When it comes to choosing a name for your real estate business, you have to get your creative juices flowing. While you might not be a slogan expert, you can come up with a catchy, self-explanatory, and easy to remember real estate business name. 

To create your real estate business name, you have to decide on an idea that embodies your personal values and work ethic. It should be a name that resonates with your audience, showing your personalized service’s unique qualities and sets you apart from the competition.

As we near the end of 2020, the real estate market has become so fast-paced. Global and Political climates are ever-evolving, inventory is low, and buyers are impatient. This means that your business name even more important as it’s the first thing that someone will see on your website, business card, or social posts.

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8 Critical Things to Think About When choosing your Real Estate Business Name

Your business name is your metaphorical (and literal!) “front lawn sign”. It needs to capture the attention of the people you’re wanting to work with. So when picking a brand name, think about your target audience for a minute, what captures their attention? 

  1. Make it unique and specific to your target market, not an overused expression
  2. Try to make it as catchy as possible
  3. It needs to be memorable enough to leave a lasting impression
  4. Your business name should briefly define your business, its core values, and goals. 
  5. It should project the image of what you do and importantly, how you go about it
  6. Investigate your competition and pick a name that is won’t be confused with theirs
  7. Ensure that it is specific to your target audience. (If your goal is working with Millennials, don’t reference something from the 60s!)
  8. Do your research, and ensure the name you pick doesn’t have a double meaning.

Slogans and Business Names in Real Estate

Business names and slogans are the beacon of truth that can guide your customers to you. As such, you need to come up with one that fulfills the purpose it was created for. 

What name and slogan should you choose for your real estate business?

Now, when you want to choose a slogan or a business name, consider the benefits you are offering, and use it to attract customers. Try to pick a name or slogan that is catchy, fun, and clever. Remember, the name or slogan you decide on will be selling your business before you present your services. 

Go with words or phrases that speak to the solution a prospective client is looking for when buying or selling a home in your specific community. What might be relevant for busy downtown Manhattan, might not necessarily fit in snowy filled ski-town Aspen.

Great real estate business names we’ve seen

  • Easy sale Realty
  • Property plus
  • Picket fence
  • Carpe diem realty
  • Homeland real estate
  • Holistic habitat
  • Smart start homes

Good real estate slogans we’ve heard

  • Beyond sale
  • Click or call; we do it all
  • Defined by expertise and service
  • Expect better
  • For service beyond sale call
  • Helping you find the property of your dreams
  • Home matchmakers
  • Nobody does it better
67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

What should you avoid?

The success of your business starts with choosing a good name and the slogan you attach to it. But you might be thinking “What if I choose wrong? Will it have a negative impact on my business? Is there anything I should avoid?”

Don’t worry! Your real estate business name is just one part of your overall brand. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here is what you should avoid when picking a name or slogan:

  • Don’t use a long name; try to keep it short
  • Make sure it is easy to remember
  • Steer clear off abbreviations that don’t make sense
  • Avoid names that are hard to spell and pronounce
  • Don’t overuse alliteration – it’s easy to get tongue-tied!
  • Don’t use a tacky name that’s been used 100 times over
  • Don’t just use your name

Names we don’t love

  • Jump on it realty
  • Budget homes 
  • Resting place realty
  • Real living real estate
  • Home smart realty
  • Full-length realty
  • Lifeline realty
  • Homes et al
  • On Pointe homes
  • JJB homes – avoid abbreviation.

Tacky slogans

  • Here we house
  • We home along with you
  • Give us the green light and well give you a home

So, how else do you stand out?

As a realtor, you are your business, and your business is you. The way you sell yourself is paramount, so focus on the tools that will help your business to stand out.

It starts with creating a top-notch brand. Start here with your business name, define it, then make it your own. Next, think about other ways that your business would be referred to, spoken about, and seen online. 

Easy ways to make your real estate business stand out

  • Pick a good name and slogan; this cannot be overemphasized
  • Define your geographical coverage and your specialty and then work it!
  • Optimize your website and make it buyer and seller friendly
  • Create a logo aligning with your business name
  • Promote the services you provide and create awareness of the services that you provide
  • Create and utilize social media – content, content, content!
  • Build social proof by asking for testimonials from your clients and add them to your website