Hometown: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Tom and Zita Scozzari, Local Real Estate Agent & Expert in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, recently wrote an international best selling book, Referral Secrets, to teach agents how to grow their business through relationships and referrals in their community.

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Best Quote from their story:  “Our values are what ultimately led us to 3% Realty. The franchisors understand what we are trying to accomplish and are very supportive of our efforts. Now that we have set up the foundation of our business, we are starting to recruit people to our team. As we add agents, our idea is to hire according to who they are versus what kind of numbers they bring in.”

Tom and Zita’s business philosophy: “Building teams is what we do best. Between our franchise and the use of the Parkbench platform, our future team members will be able to leverage these models to their advantage. We want to help them be successful in any way we can, and we think Parkbench is perfect for that.”

More about Tom and Zita.

Zita Scozzari is a detail-oriented professional with extensive leadership experience that includes analyzing and enhancing businesses for growth, realigning business processes, and developing products and services. She has a strong background as a project manager and change leader. Zita has directed the efforts of both large and small teams in various industries. She has been recognized for her leadership skills, high-energy work ethic, communication, and dedication to teamwork. As a real estate professional, Zita possesses the knowledge and experience needed to guide clients smoothly through the home buying and selling process.

Tom Scozzari stands at the forefront of business owner asset preservation. He has spent the past three decades dedicated to helping building owners manage their property and energy costs through ever-improving HVAC products. Tom is a calculated risk-taker, entrepreneur, and visionary. Zita and Tom have years of partnership success and look forward to growing teams of real estate professionals on Cape Cod, the Islands, and the South Shore of MA.

How to contact Tom and Zita.

Website: https://parkbench.com/cape-cod

Phone: (508) 321-SOLD