Hello there. I bring to you the best and most exciting news on the real estate industry today. Yes, you heard me right – good news. With the gloomy presence of the coronavirus pandemic still hovering around us, it feels good for me to be the bearer of good news. A quick search about Real Estate on google will pop up results with a lot of crash predictions. Now, if you’re a homeowner like me, that can’t be a good thing. So what is the good news in Real Estate? In these dire times when humanity needs to stand together and show solidarity, you have the opportunity to be a hero, and earn clients in the process. 

There’s a movement that is gathering momentum right now, it’s called the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative. It offers you the opportunity to be a Local Leader and a beacon of hope. This movement empowers you to be the Digital Mayor of your neighborhood – a position that has become more powerful due to our collective need to work from home.

What is the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative? 

Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is the most human Real Estate marketing system ever created. It is destined to replace the cold and growingly ineffective methods of prospecting. It seeks to help real estate agents to touch lives and add value to their community while laying a solid foundation for a lifetime of income and healthy relationships.

This incredible movement services three major areas of any community:

  • The real estate industry: this initiative is sponsored by ONE real estate agent per neighborhood. This agent exclusively sponsors a locally targeted neighborhood website that becomes an invaluable resource for the people and businesses within the community. The agent becomes the friendly neighborhood superhero.
  • Local businesses and groups: it provides a free platform for local businesses and other professionals like the hairdressers, plumbers, pet store owners, restaurants, personal trainers, schools, mom groups, sports teams, and more to advertise their businesses to the people who live and work in their community.
  • Homeowners and residents: to the people who live, work, and own property within the community, we keep them up to date with what’s happening around them. They get a daily dose of the most affordable and beneficial products and services available to them. And even more… they get exposure to the social and charitable groups they can become involved with.

Be more than a realtor, be a local leader, because your community needs you to be.

Grant Findlay-Shirras , CEO and co-founder of Parkbench Inc. 

Who’s behind this campaign? 

We are Parkbench.com, the number 1 source for local events, news, and deals. We are revolutionizing the neighborhood newspaper so that homeowners can stay up to date with what’s going on in their community. Parkbench is the local network that serves the community like no other ever has!

Parkbench is a tech-based company with an exclusive proprietary technology that automatically collects local content – events, deals, and news – from the internet, and brings them to your Parkbench neighborhood website. What more? This content is relevant and updated daily.

Our mission is to help 10,000 real estate professionals dominate their geographic farm area, by helping them provide massive value to the people who live and work in their neighborhood.

Amanda Findlay-Shirras , COO and co-founder of Parkbench Inc. 

We began our journey in 2012 as a result of the need to replace old-fashioned and stale prospecting strategies. Since then, we have helped over 1,500 real estate professionals – in over 4 countries – to claim their neighborhoods and grow their businesses.

We do more than provide a platform, we teach and coach agents on how to effectively use it too! We teach them their role as the sponsor and ambassador of the local website. We show them how to get out into their community, start conversations with new people, give value, build relationships, follow up, prospect and earn more referrals than ever.

How it works 

If you’re a Real Estate professional, we are a relationship-based marketing tool; if you’re a business owner, school, or community group, we’re a free marketing platform; if you’re a homeowner, we’re the most resourceful newspaper for your community.”

Grant Findlay-Shirras , CEO and co-founder of Parkbench Inc. 

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • A real estate professional becomes a Local Leader with Parkbench by claiming their neighborhood or area of interest at a yearly fee.
  • The offer is exclusive – check now to see if your neighborhood is available. There can only be ONE realtor, broker, or agent per neighborhood.
  • Our team of experts set up a fully functional local website for you in 48 hours that allows you to access our unique and exclusive local data aggregating technology.
  • The agent or broker becomes entitled to our unique Local Leader® Prospecting System. This proprietary marketing and lead-generating system is simple to use and comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • With our prospecting system, the real estate professional – you – begin to connect with other local professionals, businesses, and social groups, and increase your sphere of influence. You will have the unique advantage of featuring these businesses on your local website for residents to see within the area you choose.
  • These local businesses and professionals become genuinely thankful and enthusiastically refer your business to their customers. Why would they do that? Because you’re the only realtor in the area who has tried to help their business.
  • You become the go-to agent in the neighborhood and you dedicate yourself and your business to the residents. Homeowners will turn to your local website as the ideal replacement for their daily paper, and boom! You are the Digital Mayor of your community.
  • Residents can also read and watch interviews with local business owners that you conduct in person and during these uncertain times, remotely. Additionally, they can subscribe to a weekly newsletter to get everything delivered directly to their inbox. This keeps you in constant communication with your target market.
  • What we offer: We build a neighborhood microsite inside the Parkbench Network. We manage it. We maintain it. We add the content to it. We SEO it. We do all the tech!

Why it works

A local solution to a local problem

You have probably heard the quote “think globally, but act locally.” You falter on that account when you choose to go with big tech ad companies like Google and Facebook. These big companies offer a global solution to a local problem – selling houses within your geographical area. What more? They only offer another avenue for cold prospecting which is similar to the old-fashioned door-to-door marketing. Now we all know how that panned out, don’t we?

Similarly, big real estate tech companies like Realtor.com and Zillow share the same shortcomings – they offer leads, yes, but cold ones...How often have you come across a lead that knows, likes and trusts you? Remember, having a potential customer know, like and trust you, before they do business with you, increases your likelihood of success.

It is the gaps of ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of the above companies’ marketing system that the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative seeks to address. At Parkbench, we offer a local solution to a local problem. We understand that the goal of effective marketing is to connect your business to your customers, and that is exactly what you will achieve with your local website and our Local Leader® Prospecting System.

It is an easier marketing tool

Some of the biggest headaches in the real estate business are marketing, prospecting, and lead generation. This is generally because of the known ways of doing things like door knocking or branding gifts to prospects.

The problem however is, people are less willing to work with people they don’t trust and people they don’t know. Our system aims to solve that problem. Using our Local Leader® Prospecting System will help you first convert these prospects into acquaintances. You become instantly invaluable because you are.

Therefore, with our system, you’re not dealing with cold prospects. You are not approaching business owners and homeowners and spewing some marketing pitch. No way! People have learned to see through all that, and it just comes across as salesy and cheesy.

Instead, you come to them with an idea that can make their lives and businesses easier. People will be enthusiastic to help you if they can see a way they can help themselves in the process. Everyone wants to help, they just need a little push.

It appeals to the most basic character of humanity and solves a problem

Our system of prospecting appeals to the fundamental nature of humans – self-interest. It’s that simple. Self-interest is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is it a character to deny. It is essential for survival. If you don’t look out for yourself, family, and business, how would you survive?

Since the dawn of time, any system that supports and nourishes the self-interest of the parties involved thrives and becomes successful. Have you ever wondered why huge companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple are thriving?

The answer is simple; they solve problems and appeal to self-interest. I have never seen anyone go on Facebook so Zuckerberg’s business can do well. We all use Facebook for our gains. Likewise, nobody gets a new iPhone to keep Apple in business. We do it because we want what’s best for us.

When you offer the immense value of our system to the businesses, groups, and residents of your community, what will get them excited is their self-interest. You couldn’t possibly think up a better means to sell an idea than that. Therefore, our system is built to sell itself.

For you as a realtor, it solves the undesirable problem of cold market prospecting and lead generation.

It works because everybody wins

There are only a few situations in the world of business where everybody wins. This is one of them. It is destined for the very top, and hopefully, you’re going to be one of its beneficiaries. Below is a breakdown of how every facet of the neighborhood will benefit from this movement.

  • Realtors will help local businesses and professionals make more money by promoting them online and connecting them to people who need and want their products and services.
  • Realtors will help schools acquire more resources by connecting them with people and businesses who want to donate.
  • Realtors will educate homeowners about the neighborhood in ways that Google and Facebook never can.
  • Realtors will directly impact the economic, social, and environmental strength of neighborhoods.
  • Realtors will become the ultimate concierge and coach through the home buying, selling, and investing process.
  • The brokerage model will die – teams will thrive. Every realtor will either own their brokerage or be a part of a team.
  • In the end, the realtors in our system will create relationships and a reputation that will keep their bellies and pockets filled for life. When everyone in your community wants to see you succeed because it helps their business too, the odds forever remain in your favor.

Who is the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative for?

The Parkbench Local Leader Initiative would be invaluable to any real estate professional who wants to grow their business in a geographic location. However, certain personality traits are predominant in our agents. People we want to work with are professionals who…

Are community-minded: do you love your community and have it in mind to help your community now and in the future? Then we are a perfect fit for each other.

Meet Ashley Colgate, a community-minded real estate professional.

  • Friendly: well, friendly is a broad way to put it but, we can work together if you generally mean well for the people around you.
  • Outgoing: do you love to go out and associate with people? Then this is a dream come through for you.
  • Likes meeting new people: prospecting is usually a problem for most people, but if you already thrive in that regard, then this will come naturally to you.
  • Wants to grow their real estate business in a specific geographic area: have you carved out a target area for yourself? Do you have a specific neighborhood you would like to farm? If your answer to this question is yes, then this initiative is for you.
  • Likes to give back to their community: are you a professional who feels blessed and wants to give back? What better way to give back to your community than set up a system that will improve the community economically, socially, and otherwise?
  • Wants to stand out from their competition: the factors that make one business stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market like real estate are a unique proposition and plan of action. We meet those requirements and you can be sure to stand out when we work together.
  • Wants to work hard: right here and now, I want to make it clear that this is not a path to easy money. The kind of professionals we are interested in are those who are willing to commit 100% to improving their businesses.
  • Wants to build a business by relationships and referrals: Parkbench as a company was founded to help relationship and referral-based agents thrive. So if this fits your profile, quickly check if your area is claimed…we’ll be in touch!
  • Share our belief: our entire business structure is focused on rendering services. We emphasize giving first, so you can receive much more in the future. The people we want to work with are people who understand that and are willing to pay the price.

Types of agents we want to work with

  1. New Agent: are you just venturing into real estate? Well, what better way to begin than the best and most innovative way? The hardest period in this business is the first few months and years. With our help, you will find that you will make much more progress than the average first-time agent.
  2. Struggling Agent: if you’re experiencing a tough phase in your business right now, then that could be an indication that your plan isn’t working. It is time for a new plan of action. If this is you, then the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is for you.
  3. Agent who is getting back into the business: trust me, a lot has changed since the last time you were on the housing scene. Strategies that worked years ago can no longer be relied upon. The old-fashioned prospecting methods are now cliché and almost repulsive to prospects who can easily see throught them. You will need fresh ideas, and that’s what we offer.
  4. Teams: at Parkbench, we are a unique team with every member working to help each other. We are more like family than co-workers. We genuinely care for each other and are aching to work with other teams that are destined for the top. Do you and your team fit this profile? Then contact us.
  5. Small, Independent Brokerages: if you run a small brokerage, then chances are that you already have a geographical target in mind. We can help you farm that region. You may be interested in expanding your business to neighboring communities. We can help you with that, provided those other neighborhoods are not taken.

Arnold Hickey Sponsored His Parkbench Neighborhood Site and It Rejuvenated His Real Estate Career!

Benefits of the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative

Here are a few of the benefits you gain by becoming a part of the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative

Become the Digital Mayor of your community 

By claiming your area and following our ingenious plan, you become more than just a realtor – you become a Local Leader. You begin to represent more than just your business. You significantly increase your sphere of influence and become one of the most influential figures in your community.

This is particularly vital at this time when humanity needs leaders more than ever. Small businesses are struggling and fighting for life. Offering them a free and targeted platform to reach their customers will be more than a big favor.

In the not too distant future, the influence and relevance you accumulate as a result of this initiative will reflect on your income statement. Very often, people get money without any real influence. This opportunity allows you to garner both money and influence.

Who knows, you may just become the mayor in reality with the influence and reach you gain from this initiative. Fingers crossed!

Become the most trusted agent in your area

Trust is everything. It’s crucial for any type of human relationship, including business relationships. It is the trust that inspires brand loyalty. In our experience in the real estate industry, people will stick to a realtor they trust, rather than a realtor that offers them seemingly better deals.

Become the realtor your neighbors think of first

Guess who comes to mind when a homeowner or business owner wants to buy a new property? That realtor they know, like, trust, and have a relationship with. And that would be you if you become a part of this movement.

Get exclusivity to your area

When you claim your neighborhood, you become the only realtor who can use our marketing system. With this kind of weapon in your arsenal, you can be sure to outsell your toughest competition in the not too distant future.

Note: We don’t accept everyone because we have a money-back guarantee.

Why you should hop on right now

At this point I want to take a break to emphasize something; 2020 will forever be remembered as the year when coronavirus brought the world to a halt. We will never forget this year no matter how hard we try. Consequently, we will never forget those people who helped us through this period too. The Local Leader Initiative is your one true chance to do something outrageously kind that will forever endear you and your business to your community.

To put it mildly, we are in challenging times. It’s difficult to predict exactly where the real estate market – or the world of business in general – is heading. But one thing is for sure, things will not continue as they were in the past. This coronavirus pandemic is going to change the world like the Spanish Flu of 1918. The question is, how is that going to affect your business? Because I assure you that those who stood up during this pandemic will be more influential and prosperous in its aftermath.

Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is the Future of Real Estate Prospecting

“Realtors are – metaphorically speaking – in a burning house, lost and confused. If someone doesn’t save them and point them in the right direction, they will die.”

– Grant Findlay-Shirras

People are sick and tired of hearing the sales pitch of cheesy real estate agents. They understand that the agents don’t care about them, they just want their pockets full. Consequently, there’s been a kickback as sales pitches have less and less effect on closing deals.

But guess what is on the rise? Direct marketing techniques and referral-based marketing. It is a known fact that most people are going to be your client because someone they know, like, and trust refers you to them.

Since the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is a relationship and referral-based marketing system, it is the future of real estate marketing and prospecting. Claim your area today, and become the most valuable member of your community.

It could just be now or never for you!

85% of agents who find out about this opportunity, buy out their community on the spot! What this means is that you may learn that your neighborhood has been claimed by another realtor just days or weeks after you first read this article. I think I’ve already emphasized the significant advantage this will be for your competition.

Final Words

At every point in time in the history of humanity, the ability to recognize and seize opportunities has always been the difference between the long-term successes and the rest of the pack. At Parkbench, we believe the sky is big enough for us all, you just have to find a way to claim your portion. That is exactly what this opportunity represents. Contact us now to speak to a representative.