Hometown: Southlake, Texas, U.S.A.

Sherri Murphy, Local Real Estate Agent & Expert in Southlake, Texas, recently wrote an international best selling book, Referral Secrets, to teach agents how to grow their business through relationships and referrals in their community.

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Best quote from her story: “Since I was a child, I was always fascinated with real estate. My career had taken shape and set me up to be a successful real estate agent. “You really need to be in sales.”( my broker) “I am jumping off a cliff without a parachute or a net to catch me. But I am doing this!” Failure was not an option, and in my case, it was my motivator!” 

Sherri’s business philosophy: Listen, listen, listen. The number one rule, in my books, is to listen to people at every chance I can. We are so busy in life, and we miss so much about a person unless we truly take the time to put everything on pause and just “listen” to what someone has to say. Have you just taken the time to ask someone “How do you feel today?” You can find out so much about a person if you do. And when the conversation is done, that may have been the best thing that happened to them all day. Just a person to lend an ear and listen to them. Just like a smile, you never know when you will help someone by just listening.


Sherri is quite literally the best Realtorwe have ever had the honor to work with. She is more than a Realtor, she is a friend! She truly cares about you from day 1 and continues to be a guide to this day! We consider Sherri part of our family forever. She works around the clock and that is no joke. Her thoughtfulness and personal attention are second to none! We love Sherri! We bought and sold with Sherri twice now in Southlake and Colleyville. She is our Realtorfor life! ~Kristen B.

Sherri was extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient as we decided to make a change after 32 years. She took our calls, texts, and emails at every hour and was swift and kind in her response. I can’t imagine selling our property of 32 years and buying another without Sherri. She helped us navigate a world we hadn’t been a part of in decades with the utmost compassion and understanding. We have made a new forever friend in Sherri and we are so very thankful she was on this journey with us.~Lezah

Sherri was amazing as we needed to sell our mom’s home after she passed away. From the beginning, Sherri was always professional and offered realistic recommendations as we did not want to spend a great deal “preparing” for the sale. Throughout the process, she kept my sisters and me updated as to what was happening and what the next steps were. She always answered any of the questions that we asked throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her as you are looking for a real estate agent.~Anon

More About Sherri

I am a Native Texan and grew up here in the DFW area. I have been a licensed agent for over 20 years, and I am also a Certified Military Relocation Specialist and Luxury Home Specialist with the National Association of Realtors. I am a partner with Homes for Heroes which allows me to give back to our first responders, teachers, medical staff, and military to thank them for their service and contribution to our country and communities.  

I absolutely love my clients and my goal is to exceed all expectations in the buying and selling process.  Every client’s needs are different, and I work to gain insight into my client’s desires and goals through my Consultations. This allows me to find the right home, at the right price for my buyer, while not missing anything in the market.  I enjoy assisting my sellers in selling their homes with ease and getting the best price possible in the time frame they have to sell within. 

My background in real estate is vast and includes Residential & REO Sales, Property Management, and Mortgage Lending, which allows me to give my clients a positive and stress-free experience while building relationships that last a lifetime. Working with me will be an experience you will not soon forget, and I will be your Trusted Real Estate Advisor and friend for life!

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Interview with Sherri Murphy

What’s up, everyone!

Welcome to another episode of Become A Local Leader!

On today’s show, we have Sherri Murphy, a Realtor and one of the Authors of the book – Referral Secrets.

It is a book that features the stories of 23 top-producing agents and team leaders who share their stories on how to grow one’s businesses through relationships and referrals. It will also discuss how to be successful in real estate and how to have a great, long, sustainable career.

In her chapter, Sherri shares advice on how to help people with their businesses. We’re going into those strategies, tactics, and ways of thinking about business with her today.

What is the main message that you want to share with real estate agents?

Never be afraid to ask questions. There are many nuances in the industry, so go to your peers and ask for advice and help. 

How would you help an agent know who are the best people to ask for questions and advice?

Those who have been in the industry for a very long time. Someone who has many closings, listings, and sides. Someone who’s not new in the industry, such as those with more than 10 years of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for legal advice from title companies and attorneys. 

Go to your brokers, office managers, and those that are there to help you and answer your questions and who have the experience.

Give people background on who you are and why you are in the industry.

My uncle and grandfather are builders of custom homes. For extra money, we would go to the different phases of construction and clean up the property. My passion for real estate started that way. I was fascinated with how these homes were built. 

During High School, I wanted to be an architect, but my parents stirred me in a different direction. I regretted it later in life because I realized that my passion is in the real estate industry, and I love serving people and helping them find their homes. So, in 1985, I finally decided to join the industry, and I went around the whole thing. 

What kind of perspective have your experiences given you, and how does it affect your strategy today? 

Even if the industry may change, everyone needs a home and a place to live. However, some people were not aware of how real estate affects their credit lines and taxes. So, I educated people about what would happen and let them work it out with the mortgage company. I try to serve them and fulfill what they need.  

What advice do you have for communication with your clients and with other agents that helped you become successful?

Establishing a relationship with the other agent is important because it makes the transaction smoother. Make sure that everyone understands what’s going on with both sides and try to work it out. 

Go over and above and beyond what normal agents do. I provide service information to my buyers so they can continue the services if they like. I also help the buyer understand how to work things in the home.

How will you help someone figure out which industry they should go into?

Research the field and find the opportunity to shadow someone, so you’ll see what they really do. It’s not so much about real estate, but you should have a passion for serving your clients. 

They need to make sure that their clients are getting the best service possible and they are finding the right house, or they’re selling their home for the best possible price and at the right time for them.

Why do you like real estate more than the mortgage industry?

When you’re in the mortgage, you’re sitting at your desk most of the time. I like being out so I can see the reactions of my clients when they find the right home for them, and I see their eyes light up. It’s heartwarming to see those reactions. And I love being around my clients and not sitting behind the desk all day long. 

When you just started, you went from 0 to 12 million in less than a year. How did you do it?

It all boils down to consistency and having an agenda where I went in every single morning, made my phone calls, made contacts, developed relationships with people, and started scheduling showings. And before I knew it, within the first 30 days, I had my first contract, and it just started snowballing. You need to have time-blocking and never give up. 

If you would start all over again, what would you do differently? What would change, and what would be the same?

I would hire an assistant quicker. Because it went to the point where I couldn’t keep up. I make sure that everything is perfect, and I give my clients the ultimate service because I do that. And to do that, I needed support. 

You mentioned in the book that you don’t want to second guess yourself, and you want to trust your gut instinct. What would be an example of it?

Sometimes, I have a feeling that we should be making an offer today because this house is gonna go fast. I would allow my clients to dwell on it for a day or two, and when they come back, it might be gone. And I realized that I should have told them. I’ve learned from that.  

So, when I see a house that is in a good location, has a good price, and is move-in ready, I ask my client, “If you won’t be able to buy this house, would you regret it?” If they answered yes, then I told them to put in an offer and not wait, so we might have a greater chance of getting it.

What would you say to an agent who is having thoughts, fears, doubts, and worries that feel the need to push real estate when they’re also doing some sort of giving?

When you’re doing a charity event, you don’t have to be pushy at all. It just naturally comes up in a conversation. Then, when you have their contact information, you can send them newsletters that have useful information. Before you know it, they’ll be contacting you about real estate.

What is your perspective on not buying leads? How come you don’t think it works, or why don’t you do it?

Before, I paid a lot of money for leads. However, not all of them were serious. So, I stopped paying for leads. I now get them from referrals, my sphere of influence, and people I met from my community. And I send them my reviews so they can know more about me. And they are much better because you don’t have to prove yourself. 

What are your most efficient and effective ways to build your database and sphere of influence so you’ll get referrals?

I joined the chamber of commerce, and I met a lot of businesses that way. We have coffee, lunch, or dinner. Just networking and building relationships. I also promote these businesses online. You start making friends, and they’ll send people to you. It’s about meeting people and being genuine. Just being interested in listening to them and finding out more about them.

What are the lessons that you learned about stuff that you think was a waste of time, and what are the things that you recommend to agents to spend less time on?

When you’re showing someone a home, especially when you get your leads from a company, make sure that they are pre-qualified with a lender first. If they aren’t, keep the relationship going because they can refer someone else or might be qualified in the future. 

Why do you think agents should time-block, and how do you do it?

Consistency is key. Fortune is in the follow-up in making those phone calls. I write my gratitude and my affirmations, and they are the ones that turned my life around. Writing my gratitude helped me become a better person and appreciate things so much more. It also sets the tone for the day. 

I listen to something educational and motivational in the morning when I am getting ready for work. I start the day by reviewing everything. I send thank you notes, birthday cards, and anniversary cards to everyone in my database. 

I then make phone calls to keep the relationships I have built. Make sure that you follow up with all those people who you know will buy or sell. 

Did you subscribe to any programs that give you some of the scripts, processes, and other related stuff? Did your broker give it to you, or did you go somewhere else to get those?

When I was on the team that I started with, we were doing Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall. And now I coach for Tom Ferry, and I use a lot of their practices, scripts, and other things like that. 

Do you think that agents should only try one strategy, depending on what they’re good at? Or should they try different strategies?

Over your career, it’s good to try different things. There are many things that are similar, such as time-blocking and scripts. But it’s nice to get a fresh perspective on them. However, it seems like all of them are still the basics that you need to do consistently every day to be successful. 

What do you think are those fundamentals that are common to all of them?

It’s time-blocking, the follow-up with your sphere, friends, and past clients. Personally, it’s being genuine and continuing the relationships that I built. It also includes writing note cards at least 3 times a day and getting those out. You need to make it personal. Being consistent with all of those fundamentals is going to pay off. 

Why do you think agents should pick up this book and read it?

There’s so much great information out there, and we’re speaking from experience and from our hearts. And we all want people to succeed. I want to start teaching people who have a passion for serving others in the field. And I want to pass on the torch to them and give them advice. 

We just want to give back to others, and I think that’s why we’re all in this book. We want to share our experiences and help others be better agents. I think so many people can pick up something from us. 

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