About Monte Reyment

Monte is a Team Leader at Symes Realty, LLC in Suamico, WI. He is an accomplished RealtorⓇ and has been recognised as the Home Snap Excellence in Client Services Award winner for 2020. He enjoys fishing, the Green Bay Packers and real estate investing. His volunteer passions include GRIT and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He lives with his wife Shannon and dog Luna.

Hometown:  Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.

Best quotes from his story: “Although I wish I had done things differently, I am grateful I have reached this point in my life. I owe a number of things to my real estate success, most importantly becoming self-aware of who I am. Once I cut out the bullsh*t lies I was telling myself, the propensity of needing instant gratification turned around drastically. It’s like the saying goes:  

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

Monte’s business philosophy: “I’ll hire you,” still resonate with me today as I enter my third year as a licenced Realtor. With my business today, I am not just an agent, nor do I want to be just an agent. I am building and creating an impact on my community. I am no longer selling, I am solving problems and instead of being boxed in and having a forced talk track and towing a company line, I now enjoy giving back to the very community I was raised in. Together with my teammates, we can make such a difference in so many lives. It’s just the beginning.”

“As the team leader of the Take Action Real Estate Team at Symes Realty I approach my role with honesty, empathy, and a solution-based approach. I like to empower my teammates to be involved at the grassroots level of the business. We are organically growing our business by meeting new people every day and being involved in numerous charity organizations.”


“Monte is the man! He is both laid-back and professional. He knows how to balance the two. He takes time out of his day to hear from his clients and try to solve any issues they may have. He has helped us close on our last three deals in the last three months. He is on top of his game, and not afraid to work when everyone else may be.  Just to show you how dedicated he is, when he was on his vacation in sunny Florida, he was working with us at 11 PM trying to figure out one of our deals. If you’re looking for a great real estate agent who knows his stuff . . . You should really look into Monte and his team. He is truly one of the good real estate agents who is looking out for the best interest of his clients.” 

~Alisha B.


“Monte was great to work with! We were buying a house for our Mom — and live 2.5 hours away. Monte took videos of homes and Face-Timed with us to accommodate our unique needs. He also connected us with local contractors/vendors and provided recommendations for basement foundation specialists. He did more than just “show” us houses — he supported our distanced home-buying process. And gave us a sweet Welcome Home gift for our mom at closing. We highly recommend working with Monte!”

 ~Stephanie J.


“Working with Monte was great! He provided quick, informative responses; keeping me informed throughout the whole process. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Monte kept the buying process smooth, simple, and stress-free.”

~Blake S.

How to contact Monte


Email: [email protected]

Web: www.Monte.symesrealty.com   


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