The idea of making connections with the community during COVID-19 isn’t the same. But just because you’re physically distancing, doesn’t mean you have to socially distance yourself.

Here’s a list of the top 10 people that realtors should interview during these times to stand out as the community leader.

Whether it’s a phone call or a Zoom chat, interviews can be conducted, connections can still be made, relationships can still be built and referrals can still be earned.

Here’s the list!

1. The Manager of a Local Food Bank 

Connecting with the manager of your local food bank is a great way to show your appreciation while asking what you can do to help.

2. A Teacher Teaching Through Video

Teachers are learning how to bring education through at-home video platforms. This is new territory for teachers and students. Speaking with a teacher will allow you to learn just what it takes to educate the next generation.

3. A Frontline Worker

Every frontline worker deserves our 7 pm clapping and our thanks. Connecting with a frontline worker and learning about their experience during COVID-19 and what they’re doing to stay safe would be a beautiful, eye-opening conversation.

4. A Local Farmer

Local farmers are preparing for a season of selling that will look different than ever before. Call a local farmer and ask them what they’re planning to do this season. They’ll love sharing their story from seed to sprout

5. Parents who are Homeschooling

Guardians are creating schooling schedules for their children to continue learning while at home. Some are focusing on life skills while others are grilling their kids on mental math. Connect with a parent to see how they’re holding up during this time

6. A Restaurant Owner

Restaurant owners are working to find new ways to stay afloat while their storefronts are closed. Many are utilizing food delivery services during this time to remain open to serve their loyal customers.

Speak to the owner about what working with one of these services entails.

7. A Networking President 

As a realtor, you know how important networking groups are. Connecting with the president of a local group is a great way to learn more about what they’re doing for their members.

8. A Local Foundation’s CEO

Interviewing a local foundation’s CEO is another great conversation to be had. Picking up the phone and learning how they’ve changed their business strategy will not only be eye-opening but fulfilling.

9. A Mortgage Broker

While the real estate market has changed, speaking with a mortgage broker is a great way for you to gain information to share with leads and current clients. Speak to the broker about payment deferrals, rates and what they’re doing while the market has changed.

10. A Local Business Owner

The final person to connect with during COVID-19 is a local business owner. Many businesses are jumping on e-commerce, selling through Instagram stories and offering curbside pick up. Learning about local stores and what they’re doing is the type of story you’ll want to share with your network.

If you’re interested in a proven system to prospect in your community, book a Parkbench Demo.

When a realtor signs up for Parkbench and becomes a “Local Leader®” for a neighborhood, they are able to easily connect with all the local business owners, professionals, and homeowners in the community and offer to highlight and feature their story. These video conversations are recorded using zoom and are then posted on the Parkbench website as interviews.

Interviews = Connections

Connections = Relationships

Relationships = Referrals

Offer massive value and become a true community leader now…there’s no better time.