Technology has the ability to change every industry, but it is easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount available. Seeking out the best technology for real estate agents can help build and maintain relationships with clients. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Why You Should Use Technology to Grow Your Real Estate Business

For a long time real estate agents focused on flashy business cards and trendy flyers. But the times have changed and it is more important than ever to keep up. Embracing technology can help build your real estate business and keep your pipeline constantly full. Technology can: 

  1. Save time: There are only so many hours in a day. Technology can give you the freedom to spend your time building relationships and connections.
  2. Keep you organized: With tons of different apps available to keep you on track, you will never need to scramble for that little slip of paper again. 
  3. Help you find buyers: By embracing social media and various other types of online technology, you can make connections with people you may not have connected with otherwise. That way you can ensure there is always someone in the funnel.
  4. Connect you with local businesses and charities: Technology can help you highlight businesses in your community. As a real estate agent who truly cares, technology can help make those connections.  
  5. Help you become an industry expert: Buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who knows the neighborhoods around them. Being comfortable with technology can help show off your amazing skills.

Examples of the Best Technology for Real Estate Agents 

There are a variety of types of technology that can help grow your real estate business. Take a look at some of the best that can make your life easier, and can also highlight you as an industry expert. 

  1. Drones 

In the past, some real estate agents have had to use small planes or helicopters if they wanted a real aerial view – not a cheap venture! Drones have come a long way –  73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with an agent that uses drone photography and video. A lot of real estate agents are already using drones, so it may not feel like a cutting-edge idea. However, consider asking if you can get drone footage of local businesses, amenities or community associations. That way you are truly selling the full community. It is a win-win. Businesses in your listing will appreciate the free advertising and buyers will feel like they already know their neighborhood before they move in. 

  1. 3D Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is a whole book. A 3D tour is an online simulation of a property. It is made with 360-degree panoramas, videos or still photos. Clients are able to virtually walk through the home as if they were there. In fact, 3D home tours get 87% more views than homes with only still photos. Using 3D tours is even more impactful in our COVID-19 era. Being a real estate agent who uses virtual tours shows your clients (both sellers and buyers) you care about them and want to lower their risk of exposure. Now is a great time to get comfortable with incorporating new types of technology to show your network you are adaptable to change. 

  1. A Referral-based Platform

You know that referrals drive your business. But there is now an easy way to get referrals and fill your pipeline. The technology itself isn’t new (by embracing websites, SEO, etc.), but it’s used in a completely unique way. One agent claims an area and runs a website promoting that area, using SEO to help the website get found. On the website the agent shares community news, events, and the awesome things local leaders are doing. People in your neighborhoods want to know what is happening locally – especially since travel has decreased due to COVID-19.

Parkbench has a tool that most neighborhoods do not have. The powerful selling feature goes beyond any tech benefit, because it allows you to do good things for your community. By interviewing businesses and creating a place for locals to learn more about the neighborhoods they live in, you turn the focus to the people that matter.

If you are not sure why community-minded marketing works, read Crack the Code to learn more about referral-generating marketing strategies that put community front of mind. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Communication Never Goes out of Style

While the ways we communicate will change (remember pagers?), the thing that never goes out of style is our need to connect. Your clients want to connect, regardless of the platform.