Released in 2009, Pinterest has become a household name. You’ve likely used it before when you were looking for a killer recipe or your next project at home. But contrary to many people’s beliefs it’s not just for recipes, arts, and crafts. Pinterest is a tool that many businesses have been built upon. As an agent, it provides you with a huge opportunity for your Real Estate Business. But many agents will ask “How can I use Pinterest for my Real Estate business?”

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Why is Pinterest an effective tool for your real estate business?

Pinterest is an effective tool for multiple reasons. It has a massive user base, with over 335 Million users logging onto the platform every month, there is a fair few people to consume your brand online. Not only that, Pinterest, like YouTube, has become a search engine in its own right. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a recency bias towards popular or consistently engaged-with content. Pinterest is more like Google or YouTube in that once the content has been posted, it can regularly appear on a user’s feed when searching for keywords applicable to it. 

Pinterest has become a favorite tool for entrepreneurs and businesses who post blog content regularly. Now you might be thinking “What what? I thought Pinterest was all about images?” And it’s true, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to utilize image-based marketing. However, Pinterest allows every post to have a URL redirect. Once a post is clicked on, you have the option to dive deeper into the home of that content and be redirected to the creator’s URL of choice. So by creating attractive images for your posts on Pinterest, which capture attention and spark curiosity, can lead to a Pinterest user navigating directly to your blog on the image’s topic.

Pinterest also boasts a huge engagement rate with the average user spending about 15 minutes on the platform at a given time. Translation: When someone in your community opens their Pinterest App, they’re there for a while. 71% of Pinterest users are female with the majority falling into the millennial bracket. About 18% of Pinterest users are high-income earners, averaging a salary of $75,000. As an agent, what more could you ask for from a social platform? Pinterest has a large user base with a longer attention span who earn on average $75,000, filled with decision-makers! It’s time for you to use this powerful tool for your business!

Common Challenges with Pinterest

Although Pinterest for real estate can be beneficial, it can pose challenges when you’re learning the ropes of the business side of the platform.

  • Pinterest frequently updates their algorithm and user interface which can be frustrating just as you’ve gotten used to the last layout!
  • There is no Pin Security. You’ll often see pins that are reused by competing companies and brands. There is nothing stopping someone from copying the image and posting it as their own with their website’s URL.
  • Organic growth comes slowly. Like with anything organic, it’s doubtful that your Pinterest Board will “blow up” right away. It takes time and a trial and error process to begin building consistent traffic.
  • Using Pinterest schedulers like tailwind can be expensive, especially considering that many do not integrate with other social platforms. If you can afford it, it can benefit your brand in the long run.
67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Benefits of Pinterest for a real estate agent

1) Drive traffic to your blog/website

Building an audience on your Pinterest Board can lead to increased traffic to your blog. Pin any and all educational content and listings with attention-grabbing images to redirect attention from the social platform to your site.

Pins that consistently drive traffic are “How-to” posts. So, create content on your blog about DIY projects, home maintenance, the home buying process (and selling process), or even how to improve your credit score. 

Pro Tip: Lists posts are very click focused. E.g. 10 things you can do this winter to reduce your power bill.

2) Use vibrant images

The average attention span on social media is between 1 and 3 seconds for your average person. This puts a premium on attention-grabbing images with a clear call to action or description of delivery. 

A call to action is your ask – what you want your audience to do after consuming the image. Examples could be as simple as “click here” or “to find out more visit…” Try to only provide one clear call to action in your posts, as the more you ask of your audience the less they will do.

Now you might be thinking “Hey I’m not a designer, I can’t do that myself!”. Fortunately, there are illustrative tools like which allow for you to build on existing templates as well as create your own from scratch. Canva has two options, the free version (which is likely all you need) or its Premium version which has both monthly and annual subscription options.

3) Use as a tool for collaboration

If you want to maximize Pinterest for your real estate business, find, follow, and pin anything that you want your brand to be associated with. If you work with higher price point buyers and sellers, focus on luxury items, homes, and decor. And if your niche is first-time home buyers you could create a board with DIY home tips and decorating on a budget.

On top of that engage with the real estate community on Pinterest. React and comment on posts that align with your brand’s value. For instance, if someone has a pin that focused on a local business in your community, engage with it. Bring value. Each time you do this, they receive a notification that you have. This is free brand exposure! Often they will follow your boards if they see something that they like. 

Supporting other businesses and local professionals is a seamless way to build your brand on Pinterest. Want an in-depth Pinterest Guide? Find it here!

4) Create local boards

You can utilize Pinterest by pinning pictures of your community and the different goings-on within it, on your board. Not only does this create content for your real estate business, but it proves that you are knowledgeable about your community. 

Remember, your content doesn’t need to be just about the latest listings or real estate news to keep it interesting. Your boards should also be a source of information for those curious about your community. You’re not just selling a physical home, you’re selling a lifestyle.

By creating local boards, you develop a “community feel” when you post pictures of important landmarks, local shops, and other attractive points of interest. On top of this, you’re promoting local businesses with who you can develop meaningful and professional relationships!

5) Use pins as items of value you share with your database

Unlike other social media platforms, when you use Pinterest for real estate, your pins are evergreen. This means that your pins can be found again and again as there isn’t a recency bias like there is with a story or feed post on other platforms like Facebook. Pinterest is a search engine, remember? Your posts won’t disappear from your audience’s feed after time.

So what does this mean for you? Your content can always be found. Your pins will remain timeless, with the option for them to be saved, reacted to, and shared again in the future. A continual source of brand impressions and of course the option for traffic to your website. They are a perfect tool for your quick email or DM to someone in your database as a conversation starter.

Pinterest for Real Estate Follow UP

So should I use Pinterest for my Real Estate Business?

Pinterest is a borderline essential tool when It comes to improving your brand. But remember, a core element of any growth is patience. It takes time and effort to get the results you want, but in the long run, you stand to gain a lot by being consistent and creating a system to promote valuable content.