Hometown:  Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

Best quotes from her story: “One of my personal policies is to stay in my lane and focus on what I am doing. Taking note of what other agents do or don’t do is not in my peripheral vision, but what I do know is that success is in the details. Making the time and effort to be fiduciarily responsible in my business process, through education and due diligence, is essential.” 

“As a luxury Realtor, many people automatically slot me into a box, but I am different from the ‘reality show types’ they are accustomed to. Firstly, my broker once told me, “You’re an agent, not a ‘Secret Agent’.” Keeping your success to yourself and minimizing your achievements can be a problem and I recognize this is a challenge for me. I have started to overcome this by coming from a place of gratitude and service.” 

“Although I enjoy an interesting and fulfilling life by making my home in Los Angeles, I still hold true to my midwestern upbringing and as a child of immigrants, where the values of hard work and integrity are core to my being.” 

Fatima’s business philosophy: I have been in the real estate field for over nine years and licensed for over seven years. I am known as a tough negotiator, structuring deals and handling complex details. I set professional boundaries so people know what to expect from the beginning. People who may consider themselves ‘challenging’ clients appreciate my candidness. Whether it’s a high-profile client, first time buyer, empty nester, real estate investment group or the casual investor, all deals are unique and that keeps my skills sharp and my creative negotiating abilities valued. I don’t differentiate based on demographics as all my clients get my White Glove Treatment.” 


“I first met Fatima when I relocated from London to LA, and she provided me with a wealth of information while I looked for a short-term rental — all out of the kindness of her heart as she loves real estate that much! Cut to two and half years later, Fatima was my first call when I decided to purchase my LA dream home. And I do mean dream home. She helped me get the house that I’d been looking at and sighing over for several months online. Despite the purchase being an extremely challenging one for various reasons (all out of our control), Fatima never once let her frustration show, and she remained amazingly professional throughout the process — even dropping everything to join me on a frantic two-hour drive to sign one final piece of paperwork before offices closed for the holidays. Her attention to detail is second to none. Her knowledge is outstanding. She’ll find you the best experts for inspections, will do her own research just because . . . and ensure you know exactly what is happening every single step of the way. She’ll even call you just to say hi and check in with you, because she truly cares that her clients are looked after throughout the entire process, and once their move is complete.”

“I couldn’t recommend Fatima more highly. Whatever your budget, whether buyer or seller — Fatima will give 100% all day, every day, to make sure she gets the best deal for you. Call her!!!” 



Very few people will go the ‘extra mile’ to make another person’s home just what they want and need. Fatima doesn’t do anything halfway! I highly recommend her!”



“I worked with Fatima on my relocation. Having a tech-savvy agent meant everything was done efficiently and she was sending information at all hours. She helped me figure out how to pick the right area and how a rental could be made to fit my lifestyle. She is an expert negotiator for her clients and will look out for you during the entire process. I would definitely recommend her.”



“I walked into a room of my home which is also my business and private retreat feeling it needed a change. It needed something fresh, more inviting . . . but I just didn’t know what. So, I picked up a few design magazines and watched a few design shows gathering ideas, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what to do! Fatima’s extraordinary work left me saying, where have you been all my life! If you feel you deserve something extraordinary, call Fatima.”



More about Fatima

Discretion. Talent. Expertise. While Fatima has worked with billionaires, CEOs, and celebrities . . . everyone deserves ‘white-glove service’ with amazing results. A neighborhood aficionado, she adores Los Angeles. “It’s amazing to have an intimate local culture in such a big city.” 

As a listing agent, Fatima has created specialized marketing and events to assure the property has the widest audience of buyers that make sense. She has gained a reputation of obtaining up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over market expectations. As a buyer’s agent, her decades of knowledge of Los Angeles and a true understanding of her clients’ way of life allows for finding the perfect home. Fatima has helped many clients win in multiple offer situations . . . even when they are not the highest bidder.

Fatima is an Interior Designer and an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Many of her residential projects can be found all over the Los Angeles area and she truly understands every aspect of a home, property, and investment, meeting her client’s needs. She holds professional certifications in Interior Architectural Design and Set Design. Fatima also has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business and Theater. 

As a domestic and international relocation specialist, she has helped Fortune 500 executives transition to Los Angeles seamlessly with extensive area and market knowledge of all the cities, neighborhoods, and even micro-neighborhoods. Fatima’s famous neighborhood tours help her clients find the perfect place to start their journey in this amazing city. 

In her spare time, Fatima meets with and promotes Santa Monica businesses, she sits on the Board of Directors of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce and is the President of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County. She proudly supports charities such as Bunny Bunch, Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, International Medical Corps, World Society for the Protection of Animals, and the Los Angeles Conservancy. 

How to Contact Fatima

Fatima Malik Luxury Real Estate & Design | REALTOR

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Tel.: +1 310 968 2085

Websites: www.fatimamalik.com |


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