There’s no thrill quite like locking down a new listing, right? A new challenge, and an opportunity to bank a nice commission. The problem is that cutting into that commission check is whatever you have to spend to get exposure – so the incentive is to spend as little as possible to maximize your bank. You want to promote a real estate listing for free, where possible.

The problem is that the best ways to do this have all been monetized, so resourcefulness is the name of the game: making the most of the free digital channels available!

Here are 8 ways to promote a real estate listing for free.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

1. Share The Listing On Your Real Estate Facebook Channels

Make a public post on your business page, and share it across groups which feel they might attract attention from your buyer persona! Is it a starter home? Is it duplex? Share the posting to Facebook groups which cater to young families, or to real estate investors. Also, find groups which cater to the neighborhood to let them know something is available in the area. Active neighborhood Facebook groups mean involved residents who likely have friends interested in joining the neighborhood, knowing it’s a great place to live.

real estate listing post on Facebook example

Also, many prospective buyers may be watching the area to get a feel for the area, and are just waiting for the right property listing to come along. If that’s the case, here you are with something for them to consider.

2. Promote The Listing On Twitter With Relevant Hashtags

Share your listing on your twitter profile. When you are sharing the listing make sure that you use an image with a call to action to the listing page in order to sell

Point people to the link in your bio and let them know you’re helping someone local sell their home. Create some interesting and eye-catching visual content to go along with your tweeting and you’re golden! Be creative, have fun, and seize opportunities to join in conversations about the area – it’ll help build your profile with people in the neighbourhood!

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

3. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are more popular than ever. Search your city, and ‘real estate’. There’s a good chance there are a few groups that will pop up; JOIN THEM ALL. Browse the content and see what the usage is. Is it all agents’ listings, or is it more of a discussion of real estate opportunities?

If it’s all listings, don’t bother – find a pond not filled with other anglers.

4. Cross-Promoting With Other Agents

Nobody succeeds by going it alone anymore. Period. The internet has made it that a client can find 50 of your closest competitors in a second, and unless your listing magically happens to be their dream home, potential buyers have no shortage of options at their disposal. If you want more ‘dream’ clients, you’ll hedge your bet is by cross-promotong with other listing agents.

Get to know who farms where and the types of listings they specialize in – take an interest in them and always look for opportunities to cross-promote. Just be sure to have something to offer in exchange! As your relationships grow, and people come to know and like you, you’ll find more and more opportunities for cross-promotion. Take them all!

5. Take to Reddit Threads for Homebuyers

While Reddit may not hold the most savoury reputation online, there’s actually a lot of useful information to be found which connects people buying with people selling. Be sure to focus your searches to avoid the less than savoury side of Reddit.

6. Pinterest Virtual Feature Sheet

Get creative and put together a stunning set of images for your listing and take it to Pinterest.

A Pinterest novice? This guide has you covered!

7. Make a Slideshow of Your Visuals and Post it to YouTube

Follow this handy guide to optimize your video SEO content, and make a visually-appealing slideshow to highlight the attributes of the listing.

8. Take a 360º Photo of the Main Floor on Google Street View

Google Street View’s mobile app now lets users not only create their own 360º content, but upload it so it instantly appears in Google Images and Google Maps for the listing address. Add the URL to marketing materials for some extra digital pop!

These are 8 great ways to promote your listing without spending a dime. While you likely have a solid routine in place to promote your listings, these ideas can help get that little bit of extra mileage out of your promotions efforts!