By definition, a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. In the real estate industry, having a solid role model is invaluable. With fierce competition and a high failure rate, it’s easy for agents to fall into negative thought patterns. Especially when things just aren’t working out. That’s why having a person who inspires us to do better each day is vital. Every agent needs a guide, whose actions push us to reach our own goals is vital. For agents, your role model might be a real estate coach you just “click with”. Or it could be an agent whose career you’d love to emulate. Luckily, there are some incredible real estate masterminds that will light your professional-fire. So if you haven’t found the perfect role model yet, don’t sweat it.

You can learn a lot from a quality real estate role model. And with so many industry professionals turning to social media sites like Instagram and Youtube to share their strategies, processes, and even lives, the inspiration you crave is always just one click away.

Whether you want to learn about work-life balance, how to master your fear of cold calling, or simply want to model the habits and behaviors of a highly successful agent, it’s all at your fingertips.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up six real estate influencers that you need to follow to make 2021 your best year yet.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Ryan Serhant: For agents who want to join the real estate masterminds club

With a contagious smile and a welcoming personality, it’s hard not to want to model your life after real estate mogul, Ryan Serhant. Especially when you see the success he’s had so far in his career. You might recognize him from Bravo’s Emmy-winning “Million Dollar Listing New York”.

Serhant’s videos are not overedited, removing the “accidents” and “bad bits”. He leaves the mistakes in, for the most part, giving each video a feeling of authenticity and trustworthiness that can be tough to find on the internet.

Serhant’s content is a balance of shared personal experience, glimpses at his everyday life, and an array of tips for how you can grow and maintain your real estate business. 

What you can expect from Ryan Serhant’s channel: 

  • Humor and lots of it
  • Inspirational stories of success and failure
  • Gorgeous luxury home walkthroughs
  • Unique advice for personal/professional growth and success

Serhant’s personality and brand are consistent in every video, and his thoughtful ways of measuring success are nothing short of enlivening. If you struggle with the relationship-building aspect of real estate, then his 3-5 rule is something you need to take note of. 

Loida Velasquez: An invaluable source for new agents

There are plenty of powerful female real estate influencers you can follow for inspiration and Loida Velasquez is one of the best. Her content is driven by personal experience and what has worked for her during her successful real estate career in Southern California. If you’re new to the game, this channel is a great place to start. 

Velasquez frequently tackles issues that new agents struggle with. She even records and uploads some of her live cold calls. That way instead of hearing a bunch of tips for cold calling, you can see the practice in action and can model your behavior accordingly. Loida even focuses on skills you might not know you need, getting into topics like how to start your real estate youtube channel in 2021.

What you can expect from Loida Velasquez’s channel:

  • Answers to FAQ’s
  • Plenty of shared personal experience
  • Skills you may not have realized you needed
  • Day in the life videos
  • Lots of help for new agents
  • Live cold calls

If you’re new to real estate and want to build yourself a solid foundation or if you need help overcoming your fear of cold calling, then Velasquez is might be the best fit for you on our list of real estate masterminds.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Ricky Carruth: A top producing agent and coach with a passion for personal relationships

In the competitive world of real estate, not every agent’s career is a successful one. This high rate of failure results in many agents leaving the profession, with some returning for a second attempt. Even for highly successful agents like Ricky Carruth, it can take a few tries before you really take off.  But his commitment to excellence and focus on relationships easily lands him a place on our list of real estate masterminds.

On his Youtube channel, you’ll find Carruth sharing his personal journey. He attributes his failure the first time around to putting money first. When he returned to real estate in 2008, armed with gained perspective and a new attitude, he began putting relationships first. Now, he’s held the mantle of Alabama’s Top Agent on three separate occasions.

What you can expect from Ricky Carruth’s channel:

  • Coaching live streams
  • Live cold call demonstrations
  • Answers to industry-specific questions
  • A strong focus on making people happy and building true relationships

If you’re someone who often gets stuck comparing themselves to others or you simply want a wide variety of tips on varying real estate topics, Carruth may be your guy.

Tom Ferry: One of the best real estate masterminds for agents who want to succeed

Whether you feel like your real estate career has reached a plateau, or you’re a brand new agent needing to learn then it’s time to check out Tom Ferry. Regarded as one of the top real estate coaches, Ferry has published two books, “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model, and Marketing!”

He’s also the founder and CEO of the coaching company Ferry International. Ferry’s channel provides new ideas, new strategies, and new ways to motivate yourself. Ferry adds value to his content by interviewing experts both in and out of the field. There is a strong focus on changing your mindset to achieve success, which can be highly inspiring when you’re feeling stuck.

What you can expect from Tom Ferry’s channel:

When it comes to real estate masterminds, Ferry is up there with some of the most inspirational agents and coaches around today.

Kala Laos: A real estate powerhouse for the agent who wants to be entertained and informed

Co-founder of JK Reality, Kala Laos uses humor and a reality-show format to bring you all kinds of motivational real estate content on Youtube. Her Instagram account is an excellent follow for agents who’ve been around the block a few times and want some relatable memes to fill their feed. While Lao’s content is less focused on tips and tricks, there is immense value in seeing how she operates day-to-day with her team.

What you can expect from the JK Reality channel:

  • Vlogs from industry events
  • Keynote speeches from Kala
  • JK Realty team outings

If you also run a real estate agency and have a team of agents working with you, Kala Laos can provide insights on how a successful and happy team of agents works together. Her keynote speech is packed with information that you can apply to your career as well. 

Brian Buffini: A real estate professional for agents looking for a value-driven approach

When Brian Buffini entered the real estate business he had the weight of thousands of dollars in medical debt weighing him down. As a result, he felt he had no choice but to succeed. And succeed, he did.

Following a successful real estate career, Buffini is now the founder of Buffini & Co., the largest business coaching and training company in North America. He’s also a best selling author, podcast host, and renown public speaker.

Buffini dives into his self-designed referral system and how you can make that system work for your business. Buffini’s system focuses on following up with clients and puts an emphasis on systems and items of value. Buffini’s coaching also focuses on “The Five Circles of Life.” Those circles are spiritual, family, business, financial, and personal.

His more recent videos are on the longer side but are packed with valuable information. Lately, a large chunk of his content focuses on the skills agents need outside of work, such as self-love, focus, using gratitude to gain success, and more.

What you can expect from Brian Buffini’s channel:

  • Longer format content
  • Insightful interviews discussing topics outside of the real estate
  • Non-traditional methods for building a real estate business
  • A focus on spirituality and family values

If you’re struggling with a work/life balance or are seeking out inventive approaches to real estate, you’ll find all of that and more on Buffini’s channel.

Having a role model is important, but having the right role model makes all the difference. So when you’re looking for real estate masterminds emulate, these top-performing agents are an excellent place to start.