Ok so every agent wants website traffic, right? Without prospects to check out your listings, you have no business. But how do you generate free website traffic to keep the leads flowing steadily month after month?

Well, guess what? There are a lot of FREE ways for real estate agents to attract a constant stream of online visitors.

With a little time spent researching and writing, you can launch any of the ideas from our extensive list.

Feel free to experiment, and keep track of your results to determine which ideas offer the best return.

Section 1: Online Directories

online directories

Online Directories can bring you free website traffic!

An online directory lists contact information for businesses, much like a phone book or address book. Search engines rely on the information in online directories to rank search results and to verify the existence of your business.

By listing yourself as a business in as many directories as possible, you provide search engines and users with a wealth of information about you. The information about your business is used by search engines in 3 critical ways:

A) Identify you more easily in a search.

B) Match your content with relevant keywords.

C) Verify ownership or authorship of your online content.

Finally, listing a physical address with multiple directories assures users and search engines that you are in fact a legitimate business. You’re far more likely to appear in mobile search results as well, which are ranked by geo-proximity to the user.

You can generate free website traffic every month simply by keeping your business listings active and up-to-date. A simple Google search of your name should yield a list of any existing citations. Be sure that any directory you are a part of is trustworthy.

With that in mind, here are 10 recommendations for getting free website traffic using online directories:

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

10 Online Directories To Get Free Website Traffic

#1) Google My Business

Ok so Google isn’t a directory, but by listing here, you increase your odds of being found in the Google 3-pack by Chrome users. The Google 3-pack, an algorithm update introduced in 2015, lists the top 3 businesses at the top of search results. Your Google My Business listing appears with snippet enhancements to make your business description more appealing. If you make the top position in the Google 3-pack, you’ll attract 33% of all click-throughs.

#2) Register with Citysearch

Citysearch allows users to search for any business in the US by city, zip, or state. It includes reviews, directions, and recommendations. Citysearch doesn’t have the traffic volume of more recognized brands like Yelp or Bing, but it’s been around since 1995. The service is also partnered with InfoUSA. Registering with Citysearch will boost your ranking authority in local search results, giving you an edge over local agents who are just launching their career.

#3) Free Classifieds Websites

While not ideal for attracting quality leads, you’ll certainly get a boost in free website traffic by including your listings on classified ad websites. To remain at the top of search results on these sites you’ll need to update your listing frequently. This extensive list of classified ad websites  includes many free sources.

#4) Yelp! For Business Owners

Over 60 million mobile visitors each month, and 73 million monthly desktop visitors! Statistics like these make Yelp well worth looking into! 60% of respondents in a 2015 marketing study pointed to Yelp reviews as the main reason for using Yelp. Once you register on Yelp, invite past clients to submit a review. Your reviews will appear in local search results, making you more attractive than competing agents lacking any social proof.

#5) Bing Places

Bing, the default search engine for Windows OS, is now available on new desktops and mobile devices. To access the Bing Places management tool you’ll need a free Microsoft account. If you’re a Mac user, creating a Hotmail account is the simplest way.

#6) Yahoo! Local

With over 150 million daily users, Yahoo is still a very popular search engine in the US. You can either claim or update your business listing on Yahoo! Local, which is now powered by Yext.

#7) The Better Business Bureau online

Generating free website traffic from the BBB is not a bad thing if you’ve got a good reputation. Letting prospects know that you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau will put many at ease. Be sure to indicate that you’re a member as a credential in your bio, your social media profiles, and any marketing assets.

#8) Register your business with YP.com

Yellow Pages, one of the earliest predecessors of the internet, was once the primary resource for business listings. Their trust and authority among baby boomers are still high. You may already have a listing, so be sure to claim and update it.

#9) Create an account on WhitePages

Anyone searching a person or a business could discover you on WhitePages. You can add or edit an existing listing directly online.

#10) Create a profile on Superpages

Like the Yellow Pages, Superpages was once a dominating force in the business directory publication domain. Their physical phone book was a staple of many offices and homes in the 1990’s, but their online portal is still popular. You can update or add your listing fairly easily.

Section 2: Blogging

blogging for real estate agents

Get free website traffic with your own blog!

Blogs were practically made for content marketing! A blog is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to establish yourself as THE neighborhood realty expert. And generate free website traffic!

There are a ton of blog publishing platforms that will have you up and running in literally minutes. All you need is a domain name and some blogging ideas!

Check out some of our suggestions:

10 Blogging Ideas For Agents To Get Free Traffic

#1) Create a local neighborhood blog.


#2) Publish a real estate blog for the local housing market.


#3) Produce a co-marketing blog series with other professionals.


#4) Seek out guest contributors for your blog.


#5) Write a guest blog post for another website.


#6) Buy display ads on local blogs and news websites.


#7) Invite local influencers to write a guest post on your blog.


#8) Write a monthly newsletter with articles from your blog.


#9) Interview local businesses on your blog.


#10) Publish success stories of local homebuyers & sellers.

Section 3: Social Media

A social media marketing plan is absolutely crucial to your lead generation strategy. Social media platforms are fertile ground for free website traffic.

social media popularity

B2C Social Media Marketing Platforms By Popularity

Right now, your prospects are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and a host of other online communities, discussing their needs, wants, and problems.

Engaging on social media means not only participating in these conversations but adding value to them. Share solutions that help your prospects with everyday problems. Share your expert advice, celebrate their successes and comment on the threads that move you.

By being visible on social media, you’ll be able to win prospects before they begin their search for an agent. You’ll be broadening your sphere of influence and cultivating relationships that will win you value social proof in the form of likes and shares. These will lead to referrals, and referrals are your bread and butter.

So without further adieu, here are our recommendations to generate free website traffic from social media:

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

10 Social Media Ideas To Generate Free Traffic

#1) Post local content on Facebook Community Groups

#2) Create a Facebook discussion-based group.

#3) Join real estate Facebook groups and discuss your content.

#4) Boost your posts through Facebook Ads.

#5) Create local real estate-related YouTube Channel.

#6) Create a Medium profile and share your blog articles.

#7) Automate social sharing across multiple channels.

#8) Create and share Lumen5 slideshows

#9) Join real estate LinkedIn groups and share your content.

#10) Put yourself on Twitter Lists related to either real estate or your neighborhood.


Section 4: Visual Media

Visual media tends to attract more interest than text-based content online. Captivating, high-res images can generate free website traffic by helping your content stand out in search results, as well as social media feeds.

content marketing tactics

B2C Content Marketing Tactics

As you can see from the chart above, visual media is only second behind social media as an effective marketing tactic. It’s also a great way to for agents to get organic, free website traffic.

If you lack confidence in your graphic design skills, partner with someone whose work you admire. Make an agreement to credit them for all work they produce and share their images routinely. They’ll benefit from the exposure and, hopefully, attract paying clients for their graphic design services.

Your other option is graphic design software. There are free graphic design tools, apps, and photo editors. Royalty-free stock images from sites such as Pixabay, iStock, and Pexels, can also be used.

That being said, here is our list of visual media ideas that are sure to get free website traffic:

10 Visual Media Ideas For Free Website Traffic

visual digital media

Use branded visual media assets to build organic traffic.


#1) Produce and host a webinar with tips for first-time homebuyers.


#2) Create branded visual assets to accompany your social media profiles and URL content.


#3) Use a desktop photo editor or app to enhance your images.


#4) Optimize images to your blog articles using alt attributes.


#5) Join Pinterest and share images of your listings.


#6) Create a series of unique Facebook Cover photos for your Facebook account and change them periodically for variety.


#7) Include video in your e-newsletter and add the word ‘video’ in the subject headline of your email.


#8) Post royalty-free stock images on your Facebook page that will resonate with your audience. Include the link for others to download.  


#9) Design infographics that you can post and share on Instagram.


#10) Take photos of landmark/historical properties in your farm and create a LinkedIn Slideshare.


Section 5: Media & Press

Reaching out to members of the press might seem daunting at first, especially if you’re new to real estate. But journalists and videographers are always looking for great stories that will resonate with their audience.

Journalism and media outlets need a constant stream of stories to keep their audience engaged and growing. A good story can come from any source, even a real estate agent!

If you want to boost traffic to your website, establishing a relationship with local members of the media is simpler than you might think. Your personal story might make a great article for a local journalist seeking to establish themselves. A couple you helped find a home under challenging circumstances could be of interest to other potential buyers.

The following media and PR ideas below are great for either solo agents or teams:

10 Media & Press Ideas To Boost Free Website Traffic

pr and media for real estate agents

#1) Distribute a press release about a significant achievement by your team or agency.

#2) Write a case study of a significant achievement and submit to free PR websites.


#3) Create a weekly/monthly podcast and a press release announcing the launch.


#4) Reach out to local print media to offer to be a staff ‘expert’ columnist on real estate. Real estate is a hot print topic in local print media.


#5) Partner with a local journalist or videographer to produce a YouTube series for homeowners.


#6) Host an open house Q&A for members of the local press to ask questions about mortgage rules for first-time buyers and sellers. Record the event and send out a press release.


#7) Organize/sponsor a fundraiser with a local charity and invite a local journalist to write an exclusive feature story.


#8) Launch a neighborhood website for local residents and submit a press release about it.


#9) Hire a PR agency or professional to help you plan and execute a plan for raising media awareness about your brand.


#10) Write a motivational book outlining your philosophy for success, or your personal story, and submit a press release.


Use our list of ideas as a launching pad for your own creativity. The only real limit to what you can do is your own imagination.

Generally speaking, every agent can benefit from a boost in free traffic, but high volume shouldn’t be your primary goal. Higher traffic increases the risk of lower conversion, especially if your audience is too broad.

If you’re serious about building organic traffic, focus on serving a niche audience with great content. Publish and share your work consistently. The more you publish, the sooner you’ll build authority with search engines and your audience. Buyers and sellers will find you in multiple ways, and your advertising will become much more impactful as your recognition increases.