Even if you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, it is always good to incorporate new strategies into your business. These new learnings may come from a variety of places, but the end goal should always be twofold: how can you build your real estate business AND support your community at the same time?

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Try Some (or All!) of These Real Estate Business Tips

1. Fall in Love With Your Neighborhood 

You cannot succeed in real estate if you aren’t connected to your community.  What is it you love about where you buy and sell? What is your neighborhood’s unique selling point? Make sure you can answer these questions now before a potential client asks them. 

Start by building relationships with local business owners and show them how interested you are in what they provide for your community. Once you have built relationships, you can sponsor local events, even if they are only taking place virtually right now. As a way to feature businesses, interview business owners and highlight what they are doing on your platforms. When you position yourself as an industry expert, your community will grow to trust you. 

2. Be a Streaming Service, Not a VHS Tape

Although you can’t always know the future, plan as if you do. Be an innovator in the real estate industry who figures out a way to stay ahead of the competition. To get started on staying ahead of the competition, build a relationship with a prospect as soon as they reach out. You should also act like a consultant. Listen carefully to the needs/wants of your client and attempt to match them with a suitable property.

3. Find Your USP

Your unique selling point (USP) is all the things you bring to real estate that sets you apart from the competition. Determine what is unique about your skills, what you do better than others, and why clients would choose you. 

4. Find a Niche

Finding a niche is the best way to set yourself apart. By narrowing your focus, you will become top of mind in your market. Your niche may be first-time home buyers, empty nesters, or those who are wanting to flip homes. To find your niche you need to:

  • Pay attention to local demographics
  • Keep passions in mind
  • Focus on a specific geographic region
  • Determine your favorite client types

5. Invest in Referrals Over Online Lead Generation

Referrals allow you to build important connections. Referrals get better results than online lead generation. A platform like Parkbench will help you to get referrals because of the relationships you build.  

  • Referrals result in a better closing rate 
  • Referrals are already a warm connection 
  • Referrals present an improved customer retention rate 

6. Put Your Community First

If you put your community and the needs of your community members first, people will take notice. Here are some ways you can put your community first:

  • Connect with local business owners and feature their businesses on your social media platforms
  • Highlight the needs of the charities and organizations in your community 
  • Host events (virtually or in person) and invite your current or past clients
  • Sponsor different sports events in your community

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

If you need support to integrate these tips into your busy real estate business, don’t do it alone. There are relationship-based platforms that can walk you through exactly how to build up your toolbox. Take a look at this free resource to help you get started.