About Alyssa

Alyssa lives with her better half, Mike, and husky Husky dog, Bella in Tampa, Florida. Her passion for community and revitalization is central to her core.  From volunteering with the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association, to personal investments with real estate, to helping people stay in their homes, Alyssa is spirited in her cause. Most recently, her focus has been on ‘impact investing’ which bridges former renters into homeowners thereby creating security and legacy wealth for their families.

Hometown:  Tampa, Florida, U.S

Best quotes from her story: “For whatever reasons, my fifth grade teacher in Brooklyn, NY decided to teach us the importance of shopping at businesses we could walk to.  He said that they were most likely owned by our classmates’ parents or relatives. His lesson to us was simple: Spend money on local businesses and the money will stay in the neighborhood and therefore in the community. It would allow our neighborhood and businesses to remain solid. This lesson has never left my consciousness and is in part what drives me to this day.”

“Thinking back to what my fifth grade teacher taught me, supporting local businesses to keep our community strong, most of my efforts have been targeted towards this endeavor.” 

Alyssa’s business philosophy: “Our primary goal is to provide homeownership opportunities to people who are overlooked by the big banks by offering a home with monthly mortgage payments that are lower than the cost of renting in the area. Our due diligence is crucial in helping us determine what properties and what neighborhoods are prime for our services. 

We set the terms such that the buyers will succeed at becoming homeowners. If homeowners succeed, then neighborhoods improve and local businesses can flourish!

We focus our real estate business on ‘impact investing’ which helps buyers, sellers and communities on Main Street, not Wall Street.”

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