Real estate agents who prepare their listing presentation script in advance can convert more in-person consultations into willing clients.

Face-to-face meetings can be a cause of anxiety for some real estate agents. In-person consultations, however, are still the most effective way to win clients. So why not give yourself every opportunity to succeed in this crucial aspect of your business?

Of course, you don’t need to bring an actual script with you to the presentation. A scripted conversation lacks personality and won’t reflect well on you. The real estate listing presentation script should be prepared at your office, prior to the meeting.

Create a template of the script so you can use it repeatedly with minor adjustments. Learning your script verbatim is not necessary. Plan the flow of your presentation and your consultation will be a productive one.

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Listing Presentation Script Tips

Preparation: Write out your listing presentation script and you’ll remember it better. Practice it if necessary so you’re comfortable. Make sure all your supporting documents and marketing collateral are up-to-date with the most current data.

Lead the Conversation: Control the flow of your conversation by asking questions. Plan the questions you ask to direct the conversation towards your goal.

Be Assumptive: Be confident and assume that your client is going to say yes because you are the best! Being polite is important, but you still need to be in the driver’s seat. Your prospect wants to be guided by someone who is confident and great at decision-making. Why ask them for their opinion when you are the expert?

Probe For Details: Your pre-listing package should be customized to meet the needs of your prospect. If you probe for the right information, you can ensure that your package is actually helpful to your clients. Your attention to detail will earn you their business.

Avoid Close-ended Questions: Reduce the opportunities for no and yes responses by asking open-ended questions. An open-ended question forces the listener to respond with details:

Examples of close-ended and open-ended questions

Close-ended question: Are you interested in selling your home?
Open-ended question: What are your thoughts on the housing market in your area?
Close-ended question: Are you looking to purchase a home immediately?
Open-ended question: How soon would you like to find a new home?

The open-ended question forces your prospect to think more deeply about their reply. Their reply will furnish you with insight into what your client wants and why. It also makes follow-up questions easier. Your conversation will feel less like an interrogation and more like an interview.

7 Critical Steps of A Successful Listing Presentation Script

Listing presentation script face to face example

Step 1. Qualifying Your Prospects.

So you have a list of prospects and referrals who have expressed interest in either buying or selling a home. You’ll need to qualify which of these prospects is a ‘hot’ lead (someone ready to sign the dotted line) and which ones will need nurturing.

“Hi, Mr/Ms prospect! It’s me, X. I was told by X you may be considering buying/selling your property. I’ve been helping people sell/buy homes in this community so I can give you a lot of insight to help you make the right decision.”

Qualifying questions:

Close-ended question: Are you interested in selling your home?

Open-ended question: What are your thoughts on the housing market in your area?

Close-ended question: Are you looking to purchase a home immediately?

Open-ended question: How soon would you like to find a new home?

Once you qualify the leads, you can prioritize them. Focus on booking consultations for the hot leads first. Schedule a follow-up for your warm and cold leads, based on their level of interest and feedback. Clients who want results in 3 months are warmer than leads who are looking to sell in a year.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Step 2: Booking The Appointment

Now that you’ve prioritized your leads, you’ll want to book the in-person consultation

Send the pre-listing package:

“I realize you have a lot of questions so I’ve prepared a package to help you out. In the package, you’ll find all the information that you’ll need to prepare your home for a speedy, profitable sale. I’ll also have my lender contact you – what day is good for you this week?”

Confirm A Time and Date. Use Google Calendar, Outlook or the scheduling app preferred by your client to confirm the appointment.

“Great. I’ll follow up with you on X day after you’ve read the pre-listing package. We’ll set up an appointment at that time for your consultation.”

Always recommend a follow-up 3 days after your conversation. 3 days is a reasonable time for a prospect to read your pre-listing package. The longer it takes to book the consultation, the less likely it is you will earn their business.

Step 3: The Follow-Up Call

You’ve sent the pre-listing package to your qualified leads. You’ve booked a follow-up date to confirm receipt of the pre-listing package. Now you need to follow up and secure the in-person listing consultation.

Be assumptive and assume your prospect has received and read the pre-listing package. Your listing presentation script should go something like this:


“Hi Mr./Mrs. Seller, I’m following up on the package I sent you yesterday to answer any questions you may have. What was your biggest concern after reading it?”

I didn’t read the pre-listing package…I’ve been so busy…

“Don’t worry, I thought that might happen and I completely understand how busy you are. I’ll bring another copy of the pre-listing package to our meeting and we can go over it together. What day is good for you this week?”

Pre-Listing Presentation Role Play by Venny Saucedo:

Step 4: Booking The Pre-Listing Consultation

Booking the consultation is a positive indication of your prospect’s interest. If your prospect is pushing back, being evasive about a follow-up, it’s likely you’ve got a cold lead that needs nurturing.

If you’ve successfully confirmed receipt of the pre-listing package, be assumptive and lead the conversation to the next step. Provide your prospect with an explanation of what will take place during the in-person consultation:

“Our consultation will last about 1hr. I’ll spend about 15 min to 30 min reviewing and appraising your property. Afterward, I can make some recommendations for improving the value of your home. Then, we can go over the pre-listing package which outlines what you can expect during the entire process. I’ll share with my marketing plan and comparables so we can determine the best price.”

“Any issues with the plan so far?”

“Awesome! I’ll see you on X date! You’ll get my confirmation in the next 5min!”

Step 5: The Listing Presentation Script Flow

Plan the in-person consultation with a listing presentation script that outlines the flow of the meeting. Bring any supporting documents or visual media that will make your presentation easier to understand.

Visual content is easier to comprehend and remember than text, so illustrate key points with graphs, images, and charts.

Clarify Needs: Probe your prospects with questions to determine what your client’s reasons are for moving. Clarify what the need is – more space, shorter commutes, lower costs, etc.
Appraisal: What is the home worth? What are current market trends?
Recommendations: What can the client do to increase the value of the home and its appeal? What can the client do to bid successfully for their desired home?
Value Proposition: What is your marketing strategy for selling/finding their property? Present your marketing collateral and housing market data to your prospect.
Q&A: Answer any questions your clients have thoroughly.

Step 6: Secure The Listing.

Securing your prospect’s listing is the final step. Be assumptive, but make sure to get the client’s permission clearly. Reassure your prospects that they are making the right decision, and address their concerns with genuine interest and empathy.

“I definitely think we’re going to be able to find you a home in the time frame you suggested. The biggest challenge will be (A), but if you follow my recommendations, I’m confident we can overcome that, and get you the home you want!”

“I know how important this decision is for you, but your decision to move is smart, and we’ve got a sensible plan to make sure you succeed. I’m really excited for you!”

“I can prepare a listing for you by X date. Your listing will be published and promoted through the following channels to get you the most exposure!”

“Should we move forward with the next step?”

This is the only time you want to ask a close-ended question. Your closing question needs to be clear and the response should be just as clear. If your prospect has objections, they will surface at this point. Reassure them that they are making the right decision.

Step 7: Follow-up 

Schedule a follow-up action – email or phone call – to advise your client of progress so far and address any other concerns that may arise. Again, schedule your follow-up for no longer than 3 days after your in-person consultation, whenever possible. The sooner, the better!


So there you have it! Feel free to use this guide as you craft your own listing presentation script template. Preparation and a positive attitude of enthusiasm will inspire confidence in your expertise, and put your prospects at ease.

Probing your clients with open-ended questions will help you build rapport during the in-person consultation, and provide you with insights into your client’s needs. Follow up sooner than later after each step, and don’t get discouraged. You’ll improve with time!