is a fantastic example to follow. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Fredrik has captivated the online world with his lifestyle, frequently sharing pictures of world-class properties in New York City, mixed with a healthy dose of his adorable children. Becoming a popular TV personality won’t hurt your odds of becoming a real estate influencer either.

#4) Tom Ferry

Tom might have fewer followers on Instagram but he is just as much of a social media expert as Fredrik. Tom focuses on the coaching side of real estate and has become well known for his speaking engagements, his New York Bedtime Sellers achievement and the #TomFerryShow. Pay close attention to how Tom utilizes the “Highlights” feature.

#5) Bryan Casella

Bryan is an interesting influencer to follow, especially if you are a fan of cars. Bryan has successfully tapped into a secondary market to fuel his real estate career. Bryan has likely received more than a few hot leads from Lamborghini enthusiasts that stumbled across his page. Take a page out of Bryan’s book and combine your passions and hobbies with your real estate efforts.

#6) Graham Stephan

Graham was a self-created millionaire in his early twenties. His feed is all about success, luxury, and high-end cars. Graham has over 15 thousand followers on Instagram but his real talents shine on YouTube.

#7) Drew Fenton

drew fenton

Drew delivers daily glimpses of the most sought-after areas in Beverly Hills. After scrolling through his feed you will be inspired to step up your game and maybe even find yourself dreaming of a vacation home.

#8) Ryan Serhant

ryan serhant

You might recognize Ryan from the show, “Million Dollar Listing NY”. With over 1,500,000 followers on Instagram, Ryan is doing something right. Ryan combines humor, travel, and breathtaking real estate to create a social media feed that will have you coming back for more. Even with a large following, Ryan will take risks and post pictures that others might find “risque”. Be like Ryan- take risks and reap the rewards.

#9) Jordan Nielsen

Jordan is extremely different than the other influencers on this list. You might not have heard of him but your friends in real estate may have sent one of his memes your way. His Instagram account @laughing_realtor has tapped into the power of humor and is making agents laugh all over the world.

#10) Bianca Marino and Sara Swikard

If you are in real estate with your partner or a close friend, you need to check these two out. After being featured on the television show, “Tiny House Hunting” these two friends have amassed quite a following on social media. If you like Snapchat filters, wine and laughing, you will want to follow along with these two.

#11) Sarah Johnston

Sarah is sarcastic and relatable. It’s difficult not to enjoy her content, which has a healthy dose of tips that touch on real estate and an abundance mindset. Follow Sarah to discover how truly being yourself can pay dividends on social media.

#12) Raiana Schwenker

Raiana and Cam real estate agent influencers

Raiana and her husband Cam are an up-and-coming power couple in real estate. Her feed is full of interior design inspiration and examples of how she’s having more fun than the average agent. Raiana is constantly sharing pictures and videos of her adorable family. She is a mother of three and is a shining example to all parents on how to raise a family and still dominate in your career. Follow Rainana to increase your knowledge of design and luxury real estate.

#13) Grant Cardone

grant cardone

Grant Cardone is known for many things but his knowledge of commercial real estate is endless. Following Grant will definitely increase your knowledge but it will also teach you how to build a massive online following while cultivating motivation in yourself and others. Check out his next 10X event…you might run into the Parkbench team there.

#14) Jeb Carty

jeb carty real estate influencer

Jeb is the CEO of Zumbly and has a passion for fitness and modeling. Like Bryan Casella, Jeb has leveraged the power of his hobbies and passions outside of real estate to cultivate a large audience.

#15) Loida Velasquez

If you are looking to step up your game on YouTube, check out Loida’s channel. She is sassy, funny, and regularly posts videos that are full of useful content. Not everyone loves reading blog posts- it might be time for you to invest some time in video. Watch Loida to learn the ropes.

#16) Melanie Lazenby

Melanie Lazenby

Is Twitter your preferred platform? If so, be sure to check out Melanie. Her tweets are chock-full of useful real estate knowledge but she also shares the details of her everyday life. Relatable = more followers. Take note.

#17) Sam DeBianchi

Sam Debianchi real estate influencer

We couldn’t leave Sam off of our list of influencers. Sam is the founder of multiple companies and has become a known figure in public speaking and on television. Her feed is less about real estate pictures and more about enjoying life. A refreshing follow for any real estate professional.

#18) Christophe Choo

Christophe is one of the more refined influencers on this list. He has a love for fine art and antiques. He is a fantastic example of a non-traditional influencer. Your feed doesn’t have to be full of sports cars and wine bottles to be successful.

#19) Luna Ge

Luna has all the qualities you look for in a real estate personality. She is bubbly, humorous, and full of knowledge! After watching a few of her videos on Youtube, it’s clear that she will be one of the next TV stars of the industry.

#20) Grant Findlay-Shirras

Grant Findlay Shirras

Grant is a regular contributor to online real estate sources such as Inman. With his wife Amanda, Grant has built multiple businesses and is an expert in localized marketing. In his feed, you will find motivation related to business building, real estate, and fitness. Check out how Grant’s Local Leader System can help you become the most recommended agent in your area.