A listing appointment is your grand opportunity to get to know the seller and solidify your spot as the listing agent. However, many novice real estate agents don’t know how to make the most of this appointment and perhaps even leave their clients with second thoughts. If you want to turn leads into sales, you need to know a few listing appointment tips. Asking questions is an excellent way to help a property seller feel in control and confident moving forward with you. In this guide, our Local Leader® experts covers the listing appointment questionnaire—a list of practical questions you should ask during this critical meeting.

real estate listing appointment questionnaire

What Drew You to This Property Initially?

To start, consider asking the seller what first drew them to the property. Was it the surrounding neighborhood or the scenic location? What about the house made it appealing?

The answers to these questions will give you vital information to put in the listing description. (When you’re ready, we’ve also written a nifty guide to help you craft the perfect real estate listing description!) You will find out what makes the property stand out and why someone should purchase it. Knowing why past buyers were interested will help you determine what may interest future buyers.

What Made You Decide to Sell?

Property owners don’t decide to sell on a whim. Asking them why they’ve decided to sell can help you understand their situation and how you should approach the selling process. An individual or family may choose to sell their home for various reasons, including:

  • They’re downsizing and want a smaller place
  • Their family is expanding and they need more space
  • The property is old and has too many issues
  • They’re in debt and need to liquidate assets
  • They’re starting work in a different location

This is one of the most important questions on your listing appointment questionnaire as it transitions into the buying process. By telling you why they decided to sell, your client also tells you what they might be looking for in a new home.

Is Your Property Unencumbered?

If a property is unencumbered, it means it’s free of any liens or creditor claims. The property must be unencumbered for the selling process to go smoothly and without legal hiccups. Unfortunately, some people try to sell a property (whether intentionally or unintentionally) without proper authority.

In some cases, individuals attempt to sell a home belonging to other family members or an ex-spouse. You don’t want to get pulled into this type of complex scenario, so asking the client if their property is unencumbered is vital. Ensure that they are the only property owner before proceeding to help market and sell their home.

Is Time or Money the Most Important Factor for You?

During the listing appointment, you’ll want to ask which factor is more important: time or money. Some sellers wish to find a buyer as soon as possible and not work the real estate market. Others wish to land the biggest sale possible and don’t care if it’s three weeks or three months from now.

Most clients will want the best of both worlds. They’ll want to sell as fast as possible, for as much as possible. Despite this, there’s usually a stronger driver between time and money, and you want to find out which it is. This is because you’ll want to align your services with the seller’s needs and preferences. 

Which Real Estate Marketing Services Do You Want To Use?

Speaking of services, you likely offer a wide variety of marketing services depending on your clients’ needs, for example:

  • Social media marketing
  • Property photography
  • Open house events
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Home staging

One of the most common questions you should ask the seller during a listing appointment is, “Which services do you want to use?” This gives you a chance to showcase your expertise and available resources. It also helps you determine how much your commission should be and how much time the selling process might take.  

What Are Your Expectations for a Real Estate Agent?

Getting clear about a client’s expectations for a real estate agent is a vital step in the home-selling process. You can use the listing appointment questionnaire to understand the seller’s perspective and what they expect from you. It’s time to get specific and figure out what matters most to them. 

The more specific and detailed the answers, the better equipped you’ll be to meet their needs. You can ask about previous experiences with realtors or brokers. If the client has unrealistic expectations, this is your chance to kindly set them straight and prevent confusion or unpleasant reviews down the road. 

Do You Have Questions About the Selling Process?

First-time sellers often have a long list of questions and concerns about the selling process. It’s a significant life decision and not one to take lightly. However, many clients are afraid to speak up because they don’t want to get taken advantage of or misled.

As a real estate professional, one of your main goals should be establishing trust with your client. You want them to be confident in your industry knowledge and expertise and feel comfortable enough to open up about their concerns. Most of all, you want to convince them that you’re the best agent for them.

Maybe a seller feels uneasy about your lack of experience in this niche. Maybe they want to know your business values and how you treat your clients. Asking if they have questions about the selling process will start the discussion and put their mind at ease.

What Do You Have in Mind for Your Future Home?

Finally, go ahead and ask the seller what they envision for their future home. Sellers are also potential buyers, and you don’t want to miss any opportunities. It’s worth asking, even if they say they don’t know yet or aren’t looking to buy.

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Make the Most of Every Listing Appointment

Working with property sellers can be complicated, but our listing appointment questionnaire can help you make the most of your opportunity. At Local Leader®, we offer free digital resources (like what to bring on a listing appointment) to boost your real estate business. Sign up for our newsletter today!