Hometown: Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Matt Mundell, Local Real Estate Agent & Expert in Kinston, Ontario, recently wrote an international best selling book, Referral Secrets, to teach agents how to grow their business through relationships and referrals in their community.

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Best quote from his story: “We are not trading time for money, we are trading the value of, support, knowledge, and confidence, which comes from making informed decisions about real estate.”

Matt’s business philosophy: “A compliment sets the tone and tends to bring down social guards that we have either consciously or subconsciously put up so, it is huge, to “Compliment off the bat!” This can be as simple as “I love your hairstyle” or “You have a really unique accent.” An important thing to note is that for that compliment to ‘land’ properly don’t dwell on it. Just say it, let the person respond, and then move on. It needs to be genuine and authentic. It needs to be considered an act of kindness.”


“Matt Mundell is an outstanding REALTOR who possesses excellent communication skills that truly sets him apart from his peers. Matt was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive as our listing agent. He is so organized and quick to answer every question in the home buying and selling process. His professionalism, expertise, and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make him a wonderful representative for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. The thing we appreciated most about Matt was his patience and ability to provide sound advice. I will recommend him to any of my friends and family members. If you’re looking for someone to truly look out for your best interest as well as help you navigate through the Kingston housing market Matt is the agent for you.”~Kim P. & Stephen B.

“Matt made us feel like family. From giving us experienced advice on what to keep an eye out for, to having fun and helping us relax, and feel rest assured so we could enjoy this special life milestone. This is why we always suggest Matt Mundell because he is the guy you want on your side.  Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge and passion with us, and helping us plant our roots! ” ~Dave and Tania

More About Matt

Together with his wife Gillianne, Matt is raising 3 beautiful daughters in a home filled with love, a mindset of inclusion, and an attitude of reciprocity, accompanied by a steady reminder that we all can grow from applying the golden rule to our lives daily. The golden rule is “treat others how you would like to be treated”.   

The Mundell family is a generational family who has lived in the Kingston area for years. Matt and his sister Jessica’s parents, Mike and Linda Mundell, all started a small retail business in Kingston where their family worked together. Matt and Jessica learned the value of caring for people, hard work, and giving back to the community by supporting people and others in business on the path of life we all share.  

These lessons have helped to guide Matt into becoming a successful Real Estate agent in Kingston and surrounding areas, which he is humbled and grateful to have grown with the support of many families, friends, and clients. ‘With the knowledge of working together, a community is stronger, and with the support of one another, people can truly accomplish anything. This is a guiding principle in Matt’s life, both professionally and personally. These values have proven invaluable to him in his life.  

Should you find yourself in Kingston please do reach out. Matt has a wealth of local knowledge about Kingston and the surrounding areas and would be happy to speak with you, welcome you to Kingston, and help in any way he can.

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Interview with Matt Mundell

What’s up, everyone! And welcome to another episode of Become A Local Leader!

On today’s show, we have Mathew Mundell, a Local Real Estate expert in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and one of the authors of the new, international, best-selling Real Estate book Referral Secrets.

It features the stories of 23 top-producing agents, who, through their stories, share advice on how to grow your business through relationships and referrals. And simply, how to be successful in real estate. 

All these agents focus on starting conversations, meeting and giving value to people, building relationships first before they talk about business, and asking for referrals because it helps make it happen.

Mathew has tons of ideas in his chapter that you need to check out, and we’re going to dive into some of those topics today. 

Can you give us a background of who you are, where you are from, why you got into real estate, and what’s your business like today?

Matt: We have a seafood business where I learned my values and things that I apply in my life and business to try and be successful and be a part of the community. I worked there for 14 years. 

Then I transferred to a construction company where we were framing houses for a large builder in the city. I worked there for a year, and I realized that I preferred selling houses rather than building them. When I went into sales in real estate, it fulfilled my need to talk to people and foster relationships, and help others to be successful. 

Grant: What experiences helped you become a realtor? Is there a certain previous work experience that helps people prepare to be successful in real estate?

Yeah, there is. It doesn’t have to be any specific trait. It’s about fostering relationships. Learning the skills of helping others to succeed in what they want to do. It feels good to help others, and it comes back to you whether you notice it or not.

What are some of the things that you need to unshackle/unshaken from yourself because you have belief systems, habits, and routines that need to change to become more successful in real estate?

What I realized in real estate is that there is no direct correlation between how much time we spend working on it. As opposed to trading time for money, you’re trading the value of your knowledge and your expertise, and it depends on how much value you bring to people through your experience and the information that you have on hand that transpires to success as opposed to a regular 9 to 5 job. 

Your understanding and ability to tell stories – is that something that you just have in you or you developed over time?

I’m always drawn to people who can tell a good story, and I just love where I live and the surrounding area because it has a lot to offer, and the people are authentic and nice. So it just comes naturally.

If you transfer to a new place, do you study and learn stories to tell about the place?

Stories come along as we live our lives. We gather experiences and articulate them so we will have stories to share.

What do people think of Kingston? Do they consider it a college town or something else?

It’s much more than that. There are a lot of jobs to give here. We have 3 different hospitals, Queens University and St. Norris College are also here. There are a lot of private sectors but also a lot of government jobs as well. 

The scenery attracts a lot of tourism, and we have a lot of restaurants and businesses that come from both having a secured job base and also as a tourist town.

Do you have any tips on how to make buying or selling homes more enjoyable? 

Be humble. You have to be confident and trust in the knowledge that you do have and provide that knowledge with confidence. When they ask you questions, you need to provide information that is relevant, current, and accurate. It’s also important to align yourself with trusted professionals that complement you in whatever trade it is that you’re doing. 

Be humble and honest that if you don’t know the answer, you won’t make something up, and guide the person to someone who can really help.

If you could start real estate all over again, how would you do it differently so that you would get to where you are faster?

I suggest you join a team with good strong values and position yourself as someone who can help them and is willing to learn. Align yourself with people who are good at real estate and benefit from not only the guidance that they can give you but also they can share leads with you so they can better serve their client base. 

What are your thoughts on the team vs. brokerage? Can I be a solo agent and join a brokerage and get the same benefits that a team will provide?

Not all brokerages are the same. It all comes down to leadership and how it’s run. The idea is to find like-minded people who are working with the right direction and attitudes to help you further yourself as a real estate agent. 

What are the ways you do to meet new people and have 5-10 meaningful conversations per day?

I joined Parkbench and it’s an instrumental help for me. I learned there that it all comes down to relationships, and success within the company is based on how you treat other people. Making interactions with other people is sometimes out of our comfort zone but letting down our guard is important. Parkbench gave me a roadmap on how to do it so that it would be less intimidating.

What’s the goal of having conversations? What is the substance that you want to achieve with those conversations? 

It’s not always about getting a listing signed or selling a house. It’s about finding common ground, such as experiences that you share. When you’re authentic and genuine about it, it will take you to where you want to go. 

Are there examples that you can share where you or an agent isn’t being authentic or genuine? 

I just have faith that I am. I think eye contact is important when you’re talking to someone. When you look them in the eyes, there is a lot to be said about that. If someone doesn’t believe what you’re saying, you need to do more background research if you really care enough. If you don’t care, then just move on.

What do you think are the best resources for your training and development in terms of real estate and mental toughness on the business side?

There are some people that you’ll come into your life. Some hands you shake, some you hold. Keep those people who are like-minded like you. Watch people and learn from their successes and the things that they do. 

In terms of business, it was my family who helped me and Mary Compo, who has been a phenomenal real estate agent for more than 30 years in Kingston. And it wasn’t about the money. It was about relationships and touching people’s lives, and helping them in a meaningful way. 

Do you have anything that helps you out in staying grounded and rooted?

Self-talk and encouragement are good. You also need to align and retain people in your life who will do that for you. Keep the people that have the best practices and align with your values. Keep them close to you, and that will serve you well. 

Were you a part of Buffini’s programs or do you just read his books?

I have a colleague who is a Buffini member, and she voiced to me that it’s a phenomenal business, and they are like-minded in how I think. I’ve been encouraged to join it, but I haven’t yet. But I do believe that it’s positive thinking. 

Have you read or followed books or podcasts that helped with your development?

I like the local leaders book, but I learn more by associating with people who are like-minded that are critical thinkers, and that has helped me to grow professionally and as a person.

How did you get into conversations with people who are able to help you out or help you learn and grow?

I think what’s important is to listen to them. People can tell when you’re actively listening.

So when you’re genuinely interested, ask questions that are related to the topic of your conversation, and it’s important to be in the moment and truly listen to what the other person is saying and react to those comments because people like to be heard.

If you could lay out your favorite gifts and those that you don’t want to do again, what would those be?

My favorite gifts are the ones that have time invested in them. I think a gift should come from the heart, and it should be a genuine thing that you put your mind to and you spend time on.

Handwritten notes where you put your thoughts into paper go a long way. Fostering a relationship is beyond your name. It’s what you do to touch the other person’s life that’s why they’re gonna come to you.

What other bad investments did you make in your career? What advice can you give for the things that have been a waste of time and money?

I wasted a lot of time with worry and self-doubt. They’re not productive, and it doesn’t get you anywhere. So if you’re in that state of mind, you need to recognize it and seek out support.

In terms of money, I bought some lead stocks and pot stocks when they first came out. I learned quickly that I’m not an investor and my money was wasted. 

So get yourself the proper guidance with the right experience that has your best interests at heart, and that should lead you down the right path. 

What can you share about your experiences with the pros and cons of buying leads and advertisements?

I’ve bought leads in the past that are dead ends. It’s not something that I implement in my day to day. 

Why do you think it didn’t work for you?

They weren’t quality leads. They didn’t transpire into trades. I was sold the lead with the intent that I’m going to get a listing, or they’re going to buy something in a couple of months. When in fact, that wasn’t what it was doing at all. 

And I could find those leads in open houses, by knocking door to door, or by walking through the mall, just striking up a conversation with people naturally. 

What would you say about the benefits of spending time and investing, building relationships with small business owners and local professionals?

The small business owners and local professionals all own houses too. And they are connectors with other people who also own houses or prospective buyers. Striking up relationships with people that have existing relationships will only serve to grow your business. 

With the Parkbench strategy, it’s reciprocity. Giving something for them with no strings attached, but just by human nature, it’s going to come back to you. Help someone do what they want to do and help them succeed with their goals. It’s just human nature to want to give that back. 

What would you say to agents who have thoughts that they only give but don’t receive anything?

Maybe they’re not watching closely enough or paying enough attention. Because if you’re putting out positivity and helping people, it’s going to come back to you. It may not be instantaneous, but that’s what you’re going to get. 

What value did you get from the book? And if you can speak to your younger self when you just joined the industry, how will you tell him why he should read the book?

It’s a book with a lot of positive focus and intent. There are many perspectives, strategies, and opinions on what you should do. It’s a nutshell of how to and what to do to become a successful member of your community and a successful real estate agent. 

Any final words that you want to share with agents out there?

If anyone wants to know more about Kingston or just wants to have a conversation, I’m happy to talk anytime.

How to Contact Matt

Website: www.Kingstonsold.com

Email: [email protected]

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