The Parkbench Local Leader System is designed to help real estate professionals connect with their community from home.

Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is the most relationship, referral based real estate prospecting system ever created. It is destined to replace the cold and growingly ineffective methods of prospecting. It seeks to help real estate agents touch lives and add value to their community while laying a solid foundation for a lifetime of income and healthy relationships.

This incredible movement services three major areas of any community:

  • The real estate industry: this initiative is sponsored by ONE real estate agent per neighborhood. This agent exclusively sponsors a locally targeted neighborhood website that becomes an invaluable resource for the people and businesses within the community. The agent becomes the friendly neighborhood superhero.
  • Local businesses and groups: it provides a free platform for local businesses and other professionals like the hairdressers, plumbers, pet store owners, restaurants, personal trainers, schools, mom groups, sports teams, and more to advertise their businesses to the people who live and work in their community. All because of the Local Leader who sponsors the area.
  • Homeowners and residents: to the people who live, work, and own property within the community, we keep them up to date with what’s happening around them. They get a daily dose of the most affordable and beneficial products and services available to them. And even more… they get exposure to the social and charitable groups they can become involved with.

Want to be the Local Leader for your neighborhood? Claim your area here