Real estate company names are key to success. 77% of consumers make a purchase based on a brand’s name alone. Whether you are just starting your real estate business or you are going through a re-branding, your future home sales could hinge heavily upon the brand decisions you make today.

Become a Local Leader helps real estate agents nationwide learn how to succeed in business where they live. The 100% free online resources help you take your business to the next level – and what you name your business is a great place to start. 

Remember, the name you choose will appear everywhere, from business cards to billboards to company swag. That’s why you should invest time in choosing the right one for your business. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

How to Come up with Catchy Real Estate Names

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Your brand is more important than simply what your company does; it’s how you make your clients feel when they are buying a home with you. Conveying that emotion to your clients will help them connect with your brand and make your company name more memorable. Why is this so important, especially in real estate? Referrals.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 68% of sellers who used a real estate agent found that agent through a referral by friends or family. The more clients that remember you, the more likely that you will receive repeat business from them.

Ask yourself these questions to get started: 

  • What words represent your mission and values?
  • What words represent the service you offer?
  • What are the benefits of working with you?
  • What words describe the competitors in your local market? 
  • What words describe you that sets you apart from your competitors?

Once you have a few ideas together, it’s time to workshop. Get a group of people together who can support you in the naming process. These individuals will help you strategically make the best use of your time and help you get to the name you want for your real estate company faster.

Who to Involve in the Naming Process

Naming your company is not easy. Some companies can spend up to 50 hours alone just in the brainstorming phase. You will need to think about who will be involved in the naming process, how you will solicit feedback, and what parameters you will use to guide your decision-making. 

The more people you involve in the naming process, the longer it will take to make a decision, and the less likely you will reach a unanimous decision. Make sure that the people you choose to be a part of the workshop are essential to the naming process and understand your business and goals. Some people you include could be a co-founder, marketer, or business partner.

You should also have a group of people you “test” your name out with but are ultimately not the decision-makers, like clients who have bought a home from you in the past, trusted family and friends, or colleagues. These individuals understand your brand and are familiar with your business. They will be able to offer unique insight into how the name you choose reflects your brand.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Anatomy of Good Real Estate Company Names

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To create a good real estate company name, you should be mindful of what to avoid. Some marketing experts advise against making real estate company names with a made-up word, a word in a different language, or a misspelled word just to increase search results.

Choosing a real word with the correct spelling will make it easier for your clients to remember your name and find your website, even if you have to pay more for advertising upfront to rank on Google. While there is no perfect name recipe, follow these tips to strike the right balance between creative and practical:

  • Use short words (one to two syllables, maximum)
  • Use words that everyone understands (stick to a third-grade reading level)
  • Pick words that are easy to pronounce (practice saying the words out loud to test them out)
  • Make sure the words you choose don’t have another meaning or mean something else in another language that could come across as offensive or off-putting to potential clients
  • Consider using your location in your name to drum up more business where you live

If you get stumped, try using a real estate name generator to get the inspiration flowing. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Home Grown Real Estate
  • Genuine Properties
  • Community Realty 
  • Your Local Agent
  • Stellar Property Solutions
  • Homeward Realty
  • Found Property Solutions
  • Main Street Agency

Final Considerations Before Making a Decision

Make sure you follow copyright rules and regulations to avoid legal ramifications. Some names may already be trademarked or taken by another company, and you’ll have to start the process over again to come up with a new, original name.

Do a quick Google search to see if the name you want to use comes up, and try to enter it as a domain name (e.g., “”) into your web browser to see if the name is already taken. You can take these additional steps to make sure that no one has your real estate company name yet:

  • Browse social media channels to see if any accounts have the name you want
  • Check other domain names such as .org, .uk, .io, etc. 
  • See if any brand names with very similar spellings are trademarks, which could lead to legal action from competitors

Ultimately, the real estate company names you consider should be ones you love that reflect your personal brand. Keeping in mind the brand, marketing, and legal perspectives and making a decision with a small group of trusted individuals will help you feel confident in the real estate company name you choose.

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