Hometown:  Longmont, CO, U.S.

Best quotes from his story:  It was 2018 and I was striking out on another new venture. I joined the real estate industry, where I found my ‘forever home’.”

“I don’t want clients to go to Google, I want them to come to me.” I enjoy being the hub of my neighborhood — the ‘go-to guy’ so to speak. I instinctively knew I wanted my business to grow organically and with integrity. So many agents are transactional in nature and are always looking for their next paycheck. What they don’t understand is that a business can’t grow or be sustainable from lead-generation alone.”

“It is important to focus on building relationships and being a long-term resource for my clients as opposed to just doing transactions. Sometimes I compare it to a ‘dairy cow’ vs a ‘beef cow’ of the industry. Dairy cows need to be nurtured, taken care of, and be kept for a long time. On the other hand, a beef cow is a one-time deal. Thank goodness I’m not lactose intolerant!”

Regan’s business philosophy: “Most of us are familiar with the famous ice cream brand, Baskin-Robbins. Their entire marketing campaign has been based on the fact that they carry 31 flavors of ice cream. So how does this apply to real estate? Simple. People want choice when deciding on whom they want to work with to sell or buy a home. Some want a friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous agent while others just want to get the job done without regard to much else than a business transaction or some variation in between. As with

ice cream, there are many ‘flavors’ of agents out there. It’s a good thing too, as I don’t think I could sell hundreds of homes all by myself — but I would be willing to try!” 

Volunteer at heart. 

  • Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce
  • City Council elections and 
  • Safe Shelter of the St. Vrain Valley. 
  • Coaching his sons’ flag football teams and volunteering at their school.

More About Regan

Born and raised in Boulder County, I’ve been a Longmont resident since 2003. My wife, three kids and I enjoy everything this great family-friendly community has to offer — from events and the arts, to exploring creeks, waterways, and winter ice skating at Roosevelt Park.

I began my career as a financial advisor before moving into real estate, offering me a really robust background for advising my clients about all aspects of their real estate investments, regardless of their budget. I also hold a Senior Real Estate Specialist qualification and enjoy tailoring my advice to a client’s circumstances and making sure they have an experience which works for their situation, their budget, and their wish list!

I’m a passionate believer in community and one of the reasons I have loved living in Longmont these last few years is the great community feeling we have here amongst residents and local businesses — making it a truly vibrant place for a family to live.

Working as a volunteer with organizations such as the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, getting involved in Council elections, and supporting valuable local non-profits such as the Safe Shelter of the St. Vrain Valley, makes me realize just how much this area has to offer to people. I’m proud to be a Longmont resident and business owner and to offer my contribution to this great community.

Where to find Regan

Y[email protected]


Website. Parkbench.com/longmont

Recommendations“I was just beginning the search to buy my first home when I met Regan. I could tell right away that he was knowledgeable in the local market and following trends. I didn’t have the largest budget, but that never bothered him as he would continually search and find homes that fit my budget. Regan has a great transaction team, and they have excellent communication throughout the process. As a first-time buyer, it could be confusing at times, and Regan was responsive and available to explain everything, even some things more than once. I would highly recommend Regan to anyone that is beginning to start house shopping.
Homeowner, Longmont, Co

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