Spring brings forth hope, new growth and fresh ideas. There are many businesses in your community that will need support as a new season rolls through. Even though spring feels like a long way off, here are some ways to get inspired! These real estate marketing ideas for spring will help you to position yourself as an industry expert and build your community up in the meantime. 

The great thing for your real estate marketing strategy is that rejuvenation experienced through the seasons can help you connect with your community in ways that generate more referrals for your business. 

Read below to see how you can use the “give and get” concept to help grow your real estate business authentically.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Spring

  1. Garden Centers: Gardening has become particularly popular in light of COVID-19. Garden centers are under a time crunch as plants and flowers are ready at certain times. Here are some unique ways to support the garden centers in your communities:
    • Make purchases for your own gardens.
    • Feature your local garden centers on your various social media platforms.
    • Arrange for flowers and plants for all of your current properties.
    • Keep in touch with past clients with geraniums and pansies.
    • Support the charities that matter to the owners.
    • Sponsor a virtual gardening class for interested parties. 
  1. Property Management Companies: Property management companies are run by hard-working and dedicated people in your community. The pandemic has hit small businesses particularly hard. Spring is a busy season for these companies – here are some ways to support them:
    • Hire local property management companies to improve the outdoor space at current listings.
    • Feature the owners and workers on your various social media platforms.
    • Take a load off your plate by hiring landscaping companies for your own property.
    • Sponsor a virtual Q&A with landlords and property management companies.
    • Support the charities that matter to the owners.

  2. Maple Syrup Producers: Ah the sweet nectar of the gods: maple syrup. It’s a booming business in Canada and the northeastern parts of the United States. The prime time to tap trees and bottle syrup is mid to late-March. Here are some ways to support these hard-working people:
    • Incorporate this tasty treat into your own home for Saturday morning waffles.
    • Use maple syrup products in your welcome to the neighborhood care packages.
    • Feature the maple syrup producers on your social media platforms.
    • Sponsor a sugar bush tour (or a virtual tour for now) for current and past clients.
    • Support charities that matter to the local producers. 
    • Include maple syrup treats in your “congratulations on the sale of your new home” packages.
  1. Marinas: For neighborhoods on water, marinas can be the heart of the community. Marinas take care of storing and preparing boats during the winter. Spring is the time when the boats are all removed and serviced for the busy boating season. Here are some ways to support the marinas in your community:
    • Ask if there are ways for you to become a sponsor of a boat or dock.
    • Feature the marina owners on your social media platforms.
    • Connect current or past clients with boat rentals as a thank you gift.
    • Arrange for marina (in person or virtual) tours. 

Connecting Local Businesses With Your Clients Is a Perfect Match

As a real estate agent who cares about your community, spring is the perfect time for new connections. Local business owners will be grateful for your support. And clients will be happy to have local businesses to connect with, especially during the pandemic. It doesn’t matter what season it is – you can support your community every day.