As a real estate professional, you NEED a Real Estate Staging Association® member professional stager. You’re probably very familiar with the work of professional stagers. If you aren’t, you need to be. If you’re a detail-oriented REALTOR®, you may even have a preferred stager. This article is more for the real estate agent who has never used one. Or who is considering using one.

You need a Real Estate Staging Association® member professional stager!

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What Is a Professional Stager?

A professional stager is like a Hollywood set designer. They arrange decor for your open houses and showings. A stager can make the property look elegant and inviting. Stagers do this to boost visual appeal and help depersonalize the space. You want this so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Real Estate Staging Association®

Professional stagers make the most out of any space. A great stager can help extract added value from a sale. A higher selling price benefits you. Most importantly, it also benefits your client.

You’re probably thinking ‘Well, I can do that for myself’. Or ‘I’ve got a real flair for design!’ Stop. Don’t. There are professionals. Let them be the judge.

The reality is that ‘flair’ isn’t what you’re going for. Furthermore, you risk injuring your relationship with the listing client if they take your suggestion of changing their decor personally. Let a professional handle it if you have concerns about the listing’s decor.

You want a space which is as close to a blank canvas as can be possible. This is so that prospective buyers can imagine the next few years of their lives occurring in the house. A good stager can help make that happen.

How Do Stagers Help?

First of all, every real estate professional has at least one listing horror story. One where the stubbornness of the seller to change decor became a problem. The less personal the property, the easier prospective buyers can visualize their life in that house.

Stagers are a professional third party who can put it to your seller listings simply: your house won’t sell if it’s not visually appealing. Staging can make or break your open house.

Real Estate Staging Association®

It sounds harsh. It’s not meant as a judgment or critique of their decorating abilities. Therefore, it’s offering efficiency. State in no uncertain terms that you’re interested in securing a fast sale with the strongest offer possible. A RESA® professional stager helps make that happen.

You’re the professional seller. The stager is the professional decorator.

The seller sought YOUR services based on your expertise. You should do the same with professional stagers.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

What is the Real Estate Staging Association®?

Real Estate Staging Association® members are a continental community of professional home stagers and real estate professionals. They have a commitment to professionalism and excellence in real estate staging. Real Estate Staging Association® welcomes members from all training programs and affiliations.

Real Estate Staging Association
Most importantly, Real Estate Staging Association® offers a professional code and standard of conduct. Furthermore, they also offer discounts to members, and access to professional development options.


Why You Should Use a Real Estate Staging Association® Member Stager

First of all, as with any profession, you use an accredited professional association member because it is just smart.

Real Estate Staging Association® offers a number of professional networking and development options for members. Furthermore, RESA® also offers discounts and legal resources which mean that members are carrying less overhead. That typically translates into savings to the client!

Real Estate Staging Association®

FMost importantly, Real Estate Staging Association® provides professional standards and a code of conduct. So, this protects both members and clients alike.

Where Can I Find a Real Estate Staging Association® Member Stager?

The Real Estate Staging Association® website offers search functions both to find an individual stager, or a local professional network!