About Rob Hundley

Rob Hundley began his career as a local church minister, serving churches in New England and Colorado. After retiring from local churches, he started and operated a small business for 10 years before moving into real estate. He currently works in the brokerage his son established, Asher Chaim Real Estate.

Rob’s guiding motivation is helping people identify and meet their real estate needs.  For most that means finding the right house. As more and more people come to understand the financial benefits of real estate, he also works to help folks achieve their financial goals as well.

At this point in his life and across his several careers, Rob’s greatest sense of accomplishment comes from his family, wife, children and grandchildren, and hodge-podge of pets. He currently lives in a multi-generational and multicultural household.  Being a constant, steady, and powerful force in his grandchildren’s lives, is a true blessing.

Rob enjoys combining his longstanding love of photography with his newfound passion for drone-flying. The only greater sense of accomplishment than flying and capturing a beautiful scene is helping his grandchildren do that. While most will show you photos of their grandkids, Rob will show you videos his grandchildren shot!

Hometown:  Gilbert, Arizona, U.S.

Best quote from his story: “The right amount of confidence is key. Trust in yourself and your abilities and present it in a calm and assured manner. This comes with experience. If you are new to your profession, be open to seeing your abilities grow. If you have been at this for a while, take the time to recognize just how far you have come.”

Rob’s business philosophy: “As a real estate agent, I have had any number of deals held together with the amazing power of relationships. I built my own list of go-to folks. These are people I have come to know and trust. If they say they will do it, they will do it. They have my back and I have theirs.

Surround yourself with a team of folks who know what they are doing. They are dependable and dedicated to what they do, and they all share a mutual respect and confidence in each other. Nurture these relationships and you will be far more as part of that team than you might ever be individually. Let’s get out there and find some clients we can help.”

Comments About Rob

“It was such a pleasure working with Rob since bringing him on the Asher Chaim Realty Team on a number of occasions this year. One transaction I recall will go down in AC history as one of the highest grossing, most complex and multifaceted deal structures on both buy, sell and capital venture side was a triple close which consisted of three separate parties, multiple vendors, brokers, lenders, title agents and two separate class properties (commercial and residential). Rob conducted himself in an efficient and professional manner during the entire transaction from start to finish. When given a task or assignment from leadership and or the client he executed like a pro, leaving no stone unturned and did not hesitate to provide his experienced and professional input accordingly. I am delighted Rob is on the team. He has provided tremendous value to both Asher Chaim Realty and Capital Ventures and is now one of the fastest growing and highest producing agents in our organization to date. I look forward to working with Rob both on a professional and personal level in the future.

 ~Abraham O

‘Rob did a great job leveraging and then communicating the latest market data to set the list price of our home. He was then able to market our home effectively which brought qualified buyers to the table. Rob is a great listener and client advocate which allowed us to achieve the goals we had with listing our home through him and the Asher Chaim Team. Thank You Rob!  

~Sean & Aparajitha

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