Ashley Colgate was a relatively new real estate agent.  With just over a year in the profession, she was struggling to get leads and meet people. Some of Ashley’s problems were that she didn’t know: 

  • How to have a meaningful online presence as a real estate agent
  • How to meet people in her community
  • How to effectively find and follow up with leads

These questions are ones that many real estate agents echo. Ashley learned how to become a successful real estate agent from Parkbench.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

What Is Parkbench, Anyway?

Parkbench is a real estate lead and referral-generating platform. Real estate professionals are given the tools they need to leverage connections in their community and turn those connections into buyers and sellers.

Parkbench creates an exclusive platform for agents to promote their local community. Agents are taught how to reach out to business owners to interview them and give them a place to promote their business. Business owners are great sources of referrals because they hear about people considering the home buying or selling process very early on. They will be more likely to recommend agents that they have had a positive relationship with.

Parkbench, where the focus is on relationships, not buying leads.

Although many agents have success with buying leads, they are costly, and up to 95% of leads don’t work out. Ashley was not comfortable with buying leads because it didn’t feel genuine to her. She was much more inspired by the idea of connection and building relationships. Ashley wanted to become a successful real estate agent who truly cared about her community. She discovered that it was much more fulfilling to connect with local businesses and give them something, instead of always asking for something. 

The Benefits of Parkbench for Ashley Colgate

Ashley continues to see amazing benefits from and through Parkbench. She did the work of reaching out, connecting, interviewing and featuring local business owners, owners of nonprofits and other interesting residents. 

These are the benefits that Ashley continues to notice in her busy real estate business:

  • The Growing Sphere: Before joining Parkbench, Ashley’s sphere was relatively small, consisting of mostly friends and family. But after sponsoring her neighborhood, she was pleasantly surprised by how large her sphere grew. She was also presented with people that she never would have met otherwise. 
  • It Feels Good: Ashley continued to connect with unique and amazing humans in her small community. Doing so made her realize how good it feels to support friends in their small businesses.
  • Small Businesses Appreciate the Support: Often agents in small towns feel that Parkbench might not work because businesses in the area don’t have a large enough potential reach. However, Ashley found that the opposite was true. She was not aware of how much support small businesses truly needed until she began reaching out. And the nice thing is that when businesses feel supported, they tell their peers.  
  • Referral Business Pays Off: Even though it can take some time, Ashley was pleasantly surprised when one of her connections reached out to her over a year after their interview. It’s normal for people to want to work with those who make them feel good and support what they are doing and how they choose to live their lives. Ashley continues to find this to be true for her own real estate business.

In 2020, Ashley Colgate is on track to be one of the top 3 agents in Greeley, Colorado.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Become a Successful Real Estate Agent Like Ashley