Choosing a career in real estate can be rewarding but new agents discover quickly how challenging it can be to build their business to profitability.

You may find it surprising to learn that 87% of all agents fail in the first 5 years of business. Only 13% of new agents will still be selling real estate five years from now.

There are a lot of surprises for new agents launching their career. As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for every aspect of your business. That’s a lot of responsibility, effort, and work. Cultivating a winning attitude is the only way you’re going to reach your goals and fulfill your true potential. Are you willing?

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

The Real Life Of A Real Estate Agent

If you’re considering a career in real estate but haven’t made the transitions yet, you’ll enjoy these 2013 highlights from NAR.

These eye-opening statistics shed some insights into the lifestyle of your average agent:

12 eye-opening facts about real estate

Secret Life of A Real Estate Agent(Placester infographic)

Why You’re Real Estate Career Is Struggling

Successful entrepreneur, self-help guru, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins has traveled the world, sharing his valuable insights to empower business owners with deeper self-awareness. His passionate, uncompromising engagement with audiences often reveals the mental roadblocks that prevent us from realizing success in our lives.

In this Youtube video, Tony shares some very important advice for new real estate agents who may feel they lack the resources, time, or experience to succeed at their new career:

Resources are not your problem. Your lack of resourcefulness is.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Successful Agents Are Resourceful

Success is a reflection of your resourcefulness. There will always be obstacles in pursuit of any endeavor. Our mindset, however, can either empower us to endure or drive us to retreat. Focus on the things you can change rather than your circumstances. Giving up is not the answer.

When you give up on your goals, you’re giving up on yourself. Your excuses are merely convictions you created to re-enforce the belief that you are inept, or unlucky, or not pretty enough, etc.

You may not be the smartest, or the sexiest, or the most extroverted. So what? Why waste time trying to be what you’re not when you could be awesome at being you?

Embrace your shortcomings as your most unique qualities, and you’ll discover your true potential.

The truth is, real estate is not about selling homes. It’s not about making money either.

Real estate is about building relationships.

The most successful agents find ways to cultivate relationships with vendors in their geographic farm. They get involved in their community

You don’t need a degree, special skills, or the right anatomy to be of service to your geographic farm. And if you were capable enough to get your real estate license, you are capable enough to keep learning and growing.

With that in mind, focus on the following 7 key principles to stay motivated on your journey:

7 Motivational Principles For New Agents To Remember

success - go get it!

#1) Creativity

To our point earlier, resourcefulness will see you through a lack of resources. Successful agents are problem solvers. They leverage their relationships, expertise, and personal strengths to help others.

By helping others solve their problems, you’ll establish yourself as a creative problem solver. Word in your farm will spread, and you won’t need to chase listings: they’ll come to you.

#2) Passion

Passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Instead of responding to the moods of others, resolve to inspire others with your passion. Seek out connections and resources that feed your passion each day, and have them readily at your disposal!

#3) Decisiveness

When you set goals, you’re in a better position to be decisive. With specific goals and targets set for each day, you can distinguish more readily between actions and people that support your goals from those that don’t.

#4) Honesty

Admit to what you don’t know or what you can’t do. Learn from those who are better. Be transparent about your operations, and accessible to your clients.

#5) Sincerity

Everyone appreciates good manners, but sincere gestures make a deeper impact. Sending out personalized greeting cards to your clients or local vendors may take more time, but recipients will appreciate your sincerity. You’ll also stand out from other businesses distributing template messages.

#6) Consistency

A sporadic effort will yield sporadic results. Consistent daily habits and behavior will build momentum.

#7) Dedication

Distractions and challenges will arise each day that will test your focus, determination, and motivation. Commit to reaching your goals at any cost and you will succeed.


We all need daily reminders to keep us focused and on track. Write these 7 principles down. Keep them with you at all times. Share them with your team, or display them prominently in your office. Be prepared to face adversity with confidence each day, knowing that you will succeed because of your attitude.

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