Real estate is a busy profession and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Every day, agents are faced with meetings, client calls, showings, open houses and the last-minute scramble to close deals. Being deliberate with your time and purposeful with your clients lets them know you’re on their side. 

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4 Ways to Manage Your Time as a Real Estate Agent

  1. Set Your Goals and Priorities: As a real estate agent it is important to think about your goals and priorities long-term and short-term:
    • Long-term Goals: What are your goals for your real estate business? In order to be effective daily, having a solid grasp of who you are and what you want for your community and your clients is essential.  
    • Short-term Priorities: What do you want to get done in a day? Write out what your priorities are and how much time each task will take. Flag tasks as high, medium and low priority. 
  1. Time Block: While it is possible that you could be interrupted at any moment as a real estate agent, some tasks need your full attention. By blocking out your day you will reserve chunks of time to accomplish those tasks. You will also find out how even a small amount of time each day can add up and make a difference. For example, if you block out 15 minutes per day to spend on your online marketing, you will have spent an hour a week ensuring that potential clients can find you. Make sure you block out your most productive time for those high-priority tasks. 
  1. Check Emails on Schedule: There is nothing more damaging to a good workflow than the ding of an email arriving in your inbox. And while you can try to ignore the little red flag, eventually the temptation is usually too great. Set aside time to read and send emails so that you can get your high-priority tasks done first. Here’s something else to consider about an overflowing email inbox: Should Every Real Estate Agent Have an Assistant?
  1. Automate Wherever Possible: Automation is when you reduce manual work by using tools that can do it for you. There are a variety of ways to use automation in your busy real estate business.
    • Notifications: Your CRM can let you know with automated notifications when a lead shows engagement. 
    • Engage Past Clients With Video: There are awesome real estate apps that can allow you to engage with past clients. If you sync the app with other tools it will reach out on notable key dates. 
    • Automate Open House Lead Generation: You can automate your lead collection after your next open house. Automation will help you capture the emails of everyone who attends, send follow-up emails, and integrate the contact information with your CRM to keep nurturing leads. 
    • Email Automation: Sometimes, depending on where your potential client lands on the buyer’s journey, you will need to reach out. By using email workflows to send replies to leads when they book a viewing, sign a contract or visit a landing page on your website, you never miss a lead. 

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