Referrals are among the top ways that real estate agents get leads and new business. When potential clients come from associates, colleagues, and friends, some of the hard parts are already done. A real estate referral can help to increase an agent’s trustworthiness and credibility, which is essential to being an effective leader in the industry. However, it can be difficult to generate referrals consistently. If you are wondering how to get more, here are all the answers!

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Try These 3 Tips to Get More Referrals 

  1. Just Ask!

It can feel awkward asking for referrals. It is a delicate balance of reaching out and offering support, without being pushy or desperate. Here are some ways to get over that fear of asking:

  • Remember that the worst that can happen is hearing the word “no”
  • Always ask for referrals face-to-face
  • Never ask for referrals while discussing fees/price
  1. Beef Up Your Sales Pitch!

Make asking for referrals part of your regular sales pitch. By practicing this, it will start to become as normal to you asking someone how many bathrooms they are looking for in their new home. Here are some other ways to improve your sales pitch:

  • Use a script for a referral pitch
  • Make it part of your sales process
  • Include a line at the bottom of your email signature stating that you always welcome referrals
  1. Reciprocate 

One of the best ways to build your referrals is to set the example. If you are finding the referrals are slow, consider that sometimes you will need to take the next step. Here are some ways you can reciprocate the referrals:

  • Invite community members to an event (online right now)
  • Share information
  • Introduce community members to someone within your community
  • Plug the businesses that you love to your other clients
  • Feature community members on your website and tag them

The Best Way to Get Referrals Is to Embrace Your Community

If you are still struggling to get referrals after working through these tips, consider your approach to real estate. What is your focus? Shifting your focus from the bottom line to your community will enable you to build up those around you. When community members see that you truly care about their success, they will begin to trust you. With that trust you will soon be seen as an industry expert. And we all want to surround ourselves with those types of people, don’t we?

If you need someone to help you get referrals, reach out to a community-minded platform like Parkbench. A community-minded platform can train agents on the best ways to embrace their neighborhoods and get referrals while doing so.