Content marketing is one of the most effective and most widely used tools in the world of business. To get in touch with your audience and serve them the right message, you need to have a well-planned content marketing strategy. Marketing for real estate is no different. Proper targeting, advertising, and content creation is the key to success.

Content marketing is based on numerous factors but psychology is one of the major ones. There are psychology tips that can help you write effective content marketing for real estate, and ensure your audience engages with it.

If you’re curious to learn how to use psychology to improve content marketing for real estate, just keep reading.

1. Cognitive Fluency

The firs psychology principle you should be using to improve your content marketing comes from cognitive psychology.

Cognitive fluency is all about the way you present the information to the target audience in order to get them to respond the right way. Let’s break it down:

  • it’s the ease with which our brains process information (Forbes)
  • it helps you persuade your audience and make them believe you

So, what does cognitive psychology say about writing content? And how to make your content more cognitively fluent?

Here’s what you should do:

  • present the information in a simple and clear manner
  • avoid technical terms and complicated vocabulary
  • use fonts that are easy to read
  • use website design that is easy to comprehend

To put it simply, make the content easy to read and understand, and your audience is going to believe you more.

2. Urgency & FOMO

Everybody loves being where all the action is happening. Speaking in general, people don’t like to miss out on things.

That phenomenon is called FOMO (fear of missing out).

If you want to use this psychology principle, you need to convince people that there is something huge happening, and they’re not a part of it.

To use this principle in content creation for real estate marketing, you should:

  • make special offers which expire in less than a day
  • set a strict timeframe on each of your deals
  • write headlines indicating urgency
  • use words such as “hurry up”, “quickly”, or “soon to expire”
  • ensure you add just the right amount of pressure to your audience

By creating a sense of urgency, you’re actually pushing your audience in the right direction and giving them little or no time to change their minds.

This will make your content super-effective.

source: propertygrams Instagram

3.  Social Evidence

Think about the last time you did some serious shopping, like buying a phone or changing your car. Did you ask your friends for an opinion? Did you check online reviews and testimonies?

We bet you did.

The need for having something approved by the general public is called social evidence or social proof.

It is “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation”. (Wikipedia)

It’s very simple:

  • people prefer buying things which have been approved by their friends, or other customers.

Therefore, you can use this principle to make your marketing content for real estate much more effective. Here’s how to do it:

  • UGC (user-generated content)
    Publish images or videos made by satisfied customers. Allow tagging on social media and repost some of the best materials.
    This will show how many people are satisfied with the way you do business.
  • Reviews
    Ask customers and page visitors to leave a review or even write a detailed testimonial of their experience with you. Make the reviews public and take pride in them.

  • Influencers
    Micro-influencers are a great way for you to further convince your audience you’re the right choice for them. These are the people they trust and respect.
    Try making a deal with a local influencer to support you on social media and create special content for them to publish.

Focus on providing enough evidence for your audience to trust you and perceive you as credible.

4. Information Gap

Another powerful psychology principle you need to start using ASAP is the information gap principle.

Content marketers use this psychology trick to get the people more interested, and to click on their blog posts and read their content in greater detail.

The gap refers to the part of our knowledge that’s missing. It’s the gap between:

  •  what we already know
  •  and what we wish to learn.

This means that the content you create needs to:

  • be based on what your audience wants to learn about
  • intrigue them with semi-revealing headlines
  • invite them with clear CTAs to read full articles so as to get answers

Your audience needs to know what you’re offering and why should they be paying attention to your content.

5. Loss Aversion

No one likes to lose.

People like to get good deals, profit, and come out as a winner.

You can use this human need to save money and profit from a purchase to curate effective marketing content for real estate.

You need to explain:

  • how they’re saving money by making a smart purchase
  • how they’ll lose money if they don’t act fast
  • how to invest wisely and get investment return quickly

Give them guidance and help them understand how to buy or sell real estate wisely. You can use such content formats as:

  • how-to-videos
  • tutorials
  • infographics

In addition, pay attention to everything you write is created and proofread by professional writers. No one is going to trust a source with typos or spelling mistakes. Besides, it’s important to explain complicated things (and real estate is full of these) with simple words that your visitors will find interesting and engaging to read.

Final Thoughts

Following the specific principles in psychology can help you create and publish content which engages with your audience and goes beyond your initial intention. All you have to do is use them the right way and your content will stand out from the rest.

Carefully read the list of psychology principles and tips we’ve provided above. Start applying them to your marketing content for real estate today.