Hometown: Austin, Texas, USA.

Kene Mba, Local Real Estate Agent & Expert in Austin, Texas, recently wrote an international best selling book, Referral Secrets, to teach agents how to grow their business through relationships and referrals in their community.

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Best quote from his story: “We have been diligent in building our own systems and creating deliverables to our clients. We do this with the belief that our clients are not transactions, instead, they are people!”

Kene’s business philosophy: “I felt heard.” These are the words that make my real estate business different from most others. These are the words that have become the beacon for our business. These are the words I live for.”


Above five stars goes to Mr. Kene. His great personality, passion, patience, and ability to get questions answered made my home purchase experience rewarding. Definitely attentive to my style of homes, step-by-step guide and advice helped my home purchase dreams come true. Thank you, Kene! I recommend Kene for your home-buying journey. ~A’retta J.

Excellent professionalism. I am honestly impressed by how proactive and accessible Kene was with his services. I trust my rental will be a long endeavor with Kene. Thank you. ~ Mazi. C.

Kene was more than willing to take me from house to house looking for a house for my boyfriend. He is very helpful as he printed me out an itinerary and map of all the places we were to go. He turned a displeasure into a pleasure. I recommend Kene if you’re in need of a good Realtor~Karen H.

More about Kene.

My name is Kene Mba. I am the broker/owner of NuView Realty Group LLC, a residential real estate brokerage licensed in Texas. My family and I have called the great state of Texas home for over 17 years, the last 5 years of which have been in the eclectic and ever-dynamic city of Austin, TX. My wife and our 3 kids live at our home in Pflugerville, a diverse and fast-growing suburb of Austin.

I got interested in real estate as an investor over 13 years ago after my wife and I bought our first rental home in the Houston, TX area. At first, it was a curiosity and a means to get into investing for our future, but it became a powerful tool for us, and the passion only grew from there. When I left my corporate career in 2015, I decided to go full-time as a real estate salesperson and property manager with a zeal to help as many individuals and families as I could to get into the home of their dreams, or to sell their existing homes and move their equity to new homes, or to satisfy pressing personal needs. Having helped hundreds of people since, dozens of which I have personally represented, I can confidently say that home ownership or selling a home is often one of the most important decisions that people take. 

Connecting with community area businesses is a great way for me to grow my networks and in turn my business. I love to meet with local business owners and change-makers, so it was easy for me to become a Local Leader with Parkbench. I expect that these connections will lead to a thriving ecosystem of ideas, learning, and sharing of community leaders and organizers of positive change in my environment.

How to contact Kene.

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