Hometown: Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Best quotes from their story:  “As a husband and wife team our approach to our real estate business has been and continues to be from a place of collaboration and teamwork. We are fortunate to live and work in a highly supportive community where connection is key to our livelihood and well being. “I [Craig] connect with people because I am one of them.” When you live where you work one can’t help but be an integral part of the neighborhood fabric.”

“We work from a Tag Team approach which serves our clients well. “Craig is the ‘detail guy’ who loves pouring over mind numbing contracts and is the cameraman behind the video interviews we conduct while I [Victoria] am more of a people person, always wanting to learn the ‘stories’ behind my clients and neighbors.” One of our clients referred us to a friend of hers and in her words, “You get two for the price of one!” 

Craig’s & Victoria’s business philosophy: Some agents prefer to buy leads and automate their business which leaves them staring at their computer for hours in hopes of a ‘lead’. So while they are busy hunting for leads, we are busy fostering and nurturing relationships with clients.

We prefer to take a ‘tortoise vs hare’ approach to growing our business. A slower more methodical approach suits us just fine. The Covid Pandemic didn’t stall our business growth either as we enjoy building relationships, helping people and continuing learning. This is our strategy and we are sticking to it!”

Reviews for the 2412 Team.

“Craig and Victoria were awesome; they showed us many homes and were always knowledgeable and honest.  They helped us every step of the way to ensure we were happy with our home purchase.  I would highly recommend them and am so glad they were our realtors!” 

Ashley S.

“2412 Realty Group was amazing!  Very honest and helpful.  They listened to what we wanted in a house and only sent us houses that we would be interested in.  Very informative about things to look for when buying a house.  I felt very prepared and confident in buying a house with all the knowledge and advice from them.  Also, extremely responsive.  I highly recommend.”  

Kevin S.

More About Craig and Victoria

Craig and Victoria Brashears are Buyer/Seller Real Estate agents with Keller Williams Platinum Partners in Kansas City, Missouri. For 5 years, they have been working with clients of the Greater Kansas City area to ensure they experience the best that they can offer. 

They have been multi-million dollar agents and more than doubled their business every year for the last 4 years. They have been recognized for several esteemed accomplishments including; As members of the Goforth Team recognized in Forbes Magazine 2019 and 2020 listed as “Top Market Leaders”; listed in Fortune Magazine 2021 on the “Top 500 List” Nationally. Recognized for million dollar months multiple times in 2020 and 2021; Recognized by KW peers for creative marketing; recipient of 2 PPAI Pyramid Gold, 2 PPAI Pyramid Silver and 1 PPAI Pyramid Bronze awards. 

As active people, Craig and Victoria are beekeepers, have a huge garden and have just recently added chickens to their  ‘Honeymoon Acres!’ They love being Lolli and Poppy to their Grands. “When I grow up, I will be back to being a studio potter,” Victoria comments.  “Craig can build just about anything, he especially loves “mowing”  season…really. He LOVES it!  We have a sail boat and plan to learn how to sail in the coming year.”

They are now empty nesters with 5 adult children Jessica, Sam, Austin, Brock, and Gabriel; 3 daughter-in-laws Katie, Tabitha, Brittany; 3 beautiful grand-daughters Aria(3), Annalise(2), Rayna (nb), and another grand coming February 2022! Their other ‘family’ members are: Wylie the black lab/great dane mix, Buster the big brown dog, 8 chickens, 1 rooster, 1 duck, & 2,999,999,999+ honeybees.

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