Mornings dawn with such beauty and promise – but if you don’t have a solid plan or predictable routine, they can get away from you quickly. So how can you ensure that your mornings start with purpose, for another busy day in real estate? Here are some real estate coaching tips to get you there:

  1. Wake Up at Your Best Time: Maybe your time is 4:30 a.m. And maybe it isn’t. It is hard to set that alarm for 4:30 a.m. if you get your best work done in the evenings. A good night’s sleep is more important than the alarm ringing at the same time every morning. So give yourself some grace and set your alarm for a time that works for you. If you are feeling well-rested, it will be much easier to resist that snooze button.
  1. Prepare the Night Before: Whether your day is full of showings or it is an office day, know what you need to have ready so you can leave the house on time the next morning. Figure out your clothing, paperwork and lunch beforehand to avoid that last-minute flurry.
  1. Create a Morning Routine: The best thing you can do to be productive is to create a morning routine. So, whether you start your day with some reading, or a shower, or some yoga, find something that works for you. It will allow you to recenter, recharge and feel like you are in control through your busy, unpredictable day as an agent.
  1. Ignore Your Email: We have all been dragged down the rabbit hole before our feet hit the floor. What starts with a quick check of the email turns to social media scrolling in no time. Resist the urge to pin, like, or poke. While checking your phone first thing may feel like the best way to stay on top of your busy agent inbox, your email will be there when you are fully awake. (If the urge is too great, you may consider going back to an old-school alarm clock to avoid your phone completely in the morning.)
  1. Move Around and Hydrate: If the thought of a full gym workout first thing in the morning turns you off, then this tip is for you! While working out is a great strategy for some, that doesn’t make it right for everyone. Even some simple stretches or a walk around your home might be all you need to get the blood flowing. And while most of us reach for the coffee pot as their first drink of the day, remember that caffeine actually reverses hydration. So start your day with some H2O instead. (Coffee can come next!)
  1. Set a Daily Schedule: When you work for yourself, it is up to you to manage your time. Find a balance of what works for you and make sure you are realistic. You can’t work for 5 hours straight without a break so be sure to build those into your schedule.
  1. Create a To-Do List: So many of our best-laid plans get forgotten about because they were a passing thought and not a written down goal. By writing down exactly what needs to be done you will be able to get right to it in the morning. A to-do list will also help you avoid missing an appointment or phone call. As an agent, it can be difficult to predict what each day will bring, but just make sure you have written down the must-do’s for the day.
  1. Eat: Ohhh, breakfast. One of the most important (and most neglected) meals of the day. While we often look forward to sitting down for lunch and dinner, breakfast can feel like just another task on our growing to-do list. If you struggle to eat a hearty breakfast every morning, add breakfast prep to your list of things to do before bed. Try making food that is easy to grab and go. 
  1. Keep Your Workspace Clean: Whether you work from home or work in an office, people who work in a clean workspace perform better than those who don’t – clutter pulls your attention away from your work. Get organized in a way that works best for you and do your best to start your day with a bare desk.
  1. Tackle the Biggest Tasks First…or Don’t: Some experts suggest dealing with the task that will take the most mental energy first. However, sometimes starting the day with your hardest task may make it harder to get to it. Others recommend getting the small tasks done first since they can create good momentum for finishing the hard task. Ultimately, it typically doesn’t matter which task is done first, as long as they are done. So try out both methods and stick with the one that gets you in the rhythm. 
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