It is hard to believe that fall is almost here – that was a long March Break! This year especially, local businesses will need all the support they can get. Whether or not you have already started using a referral-based platform, you may be looking to help your local businesses stay open. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

How to Help Your Community as a Real Estate Agent

A referral-based platform gives you the ability to become a local leader, as well as the tools to build up your local community. Above all, it feels good to support your community. When you spend your time giving to others, not only will others be inspired by your choices, but ultimately it will pay off for you. You will start to build a strong sphere of influence that will keep your pipeline full. 

Fall is a Busy Time For Many Local Businesses

Some of your local businesses have the opportunity to be busy during fall time – and a gentle lift from you could help them get there. Meanwhile, take a look at this list of local businesses that would be great to put in front of your home buyers and sellers:

  1. Landscapers

Landscapers thrive in the fall when the leaves are falling and winter is fast approaching. For example, here are some ways you can support these hard workers:

  • Profile some of your local landscapers on your social media or online platform.
  • Refer landscapers to your own clients to save them time and effort.
  • Hire them for your own lawn care needs.

Create an online contest and donate their services as a prize.

  1. Local Farms

Local farms in your area are currently inundated with apples, pumpkins, potatoes and tomatoes. Is it even fall if you don’t get those pumpkin patch pictures? There are so many ways to support these community heroes, for example:

  • Make sure your neighborhood knows about nearby farmers and their farms. Use your social media or online platforms to profile them.
  • Use some of their produce in baskets as gifts for your clients.
  • Sponsor orchard visits for community members. 
  • Buy local produce for your own family.
  • Purchase produce for your local food bank.
  1. Back to School Businesses

Back to school will look different this year. But kids will still need supplies to start their year, whether it is a laptop, pencils or a flashy looking mask. There are many local shops that will need your support this year. You can, for example: 

  • Profile local stores and business owners on your social media platforms and website.
  • Get your mask on and purchase from local stores for the kids in your life.
  • Take part in charities or causes that matter to individual business owners.
  • Buy supplies to donate to local homeless or women’s shelters.
  • Create online contests with school supplies from local businesses as a prize.
  1. Local Coffee Shops

Local coffee shops are suffering right now. But fall is a big season for them, so it’s not too late. Here are some unique ways to support your java friends:

  • Profile local baristas on your social media platforms and website.
  • Shop locally for all of your personal coffee/tea needs.
  • Include local coffee/tea in your client baskets.
  • Buy coffee/tea to donate to healthcare workers and other heroes in your community.

Host local events (or interviews) at local coffee shops for increased exposure.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Wondering if there are other community members that you can support?

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