Second Century Ventures has announced the eight companies that will be participating in the inaugural 2020 REACH Canada Class. Second Century Ventures runs the REACH Canada program, backed by the National Association of Realtors

“The award-winning REACH program helps launch and accelerate high growth potential companies in the real estate, financial services, banking, home services and insurance industries”
National Association of Realtors, 2020

2020 REACH Canada Class
Image Credit 2020 NAR REACH

What is 2020 REACH Canada?

REACH Canada is a high growth business accelerator program within the Real Estate Industry. The accelerator aims to educate and mentor high potential for growth companies in North America.

2020 NAR REACH Canada Class Companies are all based across North America and provide homeowners and real estate professionals solutions throughout the entire Real Estate Ecosystem.

The four key Real Estate verticals companies were selected from:
1. Sales and Marketing Tools
2. Consumer Insights
3. Homeownership Solutions and Affordability
4. Commercial Applications

Each of the companies involved in the program will engage in a comprehensive curriculum spanning business education and strategies for growth, mentorship, networking opportunities with businesses from complimentary verticals and significant exposure to the Real Estate Marketplace.

“After opening two new global REACH programs earlier this year in Canada and the UK, we are elated to welcome the first class of companies selected for the REACH Canada program and look forward to debuting the inaugural REACH UK class in the months ahead”
Second Century Ventures President and NAR CEO Bob Goldberg

The Companies Selected

1. Sales and Marketing Tools
An on-demand agent-to-agent network for referrals and a marketplace for Real Estate Professional Collaboration
Parkbench provides a hyperlocal platform for community-minded Real Estate agents so that they can give value to locals, grow their sphere of influence, and establish their brand as the Local Market Expert.

2. Consumer Insights
A concierge and how-to resource for your own home spanning Health and Safety checks, Personalized Recommendations and Proactive Home Care.

A free price valuation resource for Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners based on data like recently sold listing information and city assessment information in any area.

Local Logic
AI-driven data gathering and analysis. Local Logic is designed to assist Real Estate Professionals in connecting people to places.

3. Homeownership Solutions and Affordability
Key is a solution for prospective homeowners to become owner-residents. The company offers solutions for buyers to build equity when a downpayment is out of reach. Key allows prospective homeowners to build home equity years sooner.

Renter and Property Manager financial cloud solution for collecting and paying rent safely and efficiently.

4. Commercial Applications
Cloud software solution using AI to automate workflow, deal valuations and transaction due-diligence for Real Estate, Banks, Asset Management and CRE investment firms.

What does this mean for Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals? And who are we keeping our eye on?

These are companies that Second Century Ventures have seen as high growth, customer-centric and built on exceptional technology. 

The companies selected are well-positioned for further development and expansion, in both company size and what they offer. Expect to see developments in the tools and services that they provide.

With changes in growth, popularity, and service offerings what can happen is that the costs of the services listed can increase as the value of the service increases.

At the point of writing this, includes a “Grandfathered Pricing” clause. What this means is that the cost that is paid during the initial signup is “Locked in” for a specific period of time. So, by signing up now, you’re guaranteeing your fee won’t increase within the Grandfathered Pricing period.

For this, and that their business philosophy is built on relationships and referrals, is who we are keeping our eye on here. To find out more about them, check out this article on how they’re helping agents connect with their community amidst COVID-19