Hometown:  Rhode Island, U.S.

Best quotes from her story: “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” These words vibrate in my consciousness every day. This phrase is imprinted on a bracelet that a dear friend of mine, Shaunette, gave to me years ago. Another story that resonates within me daily and that is the basis of my foundation is the Starfish Thrower written by Loren Eiseley. Every day, I seek to make a difference in one person’s life and that is what matters.”

“I’m an ‘all-in-kinda-girl’, so when I was approached by a friend to consider real estate as my next venture, I didn’t hesitate. I jumped in with both feet. The best advice I can give anyone who is starting out on a new path is to ‘pick what resonates with you and make it the best version you can’.”

Helping my clients is WHY I became a Realtor. When people ask me why I became a real estate agent my answer is simple, “It’s the people part.” Guiding and HELPING people is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going; many hours into the evenings. 

“With a consistent ‘heavy load’ of sales, I pride myself on giving my all to my clients. This is what my past and current clients refer to as the ‘Huard Hustle’. I dig deep to give all that I have to provide an exceptional level of service that exceeds my client’s expectations; always and in all ways. My mornings are spent researching the latest micro and macro market trends and market behaviors. I am consistent in sharing my knowledge, insights, market sense and diversity of our local communities with each and every client. I provide contacts and connections that I know the new owners will need beyond the sale.”

Sarah’s business philosophy: “Real estate has been the ultimate conduit to helping people daily and I am blessed to work with an agency that is my biggest cheerleader. I do all this with complete dedication, drive, devotion, gratitude, grit and a ‘Huard Huge’ smile on my face! For as long as I can help people daily, as a Realtor, that smile will remain.” 

Volunteer to the core. “While my work keeps me busy, I’m never too far from lending a hand and making a difference. For many years now, I have involved myself in various causes. A few near and dear to my heart are:”

  • City Year. An organization based in Boston, with an office in Providence, which focuses on developing student’s skills and mindsets to help them become successful contributors to their communities.
  • Meals on Wheels. An international organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to people in need.
  • Save a Lab. This 100% volunteer driven organization is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of displaced or abused Labrador Retrievers.

More about Sarah

I truly am a Rhode Island girl to the core. I was born and raised in Barrington, RI surrounded by family members, many of whom remain today, and had an incredible experience growing up here; playing competitive tennis, developing neighborhood lifelong friendships and creating cherished memories of years spent by the Barrington harbor. 

 I am a very “mobile” Realtor thanks to my years of living throughout the state and my deep market sense and networks throughout much of RI.  With my strong Rhode Island roots — past and present — I am eager to share my life-long knowledge and love of it with my clients. With my background in teaching, a major in psychology and a genuine love of working with people, I thrive on helping others. Helping my clients is WHY I became a Realtor. My approach pivots on the tremendous emphasis I place on my value proposition with each client via consistent sharing of my local knowledge, insights, market sense and diverse sales experience. Guiding my clients every step of the way is how I approach and “attack” each and every day. I do it with the grit, 

resolve and drive of an athlete and the strength of a veteran hockey mom times two! 

How to contact Sarah

Websites — https://www.sarahhuard.com


[email protected]

 Phone. 401 255 2578 

What clients are saying about Sarah

“We feel so lucky to have found Sarah and as a result, landed a dream home. Our home purchase was a challenging one with many obstacles well outside of our and Sarah’s control. Every step, she was right there — offering well thought-out advice, making sure we felt supported, and advocating for us at every turn. Sarah is incredibly kind but she’s also an absolute bulldog in the way she champions and protects her clients. We were so grateful to have a bold, well-connected agent in our corner. We see ourselves in this house for many years to come but if/when the time comes to make a move, Sarah will be our first and only call. We’re clients for life.” —K.S.

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