Hometown:  North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Best quotes from her story: “Over time, I was getting so many referrals that I was able to step back into real estate but this time it was on my terms. I took a lot of courses to better educate myself on the industry and the workings of obtaining clients. The key to my success was, and still is, networking.” 

“Much of my life has been spent adapting to circumstances. I often use the phrase, ‘When the wave comes in, the tide goes out’ to describe how I react to whatever life throws at me.”

“I owe so much of my personal and professional success to my father’s undying support. Although it has been a few years since his passing, I can still hear his words of encouragement. “Pat, if you want to be successful, never sell your time, there are only 24 hours in the day.” Another memorable piece of advice was, “If you are struggling with your employer, make your own job — start your own business.” He was my go-to guy and sounding board but I am lucky enough to have my sister take over this role. I miss you, Dad.”

Pat’s business philosophy: In the fast-paced world of the real estate business today, people are wrongly advised to rely on cold calling, buying leads, and targeting one’s sphere of influence. In my opinion, approaching your family and friends to become your clients is a sure-fire way to lose them.” 

“My approach is simple: “network your ass off!” — but with intention. As the famous lyric from Sting says, “every move you make” makes a difference. Entrench yourself in people’s lives. Make real connections, not just the superficial ones on Facebook. I have been involved in a business/network group for over eight years and have received so much value from it, I will never leave. The Vancouver Senior Service Experts is a community-minded group of business owners who collaborate to serve and promote a better lifestyle for seniors. We also support each member by offering each other referrals.” 

Key factors: There are some key factors that have led to my success and that are persistent in my everyday life. My drive is second to none. I am entrepreneurial to the bone and love to start new businesses. Most importantly, I am considered an action figure, as I am always in motion! As a connector in my neighborhood, I enjoy getting out from behind my desk and meeting local business owners and people involved in our community.”

More About Pat

Pat Love, a lifelong resident of North Vancouver, BC has been in the residential real estate business for over 20 years. Very much a people person, Pat originally worked at an engineering firm that specialized in residential development. She was drawn to real estate because she wanted to be closer to the people part of the business.

She delivers exceptional guidance to clients with their real estate buying or selling. Understanding that this can be both an exciting and stressful experience, Pat offers insightful support. Her experience and background has given her the foresight to identify and proactively address any potential issues.

Pat is particularly fond of working with seniors, is well versed in their needs, and is very involved in that community. She works with a trusted group of individuals to ensure that all aspects of selling, buying, and moving are addressed. These include staging, downsizing, oil tank removal, repairs, and cleaning. Pat often recommends needed services, particularly in the retirement community.

As a professional agent, Pat believes that buying or selling, for the first or next time, can be a very enjoyable experience and it is her personal goal to make that happen. She works to ensure that everyone involved in the transaction feels like a winner!

To Reach Pat Love:

Email: [email protected]



Why we LOVE Pat so much.

“Pat love has been our Real Estate agent for roughly 10 years.

Pat knows the North Shore market, listens well, and keeps up with current trends. Buying and selling homes is a very emotional event and Pat is excellent at managing clients expectations. We have sold 2 homes and purchased 2 homes through Pat; all Real Estate dealings were seamless.”

~ Cheryl & Terry — happy clients


“I happened, through a friend, to get Pat Love as my REALTORⓇ.

How lucky I was. She looked after every detail meticulously, including suggestions before my condo went on the market, and then keeping me up to date on details that happened throughout the sale. It all went very smoothly. I was very fortunate to have met Pat, and should I need to move again, I know who to phone. Thanks Pat for All!” ~Wendy P.

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