As the real estate industry braces for what may be a less profitable 2018, many agents are struggling with doubts about their career choice. If you struggled to find listings in 2017, the new year will likely bring many of the same challenges: low inventory, high prices, economic uncertainty, rising personal debt. But now is not the time to throw in the towel. Quitters NEVER win.

Over 60% of real estate sales professionals do not achieve quota. What does it take to persist with enthusiasm when you can’t find or retain enough clients?

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Why Quitters Never Win

All too often, we’re tempted to quit when determination is most needed. Doubt and fear are powerful emotions that paralyze our will. We hesitate when we should act, and procrastinate when we should be pulling the trigger.

Convinced that our doubts valid, they become stronger and more compelling. Our mind imagines failure and comes to expect defeat based on past experiences. A vicious cycle ensues of negative thinking, reinforced by our own failing confidence.

Cultivate A Winning Attitude

Consider some of these interesting facts about real estate sales performance:

How can you improve your sales performance in 2018?

Only a winning attitude will set you apart from the competition in 2018. Self-help guru and best-selling author Napoleon Hill identified a winning attitude as one of the 17 key principles to success:

“If you give up before your goal has been reached, you are a “quitter.” A QUITTER NEVER WINS AND A WINNER NEVER QUITS. Lift this sentence out, write it on a piece of paper in letters an inch high, and place it where you will see it every night before you go to sleep, and every morning before you go to work.”

With this in mind, consider these helpful tips for improving your performance in 2018:

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

10 Motivational Tips For Agents in 2018

#1) Success is not a destination but a journey.

Success, however you choose to define it, isn’t a destination. Reaching your goals requires a perpetual commitment to exceed expectations through sustained effort. Whether you sell real estate, or simply want to lead a happier life, quitters never win, and they never grow.

You may not become a top producer overnight, but no one does. Besides, where would the fun in that be?

#2) Failure attracts failure.

Many agents cling to a toxic attitude of pessimism based on past results. Obsessing over past defeats will only attract more failure in your life. Sure, you may have had poor conversion last year, or undesirable results from your advertising. A quitter, however, will always yield zero results.

Accept defeat as a natural part of your growth, rather than cling to negative self-perceptions. Failure is not a reflection on you, but rather your planning and execution:

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” (Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich)

#3) Results are a reflection of planning.

success takes planning

 A sales strategy built on research will give you deeper insights into your target market.

Better, more in depth research will also help you identify winning farms with better neighborhood turnover, as well as the pain points of your core audience. Understand what your potential buyers and sellers want by researching buyer behavior. In turn, your lead magnets and landing pages will generate higher conversion.

#4) Be open to continually learning new things.

Quitters never win because they never learn. There’s an old saying that defines stupidity as the act of repeating the same behavior while expecting different results. If your marketing and sales tactics aren’t working, perhaps it’s time to try something new.

Top agents invest in personal development and stay informed about market trends. Educate yourself by following industry experts and influencers regularly. You’ll find plenty of real estate podcasts, for instance, that will expose you to new sales and marketing ideas.

#5) Determination + Desire + Plan of action = Winner

Wishful thinking only leads to excuses and lackluster results. What is your plan of action for achieving your goals?

Digital marketer Nick Pratt is living proof that a winner never quits, and quitters never win. He went from awkward novice to diploma level pianist in only 2 months. His self-made YouTube channel now boasts a total of 1 million views. How did he master a skill that had previously seemed impossible?

…for 3 years, I never practiced…I would turn up to each lesson and ‘try and wing it’. One day, I set a clear goal of learning to play the piano. I had determination, desire and a plan of action. 2 months later, I was playing diploma level piano music. Those 2 months were tough, but I never ever quit!”

Nick proves that determination, desire, and a plan of action are universal ingredients for success. Implement a sales plan for you or your team that sets monthly and weekly targets for leads, conversion, and appointments, instead of ‘winging it’ each day.

#5) Higher productivity will yield better results.

Another common reason why quitters never win is low productivity. Are you spending more time responding to emails than cold calling? Do you respond promptly to inquiries? What percentage of your inbound leads are prequalified for a mortgage?

You may be spending an inordinate amount of time chasing leads that aren’t going to convert, or missing opportunities on social media to engage prospects with questions. The top real estate performers are generally 250% more effective at qualifying leads than low performers.

Simply prioritizing your daily tasks more effectively can have a significant impact on your results.

Recognizing buying signals on your website, however, can help you cultivate your leads more effectively and boost your productivity.  

#6) Enjoy your journey!

We all fantasize about achieving our goals and reaping the fruits of our labor in ease and luxury. No one ever fantasizes about the long hours, late nights, missed opportunities and failed negotiations.

Each challenge we face, however, force us to grow and evolve personally and professionally. The struggles you face in your real estate career are part of the journey that will shape your character and define your legacy.

Celebrate defeats as a bold discovery, learn from your mistakes, and move on. Share your struggles and your successes on social media to humanize your brand. Prospective buyers and sellers will appreciate your positive attitude.


A winning attitude attracts success, not the other way around. It’s natural to feel discouraged and even doubt when we’re faced with challenges or disappointing results. Cultivate a mindset of positivity and you’ll experience growth in new ways that push you to realize your potential.


Top performers in your geographic farm will face the same challenges as you next year. The only difference will be their approach. Giving up on your goals because of past failures is a sure way to lose.


Ultimately, even talent and preparation will only get you so far. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Remember this and recite it to yourself every day. Make it your mantra for 2018, and finish this year with a new attitude!


Are you a real estate agent with a winner’s attitude? Share your inspirational quotes in the comments below!