Whether you’re a new real estate agent building up your business or a veteran looking to increase scalability, you need a professional website to bring in clients. Studies show that over 90% of all real estate firms have professional websites, and approximately 44% of buyers search online for property listings. Your real estate business needs a stellar website and a solid marketing strategy to make it in the digital age. With so many alluring options, it’s easy to find the perfect WordPress real estate theme for your business. This article will discuss the best realtor themes WordPress has to offer, including the more premium themes.

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The Seven Best Real Estate Themes on WordPress

WordPress offers various customizable themes for realtors looking to design their ideal website. You can select your layout from a library of free and premium options, each with unique features. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best real estate themes on WordPress.

Free Real Estate Themes

Wordpress Theme Real Estate Template


One of the more popular free real estate themes, Astra allows for design flexibility and offers various native widgets optimized for improved user experience. Research shows that user experience is a critical component of business growth and development online, and the Astra theme allows the integration of user-friendly widgets that can serve your real estate business well.

With more than 30 premade website designs available, you can personalize your design by adding mega menus, sidebars, transparent headers, and even address widgets, which allow you to include specific details about your location. This feature will enable you to home in on your geographical location and position yourself as a real estate leader for potential clients in your area.


As an industry-specific theme, Creator is a fantastic option for designing your real estate website. Take advantage of custom sidebars, a social sharing widget, and a Google Maps shortcode. These features allow you to establish connections with potential local clients. Likewise, the theme comes with a dynamic content loader, a feature that makes for a user-friendly experience and an increased likelihood of ranking higher on search engines.

Increased visibility allows you to rise above your competition and develop more relationships that garner referrals, two critical aspects of building your business.


Called the “all-in-one” WordPress theme, Divi offers over 800 premade website designs and over 100 full website packs, all for free! WordPress adds new templates weekly, and each template comes with various royalty-free images, icons, and other design elements. With a professional photo editor on hand, you can tailor this theme to your vision.

Paid Real Estate Themes

Wordpress Theme Real Estate


The costs of premium WordPress real estate themes vary depending on available features. As one of the more expensive themes available, the Houzez theme has a price point of $59. 

However, the theme comes with several advantages. With a design tailor-made to meet the needs of real estate agents and businesses, the Houzez theme comes with a built-in interface you can use to track your leads. Like all WordPress themes, it features a geolocation tool that allows you to quickly identify where your website’s visitors are coming from, making it easy to tailor your marketing strategy to your area.


At $79, the Vellum theme offers 12 website starter packs, unlimited homepage variation options, and unlimited headers and footers. More importantly, this theme allows you to embed videos on your website seamlessly.

A 2021 study by Biteable revealed that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service from videos. As social media and online content evolves, video media has become more popular than ever, and it may serve your business well to include videos on your website.

With Vellum’s self-hosted HTML5 video player, you can include videos of your property listings on your website. This feature is excellent for showcasing virtual home or apartment walkthroughs, and the custom audio player allows you to add voiceovers to describe the property. 


Homeland is a less expensive premium WordPress real estate theme. With 60 custom page templates, 81 premade backgrounds, 16 custom widgets, and five custom post types, all for $35, this theme offers a bargain unlike any other.

Likewise, the Homeland theme allows for easy download. Use its one-click import feature to start within minutes and build your one-of-a-kind real estate website. 


Unlike other themes on this list, the KALLYAS theme features its own page builder to grant you complete control over the design. You can choose from 70 premade templates, 65 premade websites, and over 100 design elements to make your website as unique and specific to your business as possible. Even better, this theme has an auto-update feature, which means you’ll have access to new templates and tools the moment they become available. 

Additionally, the KALLYAS theme features incredible page speed. This aspect of the theme dramatically increases your chances of ranking high on search engine results pages, as Google tends to factor page speed and responsiveness into its ranking algorithm. 

Choosing the Best WordPress Real Estate Theme for Your Business

Building a new website may seem challenging initially, but with so many premade templates and easy-to-use editing tools, finding the WordPress real estate theme that’s best for you has never been more straightforward. Whether you select a free theme or invest in a premium option, WordPress provides everything you need to design a stellar website for your business without the stress of building one from scratch.

With a professional website, you can create targeted content to reach potential clients in your area and focus marketing strategies on user experience to establish meaningful agent-buyer relationships. 
At Become a Local Leader®, we provide valuable information to help real estate agents like you become leading authorities in their area. Choosing a WordPress real estate theme for your website is only the beginning. Check out our resources page to learn more about where to buy, how to set up, and how to optimize your website design. Get in touch via our online contact form to get started.